What Weight of Darts Do the Pros Use?

You may find different darts from light to heavy. When you end up the level of a noob, you will enter the pros level. Before that, you have to know what weight of Darts do the pros use. In this article, I will give you a brief idea about it. So, here we go.

Generally, you may find Darts from 12 g and end up to 50 g. In fact, pros utilize darts weighing about 30 g. Moreover, it gives the right balance, reliable flight and less stress on the arms.

What Weight Of Darts Do The Pros Use

What Weight Of Darts Do The Pros Use?

Choosing the right darts is much more, but the first step is to understand how weight affects performance. Next, we will take a more intimate find out how weights influence the player, the game, and the ultimate result.

Heavy darts take plenty of exercises and, if adopted too early, can cause hand exhaustion. However, professionals have been performing darts for high time and know their bodies healthy. Professionals can handle 30 to 50 g, but it doesn’t indicate they’ll forever use them.

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A proper dart measurement depends on the person. It would be best if you tried different styles and weights and did not rely solely on the general online list.

How Professional Player Choose A Dart?

While we cannot tell you the ideal weight for you, we can give you tips on how to vary the weight between sets of arrows, what qualities to look for, and how to decide for yourself which is best for you.


Many professional darts performers reach weights between 16 and 20 grams. It works best for people of approximate weight and height.

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Professionals commonly use another darts is the 18g. Many pros find 18g darts to help develop their game. They find it helps with flexibility and durability. As a newcomer or inexperienced player, choose an easily manageable dart. Think of playing a game for several hours. Will your arm and arms hurt? If so, reduce the size and try a lighter arrow.


Choosing the right weight is a must for professionals, but it is not just a measurement of total weight. Also, there is a balance issue. Few darts are heavier forward, while other darts are heavier backward. It makes hand position and playing style great.

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Maximum pros try different darts. They tested everyone for intelligence and weight to find the complete outfit. They often take many toys with them and change them for different reasons.

Change is Good

You will probably change darts when you start playing. As we said, even professionals are not limited to one weight. They can change darts depending on the kind of match they are performing, which are playing with, or also how they feel about the day.

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It is a great idea to match several different weights to suit your demands. However, if you get annoyed with darts, play a heavy one to make the challenge harder!

Do Expensive Darts Make A Difference for the Pros?

Expensive darts are constructed with high-quality materials such as tungsten. The higher the tungsten content, the more expensive the price of your dart!

Other darts are built with less expensive metals such as copper and nickel. Cheaper darts can wear out faster and feel different.

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However an expensive dart doesn’t mean you play better! Many expensive darts are a waste of cash; they are “fancy” or “cosmetic” versions of costless darts.

Performers are judged by their ability to play, not by how much their darts price. An excellent cheap darts game is excellent because you can buy replacement toys.

Expensive Darts Dimensions

Arrows usually range from 42 mm to 56 mm. The larger the arrow, the heavier and smaller it will be, the lighter.

The arrows are usually 6 to 7 mm in diameter. Usually, people cannot distinguish between barrels with diameters of 6.3 and 6.5 mm, but it all depends on personal feelings and taste.

Expensive Darts and Weights:

High-quality darts with 80 to 95% tungsten can be much thinner and of any weight.

On the other hand, cheaper darts are often larger and heavier, which can be very inconvenient for some people.

Compared to tungsten brass darts, they will be thicker as brass is a lighter metal, and this can also increase the amount of bounce.

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Does It Fly Better?

If you compare the cheap and expensive darts side by side, you will observe the difference. Expensive darts are usually more balanced and distributed by boom weight, results in better, as well as more controlled shots.

Expensive doesn’t certainly mean better playing darts, but there is something cheap. Expensive darts from their cost up to a specific price; it’s just a matter of value to the collector. If this is truly a habit and you love darts and are curious about what it feels like to have better quality darts, you can now buy the more costly darts.

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What Stems Do Pro Dart Players Use?

The ultimate factor that professionals consider when choosing darts is the stems. Most professionals utilize medium length plastic stems that fit the back of the boom barrel. However, some experts use metal stems to give the shooter more stable access to the dashboard.

There are a few basic rules that will suit most performers; for example, the heavier the arrow, the larger the axle should be, so in this case, the middle axle is suitable for darts over 23-24g, for most players. However, it will be read by many people who will use 26g darts with very short stems! As I said, there are no rules, only instructions.

The best you can do is trying many different lengths and find the one that works best. The goal is for your darts to fly quickly and exact in the air, so if your darts do that, then you have the correct stems.

What Brand of Darts Do Professionals Use?

Pros use different brands of darts from time to time. Some popular brands of darts are Bottelsen Hammer, Centaur, Viper Sure Grip, King Cobra, and much more.

All of those arrows are stylishly deliberate as style is vital to the professional. These brands of darts have been on demand for quite some time. Also, they are modified from time to time to improve speed, accuracy and other features.


I think you have got the answer of what weight of Darts do the pros use. And I will recommend that a dart of medium weight is perfect for the pros. Because they provide the perfect balance and you don’t have to force more. So, get the right one and take the full advantage of darts like a pro!