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Dart Goals talk about (guess what?), Indoor and Outdoor Sports!

We are a team of writers dedicated to providing reviews, how-to guides, and helpful information, to those interested in a wide variety of indoor games and hobbies. We’ve been game junkies for over 5+ years, playing various types of games in our spare time, and learning everything we can about them.

We know most people are too busy around the clock to find time to do the proper research when they want to buy the best product, and we can condole with that as we’ve all found ourselves in that position at one point or another. That’s why we are dedicated to doing the proper research for you. We put in the long hours to find the best quality product with the highest rated user feedback.

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How Do We Get Our Info?

Our publication group completes intensive research for every single article. We start by breaking down consumer and expert surveys to decide the top of the items worth testing out, weighing up their qualities and weaknesses. We additionally make a list of the key highlights we need to consider when we test and look at the items. Once in a while, an item can get rave audits, yet its exhibition doesn’t satisfy everyone’s expectations, keep buyers frustrated and out of pocket.

This is the reason we go through hours, days, or even weeks breaking down the items in order to distinguish every one of their advantages and disadvantages, sparing your time, exertion, and, obviously, your well-deserved money. Looking for games should be fun, so we accomplish all the work for you – and we unquestionably appreciate the procedure!

What Products Do We Review?

Our articles cover everything to do with indoor games and recreational activities. Whether you’re into Dart Board or looking for a pool table for your rec room or office, we’ll present to you the top items in every classification! All of the items we review have been financed by our group at Dart Goals. We never promote, audit, or acknowledge supported items legitimately from brands or makers, so you can depend on us to give fair-minded reviews. The entirety of the things that we about on score high in customer and expert evaluations, and we take care to choose and review only the most dependable items, ones that we use ourselves and would promptly prescribe to our loved ones.

Meet The Crew

Jordan dartgoals author
Founder & Editor-In-Chief


Jordan is a digital entrepreneur, blogger and pool table aficionado. He was first acquainted with the round of pool at a very early age by his granddad. He had a characteristic skill for the game and immediately learned the ropes, and by the time he was 14, he was already participating in local leagues.

JIMMY dartgoals author
Resident Sports Expert


Jimmy is our resident sports expert who offers a wide range of information in this field. He was a multi-sport competitor in his school days and played Division 3 lacrosse in college. He is a gear freak and is always searching for a reason to redesign his athletic gear.

RYAN dartgoals author
Contributor & Editor


Ryan knows everything when it comes to indoor gaming. Since his early years, he’s been in love with darts, ping pong, and arcades. Finally, he’s given the opportunity to share his knowledge on the hobby of his life.

John dartgoals author
Web Producer & Editor


Every time something breaks, we call John for help. He knows how to fix any bug and make everything work the manner in which it should. We could always be unable to make, present, and upgrade our articles without John.

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