Bounce Pro 14 Ft Trampoline Reviews

Today we will review Bounce Pro 14 foot Trampoline safety enclosure. Our Bounce Pro 14 Ft Trampoline reviews are based on in-depth research and product analysis. Let’s dive in!

Product Features

  • Equipped with a lighting system.
  • U- shaped leg gives solid stability.
  • UV protected jump mat prevents slipping.
  • Constructed with high-tech safety features.
  • UV resistant polyethylene-coated enclosers ensure maximum safety.
Bounce Pro 14 Ft Trampoline Reviews
What We like
  • Reasonable price.
  • Ideal for professional jumpers.
  • PVC padded G3 rails ensure superior safety.
What We Don’t Like
  • Installation required more people.
  • Need to purchase a ladder for kids.

Bounce Pro 14 Ft Trampoline Reviews – Bottom Line

Bounce Pro 14 ft Trampoline is a high-tech trampoline equipped with safety equipment. The heavy-duty frame and durable legs give solid stability while the UV round surface provides high bounce. Besides, the surface offers a lighting system. It is one of the better modern trampolines, comes at a reasonable price.

Bounce Pro 14 Ft Trampoline Reviews

Bounce Pro 14 Feet Trampoline

Having a trampoline for your kids will help to improve their stamina and oral growth.  So, you always want the best one to get the best one for your family. But before investing you need to consider some facts such as durability, safety enclosures, frame, etc. 

Bounce Pro 14-foot trampoline includes all these features. The trampoline is constructed with premium materials and featured a lighting system in the middle of the surface. This feature makes the trampoline luxurious. The 14 feet trampoline offers a UV protected jump mat.

The mat is worthy enough to carry 8 to 10 people’s weight and beer up to 250 pounds at a time. So, the trampoline is an ideal choice for family use. So, nothing can be as perfect as Bounce pro for backyard activity. However, if you still have doubts then this review will clear all your doubts and confusion.


People are less conscious about the trampoline size. But they don’t know that a lot of things depend on the size.  You will find several shapes of trampoline in the market. Among them, a round shape trampoline is perfect for your kids. It will provide you an excellent bounce with solid security of safety enclosure.

However, oval, square, and rectangle trampolines give decent bounce but don’t pack the same punch as round ones. Bounce Pro round trampoline provides you incredibly smooth bounce with decent jumping. However, the material doesn’t let you jump too high but it gives you is an additional layer of safety.


A 14 feet trampoline is just perfect for family use. Now you can question what should I do which such a big size trampoline? The answer is 14 feet trampoline offers a large pad. A large pad is a thing expected in a child’s trampoline. The large surface ensures safe bounce. So, there is no risk of falling or get injured. Besides, the whole family can use it for a jumping activity together.

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Design (legs and frame)

Bounce Pro 14 Ft Trampoline

A trampoline is good or not decides by its design and sturdiness.  Bounce Pro 14 feet trampoline is sturdy enough. The U-shaped legs provide solid stability while jumping. The trampoline is constructed with a heavy-duty galvanized frame. The frames are lightweight and rust-resistant.

It makes the trampoline durable and long-lasting. The T-sockets prevent the trampoline twisting and the spring provides high bounce. It doesn’t matter how much force you are providing in the trampoline. It absorbs all the force and gives a superior bounce.

Lighting surface

Bounce pro is different from other ordinary trampolines. This 14-feet trampoline is equipped with a patented Flashlight Zone. The light turns on automatically in the middle when you start jumping. This adds a dash of colors to your backyard and encourages your children to do their exercise. Besides, this attachment makes your trampoline luxurious.


Ensuring a safe and risk-free jumping session is the most important thing. You never want your kids will face any injuries or accidents during their fun time. Don’t worry Bounce pro will protect your kids from all possible injuries. The package is equipped with safety enclosers.

The G3 top rail enclosure system ensures superior safety and allows your kids to jump freely without any worry. The galvanized gives resist rough jumps. The safety package offers a safety net with a zipper door. So, kids hardly ever come in contact with the spring area.

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Bounce Pro 14 Ft Trampoline with enclosure

14-foot trampolines are supposed to be heavy. But Bounce pro is not that much heavy. The large size trampoline is quite lightweight and but solid and sturdy enough. Besides, the transportation process is easy.

All-weather Usable

Bounce Pro 14 feet trampoline is all-weather usable. The galvanized rust-resistant steel frames are durable and long-lasting. The jumping mat is PVC padded and UV tested. Besides, the PVC padded G3 top rail enclosure ensures superior safety. So, feel free to bounce without any anxiety. Besides, the trampoline is indoor usable too.

Set up and Packaging

Bounce Pro 14 feet trampoline Installation packaging quite organized. The bolts, screws, frames come with different boxes. Transportation is easy as it is lightweight and you never need to worry about the packaging.

The assembly process is easy but required 3/4 people to set up the whole trampoline. Frame assemble needs minimal use of power tools and elbow grease. One holds the bulky parts and others will tighten the bolts. Just follow the instruction manual and start your jumping with bounce pro.


Bounce Pro is reasonable and offers outstanding features with superior safety. The patented Flashlight Zone is just awesome. You will hardly find a trampoline that offers high features with safety enclosers at a reasonable. Your kids will love this trampoline

Bounce Pro 14 Ft Trampoline (FAQs)

Why Should I buy Bounce Pro 14 feet Trampoline?

Bounce Pro is a modern round trampoline featured with safety enclosures and a patented Flashlight Zone. The lights will automatically turn on when you start jumping. The galvanized rust-resistant steel frame and legs make the trampoline stable. Besides, the round base provides less bounce which safe for young kids. The trampoline is very much reasonable so you can afford it for your kids’ background activity.

Is bounce Pro 14 feet trampoline suitable for family usage?

Bounce Pro 14 feet trampoline is ideal for family usage. The 14 large jumping mat is worthy enough to bear weight up to 250 pounds. So, parents, kids, and adults can enjoy a fun and enjoyable jumping activity together.


The above article about Bounce Pro 14 ft trampoline reviews has clear your all doubts now. So, make your kid’s exercise activity fun and enjoyable with Bounce Pro 14 feet trampoline. The trampoline makes your kids’ background activity 100% safe and secure. Furthermore, this is a reasonable option fun and enjoyable jumping session.