How to Play Darts? Step By Step Guide For Beginners

How many times have you been at a friend’s house or in a bar and have you wanted to be able to play a game of darts?

This game is easy if we think that it only consists of throwing darts at a target, but do we know how the score is going or what this game really consists of? With this simple step guide below, you will know how to play darts.

How To Play Darts
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How to Play Darts? Step by Step Guide

Playing darts is very easy. Whether you have darts with a steel or plastic tip, the mechanics of the game consist of throwing darts at a target that is divided by segments, and each of them is assigned a score. Obviously, whoever gets the most points wins.

  • Step #1: Decide Who Will Throw First

The game of darts can be played by teams or individually. To start playing, it is decided who first throws a dart at the center of the target. That player (or team) that has hit the center or the one that is closest will start.

  • Step #2: Fixed the Shooting Line

With each roll, players have to throw three darts, yes, before starting to play, a shooting line must be set and any player who is going to throw cannot exceed that line. If a player steps on the line with his foot while he is shooting, that play will not be valid and the points will not count.

  • Step #3: Fixed the Game Model to Play

Once we have thrown our three darts, we must leave them on the target until they have scored the score we have achieved. Any dart that bounces on the target, but is not key, will not be counted. Nor can we repeat the roll. They only score the darts that remain stuck in the target once we have made our launch.

  • Step #4: Know the Dart Count Rules

How does the scoring system work? It’s easy; each dart that you get into the single zone will add the score marked on each end of the target. Instead, the double ring is in the area furthest from the center of the target, and each dart that falls in that area will score double.

The triple ring is located in the area closest to the center. If you throw a dart and it falls in this area, it will multiply by three the points it has scored.

The center is usually divided into two zones. A central that scores 25 points and another that surrounds, that scores 50 points.

  • Step #5: Track Your Score to Get Winner

Nowadays, thanks to the automated targets, we can count the points automatically since when throwing and nailing the dart, we will check how the points that we are adding appear in the panel.

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Different Dart Game Variation and Rules

301 Dart Game Rules

Classic darts principles

In league play and tournaments is usually played man against man, so always only two darts at the same time against each other. In the fun darts or training, however, any number of darters can complete a common game.

The dart game is played with 3 darts per darter and round. The points scored with these 3 darts are added together to form a shot around. The dart always throws in order; the order can be determined by felling (see below).

Regardless of which variant and which level of difficulty you want to use, you basically play from a given number to exactly zero. It must, therefore, be thrown targeted at the latest towards the end of the game, because a “below zero” is considered knocked over and is not scored.

In these cases, the player concerned will have to try their luck to reach exactly zero in the next round. Where the topic of luck is actually more in an online casino and not on the board – here it means goal training to train because nothing is more annoying than a missed victory.

If a player reaches exactly the “zero” with a dart in the course of a recording, then he has “checked,” made out. He is the winner of this round, and any remaining darts may no longer be thrown.


Each darter throws a dart on the center of the disc, the order of the players is determined by the distance from the Bulls-Eye. Who is closest to you, the game begins? If both players meet the Bulls Eye, it will be refilled again. The darts must get stuck in the board. Should one fall from the board, the affected darter must throw again.

301 – 501

The usual starting points from which to throw down are 301 and 501. 301 is common in electronics darts game in the C and B league, 501 in the Steel dart, and in the higher e-Dart leagues. Partial also starts at 701 or at 1001. In league operation, these variants are unusual.

Single Out

With single out, it does not matter which way exactly zero is reached. This variant of the check is common in lower league operations in the E-Dart, the C-League.

Master Out

At the Master Out, the last dart must hit either a double, a triple segment, or the Full Bull, the Bulls-Eye. Other hits are not counted when checking. This variant is common in electronic darts in the B-League.

Double Out

Double Out, double off, means the last dart, the finish, must necessarily hit a double, which of course, includes the Bulls Eye, the red center of the disc. The Double Out is the only check form approved in the steel dart. An electronic dartboard is common in the A-League.

Best of Three

A complete dart game, Match, consists of at least 3 sets, legs. The player who has won 2 games is the winner. This variant is called “Best of Three.”

Best of Five

For advanced players in higher classes, in e-dart z. B. from the A-League, “Best of Five” is played. Who can check 3 out of 5 games, is the winner of the match? Steel darter basically plays Best of Five in some countries.

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League Modus

The game will be played in 2 teams of 2 darts. Which team starts, is usually filled out, the further order of the players is fixed:

Team 1 – Player 1

Team 2 – Player 1

Team 1 – Player 2

Team 2 – Player 2

Each player throws on his own score.

The only special feature compared to the regular single game is the blocking. If their own partner still has more leftover points than the two opponents together, then the player may not check until the partner has caught up the backlog of points.

The common technical term for this is “Frozen,” frozen. However, the frozen player is not required to throw in contrast to the single match. He may suspend until his partner has caught up the point residue, or in the e-dart until then “continue” to the next player.

Cricket – Tactics – Mickey Mouse Dart Game Rules

Basic Rules

One of the oldest dart games, and arguably the one with the most names, it’s known as Cricket, Tactics, or Mickey Mouse and is equally popular with e-darters and steel darters alike.

The goal of the game is to be the first to take all the given numbers and to score the highest score. If you start, you will be bored.

Classic defaults are the numbers 10 to 20 plus Bull, where each darter decides in which order he throws.

Also, alternating goals are possible. For example, a player may throw 1 on the 17 in a round, 1 on the 20, and 1 on the Bull. It is only stipulated that each number must be hit three times in the course of the game, with double fields normally counting twice and Triple fielder triple.

If a player has managed to land 3 hits on one of the numbers, he has “closed” that number for himself. If a number has been closed down by all players, it is generally considered “too close,” and further hits on it are worthless.

If a number is not yet “closed” to all players, then a thrower, as soon as he has closed them for himself, can collect points on this number with each further hit, which in the end can be decisive for the victory and are also noted.

A weaker player can block a darter who has already closed many numbers with a high score because the player not only depends on a player being able to close all the numbers but also has to score the highest score.

E-Dart Cricket

The E-Dart default setting is 15-20 plus Bull. Otherwise, the rules are identical.

Chance it

This e-dart option, contrary to the default setting, gives random numbers.

Pick It

If this additional option is selected, the players themselves can determine their desired numbers by “picking” the dart on the corresponding fields.

Master Cricket

In master cricket dart game, extra points can only be scored with excess hits on the second or third throw at a number, with the last dart striking a double or triple field before the player has the number.

Example: A thrower has already landed 2 hits on the 20, he meets with the 3rd throw now instead of the simple 20 double, he will be credited the excess 20 points, if he hits the triple, he will be credited 40 points well. Only when a player himself has all the numbers, he may earn further points to victory by hits on still open doubles and treble.

In master cricket, only additional points can be scored based on one’s own ability and not through the weaknesses of others. This variant is particularly suitable when differently strong players dared together.

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Cut Throat – Pig Cricket

This dart game is played according to the general rule below, but with the funny difference that points scored are not credited to the thrower, but to all other players who still have the corresponding number left.

Master Pig Cricket

A combination of both: Each number must be hit exactly 3 times. Excess hits count as plus points for the opponent.

Low score cricket

In this variant, which is played according to the basic rule, it is necessary to get as few points as possible, preferably zero. However, all surplus hits are written to minus opponents who still have the number left.

Low score cricket is only recommended for players of similar strength, but with a particularly high fun factor.


Basically, it is up to the players how many and which numbers are selected.


Killer Dart Game Rules

The standard game

Dart for your life, you only have three! So, you could describe “killer” and just as exciting it is. How to play darts of the killer game?

All players start with three lives symbolized by chalk marks on a blackboard, coins, or matches and stealing them.

It plays on doubles segments, and each darter gets its own “life double,” each double field may be awarded only once. The distribution can be done by break free or by a single throw with the wrong hand. The double of the hit number forms life double. If this is already taken, it must be thrown again.

In advance, the game is filled out, and the winner starts the game. He has to hit his own life double first to become a killer. If he has managed this hurdle, it is valid by meeting the double fields of his teammates to extinguish their lives. With each hit, they lose a life, and a coin must be placed back in the middle of the table, or a chalk screed is deleted.

If someone loses his third life, he has to leave. The last “survivor” is the winner.

Killer for beginners

Dart beginners usually enjoy playing this game more than hitting the double “pie pieces” of a number, whether single, double, or triple.

Darts beginner & professional killer

If one mixes both above variants, for the beginners, all hits count to the number. For advanced only the double segments, then both groups can represent together, without a great advantage or disadvantage would be.

Live longer

Play good opponents against each other, and it makes sense, the number of lives per player. For example, you could raise to 5 or 7. Otherwise, it may happen that a player has already dropped out before he could open his own game.

Steal life

In this variant, the lives are not deleted but go into the possession of the killer, whereby your own lost lives can be replenished. Whether only up to the starting number, 3 lives (or 5 or 7), can be replenished or any, must be agreed before the game.   

There are countless other variations of this darts game, and there are really no limits to creativity.

Around the Clock Dart Game Rules

Game instructions classic

Each player is played with 3 darts per round, and the number of participants is unlimited.

Who starts the game is drawn or filled. All teammates throw in turn a dart on the bull; the dart must get stuck? Otherwise, it will be thrown again? The player whose darts are closest to the center of the disc may start.

The game aims to hit all the numbers once in a clockwise direction, starting with the “1”, and to land one hit on the “20” first, thus winning the game.

Or more precisely, each player must play “1” round by round until he has hit them once, irrespective of whether he hits a single, double, or treble segment. Then it goes on with the next dart immediately with the “18”, then the “4”, etc. In the best case, so a darter can complete in around equal to 3 numbers. In the worst case, the practices lap after lap at the same number.

Also, from this dart game, countless variants exist, also with the bull, and the imagination knows no bounds. Here are some of the most popular games.

Quickly Round the Clock

The game is played like this, but the double and triple fields are here as a bye. If a double is scored, one number may be skipped, and if a triple field is hit, two numbers may be skipped.

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Twice a day

In this variant, which is particularly popular with steel darters, only double segments count as hits. The same variant is also used to train the Triple fielder.

Present numerically at the clock

The game is played as in the classic variant, but not really “around the clock” is called, but it is the numbers from 1 to 20 in numerical order to hit. So, first the “1”, then the “2”, the “3” and so on.

Halve it – Split Score Dart Rules

2 names = 1 game

This probably the oldest and most famous of all darts courses under 2 names and is exciting until the last round! So, how to play darts of the halve it split game?

Split score: E-Dart

Each player starts with a credit of 40 points. One number is given, each round is a different one, and this one has to be hit – at least once, often more often. The scores are added to the points, with the double and triple segments being scored as usual.

If a darter cannot meet the requirement, he halves his score. In the first round, only the 40 points starting credit are halved, then everything he has achieved so far.

In the E-Dart variant, the following order is specified in standard mode:



Double – free selection



Triple – free choice



Bull – simple or double

The darter with the best score after the last round wins the game.

Halve It – Steel dart

The Steel darter is usually started without a points bonus and only halved from the second recording. Otherwise, you play as the opposite.

Split score variants

A player dictates which numbers to hit and how many. It can be determined by triggering or felling. In some regions, each player also gives one to two numbers (depending on the number of participants).

Among advanced darters, too, exact segments are given which are then to be met: “double three,” “single eight,” etc.

“It’s getting exciting from 19.”

A popular saying that describes it aptly. The extra kick is created in this game by having the points achieved, if not hit. A player can already be in the lead with a score of 600. He misses the bull, and he can still lose.

Shanghai Dart Game Rules

3, 2, 1 … mine

3, 2, 1 … mine – that’s how easy the rule of Shanghai. Nevertheless, there are two fundamentally different variants, with one being claimed by the other to be false. Since both are fun and have their charm, we just let them both coexist peacefully.

The numbers of participants are unlimited in both variants, and the order can be filled out.

Version 1

It is played on the numbers one to seven (in some cases until nine), starting at the one, each round each darts on the number of each round. The points scored are added up. Of course, the double segments count as usual twice, and the Triple segments just triple. The player with the most points on his account after the 7th round is the winner – maybe because the game is called Shanghai for nothing!

Variant 2

Again, seven rounds are played, and the one starts, but with the difference that once hit, whether single, double, or triple, you immediately switch to two. With the first hit on the two, it immediately goes on to the three and so on. So, it is possible to achieve the first 3 numbers with the 3 darts of the first shot. Good players get to the Bull. Poor players stay on top of the round one after the other because they can only move on once they hit them.

Shanghai 1

Shanghai means scoring a single, a double, and a triple from the same number in a row with its three darts. The player who succeeds in throwing a Shanghai is the winner of the game, regardless of how many points he has scored so far. The match can theoretically be completed in the first round with a hit on the simple one, one on double and one on triple-one. The order of the 3 hits is irrelevant for the “Shanghai.”

Shanghai 2

In this variant, the Shanghai Victory scores a single field, a double segment, and a triple in a shot of 3 consecutive numbers. For example, double-one, triple-two, and simple-three. Also, in this variant, the match can already be won in the 1st round.

Three darts (darts, arrows) and a dartboard (dartboard, board), that’s all you need to get started.

Big 6 Dart Rules

Basic Rule

The classic domino game could have served as a template for this darts variant because the rules are almost identical. So, how to play darts of Big 6 game?

The number of participants is unlimited, and each darter starts with 3 lives in the form of 3 small pieces of wood, coins, or similar.

The 1st player is determined by a bulldozer and opens the game with a hit on the “big six,” on the larger, outer of the two simple segments of the six. If he hits it with one of his 3 available darts, with the next dart, he sets the segment with which the next thrower must start his game.

This kind of specifications creates a chain like Domino. Such as:

| big6 – small8 |

| small8 – double20 |

| double20 – big13 |

| big13 – triple1 | …

If a player hits the default field only with the 3rd dart, he will automatically have 3 new darts free to set a new field for the next player.

Those who fail to meet the given goal forfeit a life.

If a launcher succeeds in hitting the default field but cannot determine a new one, he also loses his life, and his successor starts again at the “Big 6”.

Who has gambled his life, is eliminated and who is the last remaining, is the winner?

Possible specifications

As a new default number, all “wire-rimmed areas” of the dartboard come into consideration. Not only the usual segments such as singles, doubles, and triple fields, but also, for example, the zero of the number twenty, the belly of the number 6, and so on. The only condition: The darts must get stuck.

With electronic dartboards, however, these possibilities are better foreseen, since the darts rarely get stuck in the black area of ​​the disc and are not recognized by the device as a hit.

Evil Big 6

A tricky variant; The winner is not automatically the last to remain, but he must first confirm his own default number, hit once, before he is chosen. For this, he has only his remaining from his normal game darts available. So, it should be well considered, which default number is thrown last. If he fails, he automatically loses the game, and the penultimate becomes the winner.

Blind Killer Dart Game Rules

Ground Rules

This dart game is a fun variation of the classic ” Killer.” The rules are quite similar, but with the big difference that the killer does not know his destination, you could say he is throwing blindly around.

The game aims to “wipe out” all players and so last to win the game. So, how to play darts of blind killer game?

Just like the classic darts killer, the blind killer also assigns each player a number. However, these numbers are hidden and not disclosed: The numbers from 1 – 20 are noted on slips, and each player draws his life. Then, depending on the number of teammates, 3 additional ones are drawn and placed face down.

Now open all remaining pieces of paper and write down the MISSING on a sheet of paper or board and write down 3 dashes symbolizing the lives of the players behind each number.

The game starter and also the order of the players can be filled out. Each darter has 3 darts per round as usual.

It is necessary to wipe out the lives of the players, that is, to hit their numbers. With each number hit, a corresponding line is deleted from the list. Double and triple fields also count as one hit only. If all lives behind a number have been wiped out, the corresponding player who drew that number must report and retire.

The trick: If no player logs, then it was one of the blind, additional numbers that were wiped out, and the effort was in vain. Bad luck!

The winner is who survives last, the only one.

All blindfishes

The number of “blind numbers” can be varied arbitrarily, especially depending on the number of players. Extremely funny, it is also to leave all remaining numbers as blindfishes in the game.

More life

Especially with a smaller number of participants, it makes sense to increase the number of lives to 5 or 7, for example. In many regions is also played with 8 – 12 lives, which can be quite tiring or boring for beginners.

Doubles and Treble are included

Just as widespread as the opposite rule is the game variant with doubles and triples. In this case, they count their normal segment value, double or triple. For a double hit, two lives of the corresponding number are deleted, and in a triple, it is three.

With this type of game, it is necessary to increase the number of lives to at least 4, so that one of the teammates does not have to retire at the first hit before it was his turn.

Blind professional killer

Advanced players like to agree before the game that only hits on double or triple fields are scored as hits.

Elimination Dart Game Rules

Man does not annoy you! How to play darts of Elimination game?

If you take this ancient board game as a template and think away from the dice, then you already have it, the game concept elimination: the same fields – in this case scores – achieve how the other players and congratulate them out of the game, that they again must start from the beginning.

Just funny and incidentally, the check is trained playfully. However, for choleric players, this game is in the critical area: you have to lose the elimination, and you cannot do it, then you learn it – inevitably!

Ground Rules

The number of participants is unlimited and whoever starts can be decided, for example, by felling.

Elimination is basically played according to the rule for the classic dart game; the standard rule, for example, 301 single-out or 501 double out. The chosen level of difficulty should be selected appropriately for the level of the dart players.

However, there is one big difference; it is started from the bottom up, instead of the usual down to zero. In contrast to the classic dart, the zero here forms the starting point, whereby the finish then depending on the chosen variant z. B. is 301 or 501.

The winner is who first succeeds in achieving the required score with the given variant. For example, you can just hit the 301 or check the 501 with a hit on a double segment.

Shit is a must

If the first player has completed his throw, the second player must already calculate. How can he reach the first score set as fast as possible, then send him back to zero and then perhaps add some more points to the distance with the remaining darts? To increase between himself and his pursuers?

If a player has several opponents in front of him, he has to play darts in the field from the back to the front. Let’s assume he starts from zero, a teammate stands at 40 points and one at 100, and then he has first to throw 40 points to kick out the one who stands in front of him and next grab another 60 points for the next one to kick. Only then, when both players are eliminated, may he make an effort to fill his own account.

Puppy Protection

Often, a “bounce limit” is agreed before the game, z. B. under 100 must not be kicked. This is to prevent the majority of players from getting in at zero again and again, while an individual can distance himself unhindered from the rest of the field.

Fox hunting Dart Game Rules

Game Rule Classic

This game does not win the player with the highest points. Here target safety is required, and this fact makes the special charm of the fox hunt out.

The fox dart game is determined by grappling or tripping, and the remaining darters play the dogs that track him. The number of participants is freely variable. Each player casts 3 darts per round, as usual.

It is thrown once counter-clockwise completely around the dartboard on each number.

The Fox starts at 20, the Burrow, and then flees as soon as he has hit her with a dart, with the next dart on the 5, then the 12, etc. Whether he hits single, double, or triple fields is here not significant. His goal is to get around the board after rounding the dartboard with a hit on the 20 again “undamaged” in the Burrow.

The pursuers return two blocks farther back to the fox, being “leashed” on the 18 and tasked with catching the fox by allowing a dog to land a hit in front of the fox in the field the fox just has to throw.

The dog that caught the fox is the winner of the round. In the next round, he plays the fox.

As scores of the individual rounds, the foxes are each noted the number of fields that he was able to escape successfully. If he gets caught in the early ’20s, he has zero points, 5 points, 12 points, and so on. If he makes it back to the Burrow, he has scored a full 20 points.

The fox, who scored the most points after a previously defined lap number, is the overall winner.

This very popular with Steel darter game circulates in countless variations. In part, they seem to be hardly related to the original version. Here are a few examples where the imagination knows no bounds:

Double fox hunting

It is played after the Classic rule, but with the handicap, that only hits on double fields are scored. All other hits are worthless.

Triple fox hunting

Also, identical, but with the difference that only the Triple fielder count as a successful escape.

Joker fox hunting

Also, this type of game is based on the classic variant, but now count the double and triple fields as a joker. If a double segment of the number to be cast is hit, the player may continue to flee 2 spaces. If hit on a triple field, he may move on 3 spaces.

Fox hunting right around

In some regions, fox hunting is also played in a clockwise direction. The rules are identical, but the fox starts at 18, and the pack starts at 20.

Tic Tac Toe Dart Game Rules

There is no such thing as darting, and nor was the classic pastime that combined tic-tac-toe with pencil and paper with darts. And what came out of it not only makes a lot of fun but also trains the marksmanship immensely.

Tic Tac Toe classic

The game is played with 2 players, that is, man against man. Requires a table with 3 x 3 fields – see photo. Now one circle is assigned to one player, and the other cross is assigned. Alternately, the players place their symbols in the table and try to form a straight triple chain with you. In each field, only one symbol may be set. Whoever succeeds first, is the winner of the game. Whether this straight line is horizontal, vertical or diagonal, is irrelevant for the victory.

Tic Tac Toe on the dartboard

In the 9 fields of the table, segments of the dartboard are randomly noted before the start of the game, whereby each segment may only be named once.


Double-1            Half-Bull              Triple-7

Big 4                    Small-3               Triple-19

Double-6            Full-Bull               Small-1

By selecting the default settings, the difficulty level is automatically determined. Beginners should, for example, only specify “whole pie pieces,” just the “twenty,” regardless of whether they are hit single, double, or triple. Advanced darters will choose harder targets.

Meet and mark

Contrary to the paper version, a box marking may only be set in the dart variant if a hit has been made on the segment noted in the desired box. The game is played, as usual, with 3 darts per player and round. The first to complete his triple chain is the winner.

After a successful hit is basically changed and the opponent’s turn, because even with experienced Darter, the game could otherwise be finished before the team has thrown a single time.


This game is even more fun in a double. For this purpose, every 2 players form a team and are alternately in turn, as in the regular double game.

Final Verdicts

What is the origin of a game as popular as darts? The first reports on this game date from 1314 when the English soldiers bored between the different battles they had to fight, were throwing splinters or any other material pointed to empty wine barrels.

Thus, began a game that became popular among the military because it was said that in addition to having fun, the soldiers could practice their aim, something that served them a lot on the battlefield. Now, we all know how to play darts as a fun game. So, play darts and enjoy the game.