3 Simple Ways To Stop your Trampoline From Blowing Away

Expending energy and increasing fitness through jumping fun but still worried about the wild environment? Don’t know how to keep Trampoline from blowing away? Let’s read the article, follow the instruction, and keep continue jumping with excitement! Because you will learn from the article:

  • Several simple but effective ways to keep trampoline from blowing away.
  • Way to securing the trampoline on concrete.
  • Effective tips to keep the trampoline during hurricanes.
  • And much more!
How To Keep Trampoline From Blowing Away

How to keep a trampoline from blowing away

A trampoline can turn into a giant kite on a windy day. However, there is nothing to worry about it! But during extreme conditions like storms or hurricanes, that trampoline can blow away due to the stronger wind speed. 

If you can’t protect your trampoline during this tough condition it can damage your property, the trampoline itself, or even can cause unwanted injuries to the family person. Luckily we have covered several successful methods to keep the trampoline from blowing away!

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Anchoring a Trampoline

The most effective way to prevent trampoline from blowing away even in extreme conditions is by securing it to the ground using anchors. Though a lot of ways you can follow, considering some important factors will ensure the best manner. The consideration includes the area you in, the type of anchor you have, environmental condition, and the budget you can afford.

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The following essentials are required to keep the trampoline from blowing away using the anchoring method:

  • A good quality trampoline anchor kit that is compatible with your trampoline.
  • Sturdy trampoline anchor hook that will keep the trampoline secure in a single place.
  • Top-quality anchor that can hold the trampoline down even during the extremely windy day. You can choose the anchor considering your location, preference, and type of trampolines.

Wind Stakes or Anchor Kits?

When its comes to tie the trampoline using anchor, one question rises to the most peoples mind, which is better to use wind stake or anchor kits? Let’s have a look at some pros and cons of both the anchor kits so you can decide the most ideal one.

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Trampoline Wind Stakes


  • Affordable option comparing to the anchor kits.
  • Easy to assemble, It just needs a hammer to secure the Wind Stakes.
  • It comes in a low profile that doesn’t cause Any Tripping Hazards.


  • Don’t offer extra support to the trampoline.
  • Stakes don’t stay tight for long.
  • Not suitable for wet and soft ground.

Trampoline Anchor Kits


  • It comes with various combinations that hold the trampoline securely.
  • Offer a great anchorage going deep into the ground.
  • Once installed properly, stay secure for long.
  • Appropriate for wet and soft ground.


  • Pricy than wind stakes, It causes more labor and effort.
  • The straps can cause hazards sometimes.

How to keep trampoline from blowing away using an anchor kit (step by step)

Considering the pros and cons we have found the anchor kit method is most effective especially, for a longer time in any tough condition at any surface. Let’s learn how to install it on your ground:

Check the ground

Obviously, the step starts with getting a quality anchor kit that you can find on amazon. The best anchor kit for a trampoline should have 4 straps and stakes. Then make sure that the ground has no utilities like water, electrical, sprinkler, gas, or phone. Since you are installing the anchor for a long these utilities can cause the setting. So choose a free ground.

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Install the anchor stakes close to each leg

Install each stake near the middle trampoline’s horizontal leg to allow the anchor strap to reach it easily. You will have to push the anchor tip against the ground using a ply bar and a large screwdriver to install the stakes. Install the stakes less than 1 inch above the ground and keep the open end of the eye faces far from the horizontal leg piece.

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Install the anchor strap at the middle of the horizontal leg piece

An anchor usually comes with two brackets, one on the long side and the other on the short. bind the longer part over the trampolines top rail and pull it over. Drive the shorter part under the trampoline and then pull it to the same side as the first bracket. Then slide the strap through the top bracket of the trampolines and tight it firmly. For a Double Bed trampoline, you will have to bind the long strap around the lower rail.

Finish the job

After having the shorter part of the strap under the trampoline, close the stakes you’ve installed. Then pass the short strap throughout the stakes and tighten it. Recheck the anchor to ensure tighten brackets.

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The Sandbag Method 

Using sandbags for weighting down is another simple and effective method. Besides, it’s a budget-friendly method that is allowed to protect the trampoline easily. All you have to do is place the sandbags on each leg of the trampoline and make it secure from blowing away. 

You can make it better way using expensively constructed sandbags rather than usual ones. The more sandbag you will place on the legs, you will have better security against strong windy conditions. 

Way to Secure a Trampoline on Concrete

However, it’s not recommended but sometimes one had to set up a trampoline on concrete. Thus the owner had to secure it on the concrete. The Trampoline anchor kits or wind stakes aren’t helpful on concrete, so the owner had to go for an alternative way. 

Again sandbags are an effective solution in this condition. Conversely, If you need to install the trampoline permanently on the concrete then secure it using leg bolts and a strap.

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How to keep trampoline from blowing away during Hurricane

Hurricanes can cause huge damage to the trampoline. If your area is prone to hurricane, follow these step imminently before nature gets wild:

  • Collapse and remove the safety net and store them until the storm has passed.
  • If you can, disassemble the trampoline and store it.
  • If you cant disassemble, remove the jumping surface and store it if possible.
  • Follow the toughest way to secure the frame to the ground.
  • You can use a set of sandbags to put some extra weight on the trampoline.
  • If you had installed the trampoline on concrete, put as many sandbags as you can.
  • Make ready an extra set of anchors or wind stakes so you can quickly install it if you live in a hurricane-prone area.

Final Verdict

Hope now you know how to keep a trampoline from blowing away as we have offered several alternatives away to do so. These multiple ways will have you decide the most effective one to follow considering your situation.

Besides, these are budget-friendly and don’t demand much time and skill, which brings the excellent opportunity to keep the trampoline directly. However, it is better to follow the toughest way while installing the new trampoline so you don’t have to hurry during extreme conditions as it is risky!