How to Play 301 & 501 Darts – Best Tips for Beginner

So, you want to learn how to play 301 & 501 darts? This is the perfect place for you to learn that.

301 darts and 501 darts are very popular darts games in the darts industry. If you want to play these darts games you need to follow some instructions. Below these are available for you.

How To Play 301 & 501 Darts


  1. Each player has three throws
  2. The tournament mode counts down from 301 or 501 points
  3. The players try to score 0 as quickly as possible
  4. Only arrows that get stuck in the board are counted
  5. For beginners, the “straight out” variant is recommended

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How to Play 301 & 501 Darts

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1. Goal of the Game

Each player starts with 301 (or 501, 701 or 1001) points. After each throw, the number of points hit by the arrow is deducted. The game is won by the player who finishes with exactly 0 points.

It is a “double out” game, which means that the game must be ended by hitting the outer (double) ring. Modification: “Master Out”, in this game mode, a triple field (inner ring) can also be spotted. Modification 2: “Single Out”, a simple number can also be affected here. So it doesn’t have to be a double field. This game mode is ideal for beginners.

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2. Start of the Game

When you fill-up, it is determined which player is allowed to start the game. Every player has a throw. The player who places his darts closest to the bullseye can start. At the beginning of the game (match), the game may be bullied out before the Sudden Death Leg. The coming sets are started alternately by the players. Example: Player 1 wins the bull and starts the first set. Set 2 starts player 2, set 3 player 1.

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3. Throwing Over

If the required score is exceeded when attempting to end the game, the previous score will be restored. This is the case if:

1. The player has a residual score of “1”. Since this cannot be checked with a double field.

2. The player scores more points than would be required to end the game (theoretically, that would result in a negative score). Example: rest 16, player hits 20, so rest would be -4, so not possible.

3. The player reaches “0” points but has not achieved a double with the last throw. For example, in the case of rest 8, the 8 (single) hits.

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4. End of Game

The game (leg) continues until one of the players first reaches 0 points. This player then won the game (leg).

Dart Rules 301 or 501 Darts

dartboard hight and distance

The players must stand at least 2.37 meters from the dartboard and must not cross the mark attached there. In addition, only darts are used in the steel darts, which are a maximum of 30.5 centimeters long and 50 grams.

In the case of soft darts, in which the players aim at an electronic dartboard, the arrows must be lighter. Each player has three arrows, which he throws on the disc in immediate succession. Depending on the tournament mode, it counts down from 301 or 501.

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The points of the fields hit by the player are subtracted, then it is the next player’s turn and also throws his three arrows. Only arrows that get stuck on the board are counted. Only who first at exactly “0” arrives, wins. If the player scores higher than necessary, he has thrown.

It is the opponent’s turn again and may try to decide the game for himself. When it is the turn of the player who “busted” the board, he starts again with his starting points before his last throw. If no player manages to reach 0 points in 20 changes, the one with the lower number of points wins.

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Darts 301 & 501: Scoring Rules

In principle, each segment and “piece of cake” on the dart board has a certain number of points. It is now your job to add them up correctly. The whole thing is not that difficult:

Bulls Eye: This is the red center of the disc. It is also called “Full Bull” and counts 50 points.
Half Bull: This is the small outer ring around the Bulls-Eye. This area counts 25 points.
Double ring: This is the outer, narrow ring in front of the black outside area. This area doubles the value of this section.

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Triple ring: The triple ring is a narrow ring that divides a piece of cake again in half. It is called a triple ring because it triples the value of this section. If you hit the triple of 20, that would be a value of 60.

You can see the darts scoring rules from the below picture, that you need to know before starting the 301 & 501 darts.


Darts Game Variations

There are several variants that mostly affect the end of the game, but “Double Out” is the most popular. To finish, i.e. end and win a darts round, the double ring must be hit and 0 points scored. In the “Master Out” the game can be ended with a “Triple” throw or a “Double” throw.

In the “Straight Out” any field may be thrown to finish, as long as the player gets 0 points. For beginners, it is advisable to start with this variant first.

In addition to these three game variants, in which the difficulty in finishing is, the whole thing can also be turned around: With “Double In” and “Triple In”, the challenge already exists at the start of the game. With the “Double In” any “Double” field must be hit, only then does the counting of the points begin.

The “double” thrown is also deducted from the points. The “triple in” is very similar to this variant: Here you have to start with a triple field, only then do the points scored count (including the “triples” thrown).

The points in darts and the most important rules

Final Verdict

Here we go, our how to play 301 & 501 darts article. Now you know, both darts games are the same. The only difference both this game is one starts with 301 points, another one starts with 501 points.

So, when you start 301 darts, count the point from 301. And when you play 501, count the score from 501. You know everything about the 301 & 501 darts games. Now just practice with a proper training plan.

You can follow our Darts Training Plan article, also you can check out our Darts Triple Training article to increase your triple score.

That’s it. Enjoy the game.