What Weight Darts Should I Use As A Beginners

Darts is a popular game for so many years. Before start playing sometimes it may cross your mind that what weight darts should I use? In fact, both heavy and light darts are out there. In this article, I will discuss about them and clear your idea about them.

Now the maximum allowed arrow according to the rules is 50 g (grams). In the past, players have used wooden darts, but nowadays, they have started using tungsten darts.

What Weight Darts Should I Use

Choosing The Right Dart Weight According Expertise:

Best ForDart WeightsBest Model
For Beginners25-27 GramsBottelsen Precision Grip 90% Tungsten 25 Gram Steel Tip Darts
For Experienced23-25 GramsHarrows Wolfram 23 Grams Infinity 97% Tungsten Steel Tip Darts
For Experts/Pros18-24 GramsCUESOUL 22 Grams Tungsten Steel Tip Darts Set 95% Tungsten

Are Heavy Or Light Darts Better?

All weight is measured from the barrel, the center of the boom. This makes throwing the heavier arrow more effective. When you shoot this arrow, you may have more strength in your hand, which may mean that you have a heavier arrow. From experience, you tend to control the arrow better a little harder.

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If you have a heavier dart, you can also throw it with less effort, as the dart tends to do more of your work. Everything you need to remember! Light darts are a puzzle and an annoyance for many players. Some people fail to grab a light arrow within 17-18 grams, as the trigger does not facilitate this.

In this case, you can increase the weight of the boom to a few grams. The lighter the shooter, the more force you must apply to throw. Some prefer to throw with strength and power and do not need a heavier arrow. If so, try a lighter dart!

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Every darts performer has different choices. There is no immediate advice, but the only possible solution is to try different darts with different weights and see which one works best. If you like to throw with a great deal of power, a lighter dart might be the best approach. On the off chance that you have a more comfortable style of throwing, heavier is presumably better.

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What Is the Most Popular Dart Weight and What Weight Darts Should I Use?

Weight is one of the most volatile and individual factors affecting your performance. Each performer must carefully select the weight of their dart to suit their throwing style.

In general, heavier darts fly straighter into the air. Experienced or advanced performers best use heavier darts because they require more precision. In contrast, lighter darts fly in a more parabolic trajectory, making them a better choice for beginners who are less dependent on accuracy.

However, none of these are set on stone, and pros may prefer lighter darts, just as amateurs prefer heavier darts. The best way to trace out which one works best is to spend a few minutes playing a few games of different weights until you feel relaxed with your choice.

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The most common arrow weights are between 16 and 26 grams. However, current regulations allow darts to balance up to 50 grams.

Ideally, it would be best if you started your workout with a dart weighing about 20 grams. They are the most common and allow you to move higher or lower in lighter weights. If you usually fly very high, you may need to use heavier arrows and vice versa.

How to Choose Darts for Beginners?

As a beginner, the darts you pick assume an enormous job in how well you play and even how much your ability will create. The information I have given below is very easy to choose darts for a beginner darts player.

1. Weight

Newcomers should start at the hardest end of the scale, and likely find that they favor lighter darts when their action/grip is compatible.

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(a) In case of doubt and if the maximum permissible weight is 50 g, start at around the middle of 24/25/26 g will be acceptable for a beginner.

This allows weight to be transferred in both directions and on a wide variety of booms.

(b) However, if the player is short and has a lighter grip (many women and children), it is best to start with a lighter weight, so 20-22g is the right choice.

(c) If you want to adjust the weight, change a few grams, which doesn’t seem like a lot, but will make a big difference.

2. Wings / Stems

(a) Start with regular wedges and medium feet.

As you progress and start experimenting (“tuning”), you will develop your preferences.

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(b) Arrows usually come with a set of axles/strips that correspond to the arrow; but avoid using anything “radical” so that there are no V-shaped wedges or rotating rods, for example (at least initially)

(c) Replace the damaged flight. Otherwise, you will always throw a wild arrow or start moving it.

(d) Standard pins and levers are cheap, so purchasing some replacement kits is not a problem. If you always use the same design, you can only replace it so that your darts don’t look weird.

3. Cost

(a) A costly dart does not mean you will play better!

Players are judged by their ability to play, not by how much their darts cost or how good they look. An excellent cheap darts game is excellent because you can buy replacement toys.

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(b) Expensive darts can be used as walkie-talkies, so they are not worth the stress.

(c) It is a good policy to try to stay away from particular dart styles as they will not be available forever, and it can be not easy to buy a replacement kit if you lose or destroy your old one.

(d) Many experienced players use darts in the cheapest part of the price range. There is nothing shameful or embarrassing to use a dart. There are many great darts in this range.

(e) If you are serious about darts, I suggest you can play two times that you practice in and one that will help you stays flawless.

(f) Tungsten is the industry standard for darts players because it is strong and durable, and the weight takes up less space to the place you play.

It allows a less barrel for better grouping.

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Practice and Experiment!!

Experienced performers will inevitably say “use which one suit you best,” so feel free to experiment with different darts and combinations of flight and power.

In the end, you will learn more through trial and error. If you interact with other players, you can try their darts, and they will be happy to show off their popular darts.

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Final Thoughts

I think this article will clear your idea about what weight darts should I use. Whether you are a beginner or pro, play with the right dart will give you the maximum enjoyment of darts. Enjoy the game!