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Professional Dart Board

Find The Best Professional Dart Board To Help You Place Your Shot Just Right.

Dart Goals

Electronic Dart Board

Find The Perfect Electronic Dart Board For Your Next Dart Game.

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Magnetic Dart Board

Find The Best Magnetic Dart Board For Passing Quality Time With Family.

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Dart Board Cabinet Set

Find The Best Cabinet To Protect Wall And Enhance The Beauty of Your Room.

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Dart Goals

Best Darts

Find The Best Darts To Help You Place Your Shot Just Right.

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Tungsten Darts

Find The Best Tungsten Dart To Help You Place Your Shot Just Right.

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Soft Tip Darts

Find The Best Soft Tip Dart To Help You Place Your Shot Just Right.

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Professional Darts

Find The Best Professional Darts To Help You Place Your Shot Just Right.

Most Important Darts Questions and Their Answers (FAQs)

What are the Different Types of Dart Boards Available?

There are mainly six types of dart boards available in the market. They are:

  1. Bristle Dart Boards
  2. Electronic Dart Boards [Check Out: Best Electronic Dart Boards Reviews]
  3. Magnetic Dart Boards
  4. Wooden Dart Board
  5. Coiled Paper Dart Boards
  6. Cork Dart Boards [Check Out: Top 5 Best Cork Dart Boards Reviews]
What is the Dart Throwing Distance?

The distance to a dartboard is exactly 2.37 m. Only a few years ago, this only applied to Steel dart, while the distance for e-darts was 2.44 m. This has been adjusted so that both boards are now playing from a distance of 2.37m.

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How Do I properly Hang the Dart Board?

The right dartboard hanging is one of the most asked darts questions. Usually, a mounting kit is included in the delivery of the dartboard. The bracket is fixed to the wall with two screws and dowels before turning a screw into the center of the back of the dartboard. So, you can attach the dartboard with the screw to the bracket on the wall.

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What is the proper way to hold a dart?

Darts is usually a two-finger sport. However, many players use three or four fingers to hold the arrow. To throw as stable as possible, it cannot hurt to use three or four fingers before you try it with only two.

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What are the Best darts?

There is no blanket answer to this question. Each player has an individual style of throwing and therefore needs arrows that suit them. Here are all sorts of shapes, lengths, and weight to try to find the right arrows.

What is the size of a Standard Dart Board?

The measurement of standard dartboard is 18 inches in Diameter. It has a 20 numbered pie-shaped equal size segment. The triple fields have a height of just 8 mm.

How High Do You Hang a Dartboard?

A dartboard hangs at a height of 1.73 m. This is so stipulated in the rules of the sport. In this case, the center, so the bullseye, centered at exactly this height must be attached.

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Where Can I Play Darts?

Darts can now play at many clubs or in restaurants. Even at home, many people have dartboards hanging in the meantime, so they do not have to leave the house.

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How Can I Practice Darts?

There are a number of training games and plans on the internet that can help you to train alone at home. Only dull throwing on the dartboard will not help you.

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How Do I Play Better Darts?

Darts have a few basic rules that make every player better. For one thing, you should have a quiet stand and breathe calmly. In addition, you must acquire a throwing motion, which you repeat over and over again, in order to achieve an automatism.

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What is Dartitis?

Dartitis is a disease that causes dart players to stop releasing the arrow as they would like it to.

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What Does a Dartboard Consist of?

A dartboard consists of sisal fibers and wire on the surface. Sisal fibers have the advantage that they are particularly durable, while the wire is important to differentiate the fields from each other.

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How Much Does a Dart Board Cost?

Dartboards usually cost between $25 to $250. The higher the price, the better the quality. Pay particular attention to the material, the wire and the name of the manufacturer.

How Long Does a Dartboard Usually Last?

It depends on the amount of work you throw on the board. At home, a good board often lasts 4 or 5 years. Playing your darts in the club, the lifespan is often only 1 to 2 years.

How Heavy is a Dart?

There is much difference between soft tip darts and Steel tip darts. When Soft tip dart, the arrows must not exceed a weight of 18 grams, otherwise the board could be damaged. However, the Steel tip darts maximum weight is 50 grams per arrow. As a rule, players only use arrows up to a weight of 30 grams.

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How Do I Find the Right Darts for a Beginner?

Beginners should pay particular attention to the fact that at the beginning they use rather heavy darts because they are stable in the air and do not react so sensitively to errors in the throwing motion.

How Heavy are the Arrows of the Pros?

Professional dart players in Steel dart usually use arrows that are between 20 and 27 grams. Exceptions also confirm the rule here.

How Fast Does a Dart Fly?

With these darts’ questions, the average is around 60 km / h. However, it depends on the throwing style, the weight, and the shape of the darts. In exceptional cases, an arrow can reach speeds of up to 80 km / h.

What is 9-Darter?

A 9-darter is the so-called perfect game. A leg with 501 points and the mode Double Out can be played with at least 9 darts to zero and finished.

Who Goes First in Darts?

Before a game starts both players throw on the bullseye, to the middle. The closer the player starts the game.

Why Should I play the Triple 19?

To have an alternative to the Triple 20, in case you do not have a good day on the 20s segment.

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Why is Playing from Exactly 501 Points Down?

Also, many players who play darts often do with these darts’ issues difficult. Not everyone can answer this. The answer is not so difficult. At 500 points, for example, a player could consistently throw on the 20 and end the game over that segment. However, since players are expected to use the entire board, an odd starting number will cause the player to switch segments at some point in the game.

Why Should I Punch the Dart Flights?

By punching the flight can be significantly better attached to a sheep’s ring and does not fall off as often.

What is a Caller?

The caller acts as a referee and announces the scores the players throw. When in doubt, he also intervenes when something is not right.

What is a Break in Darts?

A break is a leg that the player who did not start wins.

What Does the Darts Double Out mean?

As a rule, darts tournaments are played in Double Out mode. This means that a game can only be ended by bringing the residual score to 0 with a hit in a double field. An example: You have 16 points left and you have to finish the game with the throw in the double 8.

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Who is the Best Dart Player in the World?

These darts questions cannot be answered directly. But the most successful dart player in the world is, without doubt, Phil Taylor. Michael van Gerwen is currently breaking Taylor’s records in series.

How Much Do the Dart Pros Earn?

This is a very different question. The top 10 in the world are millionaires after a few years, while the rest can live well up to the top 32 of the sport. Everything behind it usually works incidentally in a normal job, since the income is not quite sufficient.

What Do the Dart Players Do in the Break?

During the break, players usually reflect their game to improve. In addition, water is often drunk or thrown backstage in order not to get out of rhythm.

Why are Dart Players Fat?

Such darts are questions that are often heard by people without touchpoints with darts. There is no logical justification for this. Maybe drink beer in the pub.