Best 15 ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure

Looking for the best trampoline specifically 15 ft with a safety enclosure? Perfect! You’re in the right place!

In this Dart Goals guide, you’ll learn:

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  • Different types of trampoline with enclosure
  • Our top 10 best 15 ft trampoline
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Best 15 Ft Trampoline With Safety Enclosure

Quick Comparison

Image Product Key Features Price
4075 1. Skywalker 15-Feet Trampolines » Affordable price.
» Even surface bounce.
» W shaped leg for added stability.
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4075 2. Zupapa 15 Foot Trampoline » No-gap design.
» Worth of price.
» Perimeter net and spring guard.
» 108 springs instead of typical 96.
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4075 3. ORCC 15 FT Outdoor Trampoline » UV protected jumping mat.
» Waterproof material.
» Heavy duty, rust resistant, galvanized frame.
» Highly safe and reliable for kids.
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4075 4. Merax 15 FT Trampoline » Free basket-ball hoop.
» T-joint for better stability.
» UV protected jumping mat.
» Cover pad with 15mm EPE foam.
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4075 5. Giantex 15Ft Trampoline » High weight capacity.
» Zip enclosure with ladder.
» U-shaped legs provide more stability.
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4075 6. SONGMICS 15-Foot Trampoline » ASTM & GS certified safety.
» Fast shipping and delivery.
» Safety enclosure with basketball hoop and ladder.
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4075 7. JUPA 15FT Kids Trampoline » High stability.
» Highly safe for kids.
» Smooth and better bounce.
» Heavy duty jumping mat.
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4075 8. Happy 15 FT Round Trampoline » Lifelong warranty.
» Maximum 550 pounds jumping capacity.
» Reliable for gymnastic or extreme use.
» Very strong structure with long lasting design.
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4075 9. Exacme 15 FT Outdoor Trampoline » Heavy weight limit.
» Wholesome fun.
» Safety conformed.
» Replacement parts available.
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4075 10. PAPAJET 15FT Trampoline » High stability.
» Waterproof material.
» UV protected jumping mat.
» Smooth and better bounce.
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Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

Skywalker 15-Feet Round Trampoline With Enclosure & Spring

Skywalker 15-Feet Round Trampoline With Enclosure & Spring

Why is it better?
● Reliable and safe.
● Huge jump space.
● Affordable price tag.
● Heavy-duty frame and springs.

Skywalker 15 feet round trampoline, which comes with well-made enclosure nets and bumper to keep your kids safe. It is, of course, one of the best traditional round trampolines within a decent price range.

This round trampoline has a large jump surface with springs that provide heavy-duty. It gives a good bounce even with several kids jumping at once. The safety netting is soft and malleable. T-sockets with W shaped leg offers excellent stability.

Skywalker users say it last for 5-8 years on average. When you order, it will come with multiple boxes. Usually, on the same day or a few days apart. One or two persons can assembly the parts to erect the trampoline.

  • Reliable and safe.
  • Affordable price tag.
  • Strong enough for multiple kids.
  • Weight capacity is 150-200 pounds.
  • Huge jump space with a well-made jump pad.
  • Bulky side and shape.
  • Instruction for assembly are not accurate.

Best 15 Ft Trampoline List (Expert Picks)

Short on time? We understand. Check out this quick overview of our favorite 15 ft trampoline.

  • Skywalker 15-Feet Round Trampolines
  • Zupapa 15 Foot Backyards Trampoline
  • ORCC 400LBS 15ft Outdoor Trampoline
  • Merax 15 Feet Basketball Trampoline
  • Giantex 15Ft Outdoor Kids Trampoline
  • SONGMICS TÜV Certificated Trampoline
  • JUPA 375LBS Capacity15FT Trampoline
  • Happy Xtreme 15ft Round Trampoline
  • Exacme 15 Foot Outdoor Trampoline
  • PAPAJET 15ft Trampoline/W Basketball

Best Trampolines include reliable materials, quality, safety features that will allow you to enjoy for years. There are a lot of trampolines in the sale. All of them are not good. We have reviewed the 10 best 15ft Trampoline for you based on safety, quality, durability, and accessories. We researched in-depth about their user experience, quality, and reliability.

15 ft Trampoline Reviews

Zupapa 15 FT 425LBS Weight Capacity Outdoor Backyards Trampolines with Non-Slip Ladder

Zupapa 15 FT 425LBS Weight Capacity Outdoor Backyards Trampolines With Non-Slip Ladder

Zupapa 15FT trampoline came in three separate boxes and required a full assembly. The instructions are clear, and it is easy to set up with is 3 hours. Zupapa also includes gloves that will improve your grip and prevent pinch. A no-gap design removed any spaces between the jumping mat and spring pad.

So, there is no worry about getting kid’s hands and feet in the gaps resulting in injury. Moreover, springs are covered well by a thick, durable pad, thus extends the jump area. Zupapa 15FT trampoline lets jumpers to bounce higher with less effort. The frame is sturdy and does not bend even with vigorous jumping by adults.

The only weakness I have to say is the safety net. The bars are not strong enough, and it turns when kids leaned on the net. After all, it provides proper protection. Zupapa also uses hot-dip galvanization, which is more effective for resisting rust. This improves its durability. Overall it is an excellent gift to your child.

  • Easy to clean.
  • Anti-slip ladder.
  • Heavy-duty frame and springs.
  • Smooth and impressive bounce.
  • Quality Product with a high level of safety.
  • No-gap design that reduces accidents and injury.
  • A little bit expensive.
  • Enclosure net is not that strong.

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ORCC 15 FT Outdoor Trampoline Weight Capacity 400LBS

ORCC 15 FT Outdoor Trampoline Weight Capacity 400LBS

ORCC trampoline is best for kids because of its reliability and safety. They say safety is their first priority. This outdoor trampoline has enclosure netting, which is 6 feet high and made of high-quality polyethylene material. It also provides UV protection and lasts long in the sun. Net poles are padded with 10mm foam, which will protect children from banging against the steel pole.

The frames are made of 43mm heavy-duty steel. They also use the hot-dip galvanizing process to give anti-rust property to the frameworks, which improve the durability of the trampoline.

For better bounce, they used UV-resistant and fade-resistant jumping mat with heavy-duty stitching technology, which provides more extended service. The weight capacity of the ORCC trampoline is up to 375 pounds. The frame is covered well, and there is also a ladder for comfortable entry.

  • Heavy-duty ladder
  • Solid, Hight quality materials
  • Anti-rust Mattel components
  • UV protected jumping surface
  • Longer durability and safety
  • Rain cover, wind strike, and safety pads are provided
  • No smaller size options
  • Warranty is only 60 days

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Merax 15 FT Trampoline with Safety Enclosure Net, Basketball Hoop, and Ladder

Merax 15 FT Trampoline With Safety Enclosure Net, Basketball Hoop, And Ladder

Marax 15 Feet trampoline can be the family’s favorite outdoor toy. This top-quality round trampoline provides unlimited bounce. It’s jumping mat is also UV protected and waterproof and enclosed with six feet high net. The enclosure entrance is equipped with a secure zipper and buckles which ensure safety.

It can be set up very quickly. The springs are zinc plated and heat tampered with better quality and elasticity. I bet you will definitely enjoy these playthings with the basketball hoop. It has a maximum weight capacity of 375 pounds, which is excellent. It is great fun for adults.

The Marax 15 ft trampoline with enclosure and basketball hoop is made by heavy frames that have been hot-dip galvanized to prevent rusting. This will be very long-lasting, even in a wet and humid area. It is not much bouncy tramp but still cool.

When you order, it may arrive in three separate boxes. All may not come in the same day. So, you have to be patient. They do not provide wind strike. It is quite a time consuming to assemble. You may require more than two-person to set up. Marax has awesome customer service.

  • Very sturdy
  • No-gap design
  • Foam covered ladder
  • Comes with basketball hoops
  • Maximum weight capacity. Great for adults
  • Enclosure net requires tightening regularly
  • No warranty

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Giantex 15Ft Combo Bounce Jump Trampoline with Safety Enclosure Net, Spring Pad, Ladder

Giantex 15Ft Combo Bounce Jump Trampoline With Safety Enclosure Net, Spring Pad, Ladder

Giantex manufacturer is quite famous for their trampoline and related products. This 15ft trampoline has 5 U-shaped legs, which improve stability and ensure it remains still during use. It comes with all parts you need to set up and use it straight away. It contains a steel ladder, helpful safety encloser net, frame, and net.

The safety enclosure and soft foam sleeves are firmly attached to the point where springs are joined. So, there is no gap around the age. You will appreciate this because this no-gap design significantly reduces hazards. Frames are well galvanized and have anti-rusting property. This makes the trampoline long-lasting.

It is better to have a trampoline, which both kids and adults can use. Giantex serves this purpose. It has a weight capacity of 330 pounds. Adults can have fun too. Giantex trampoline is designed for easy assembly and comes with a handy guide, step by step process with pictures. Make sure you set up accurately. A faulty assemble may cause accidents in the future.

  • Cost-effective
  • Ladder for quick access
  • U-shaped leg for stability
  • ZIP doors are a great safety feature
  • Weather-resistant safety enclosure net
  • Clear and detailed instruction guide for setting up
  • Boxes arrive on different days
  • Replacement parts are not readily available

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SONGMICS 15-Foot Jumping Mat Outdoor Backyard Trampolines for Kids TÜV Certificated

SONGMICS 15-Foot Jumping Mat Outdoor Backyard Trampolines For Kids TÜV Certificated

ASTM & GS certified and approved by TUV, which means it is entirely safe for children. With safety features, long-term jumping mats, and a high-quality steel frame, your kids are going to have lots of fun outdoors in the sunshine and fresh air. They are simple, easy to follow assembly that will allow you to move the trampoline anywhere anytime.

It includes a basketball hoop and a ladder. Also, foam padded poles for supporting UV-protected safety enclosure. The chain closure secured with extra clip to prevent it from coming undone. There is a 4-step galvanized heavy-duty steel ladder also.

72 high quality galvanized springs securely attach the double layer jumping mat and frame together. SONGMICS trampoline offers superior and impressive bounce. You do not have to worry about getting your hands or feet caught in the gaps because they all are well covered by PVC frame padding.

  • Edge cover
  • Long-lasting
  • Basketball hoop and ladder
  • Fast shipping and delivery
  • Highly safe to use (ASTM & GS certified)
  • 30 Days money-back guarantee with five years warranty
  • Unclear instruction

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JUPA 15FT Safe Outdoor Heavy Duty Round Trampoline 375LBS Capacity

JUPA 15FT Safe Outdoor Heavy Duty Round Trampoline 375LBS Capacity

JUPA kids trampoline is a safety certified outdoor toy for kids. It is a massive duty trampoline for the backyard, and your kids surely will love it. Its frame is much thicker, and the edge is covered with PE+PVC 0.8inch foam that will protect kids from getting hurt. JUPA safety enclosure net will make it a more safe place for your kids to have fun.

For better bounce, they used 108 pieces of 7-inch galvanized springs. Spring is made of steel with antirust coating for longer life and more elasticity. Jumping mat is UV protected and provide more extended service and much more weight capacity of 375 pounds. So that multiple kids can play at a time. Only two people can assemble quickly.

  • Easy to set up
  • Better bouncing
  • Good Customer service
  • Highly safe for children
  • No warranty
  • Comes is three separate boxes

Happy Galactic Xtreme 15 foot Gymnastic Round Trampoline

Happy Galactic Xtreme 15 Foot Gymnastic Round Trampoline

Happy trampoline is the best long-lasting tramp. It is designed to last 20-30 years. It has a commercial-grade frame which is 2.0 mm thick and double galvanized. These are anti-rust and anti-corrosion. This trampoline is ideal for competitive jumpers, cheer training, gymnastic, or novice bouncer.

The frame structure will not warp, bend, or break so that it will not lose inertia when jumping. They used the heaviest steel and 108 springs. The spring’s diameter is much thicker and longer than other trampolines.

Setting up Happy trampoline offers not only handbook instruction but also online video tutorials, which is incredible. Investment for this will be worth if you want the ultimate jumping experience of someone who wants it for gymnastic purpose.

  • Heavy-duty
  • Long-lasting
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Anti-rust Mattel components
  • 550 pounds jumping capacity
  • Replacement parts are available
  • Little bit expensive
  • Some customers complained about week ladder bars.

Exacme 15 feet Outdoor Trampoline with Basketball Hoop and Enclosure Ladder

Exacme 15 Feet Outdoor Trampoline With Basketball Hoop And Enclosure Ladder

Exacme outdoor trampoline comes with enclosure net, ladder basketball hoop, and heavyweight limit. Exacme is TUV certified, and UV testing approved. 6 W-shaped legs produce 12 contact points, which is a much stable and safer configuration.

To make the whole frame more stable, they added two quick clamps to the bottom net pole. It has 108 galvanized spring for the better jumping experience. Also, the jumping mat is UV resistant, fade-resistant, and 8 layers sewed on edge.

  • Affordable
  • Best jumping mat
  • Return policy 30 days
  • Replacement parts available
  • Better bouncing and stability
  • Warranty only for 1 year
  • It hard to fold once assembled

PAPAJET 15 FT Backyard Outdoor Combo Bounce Jump Trampoline With Safety Enclosure Net, Basketball Hoop And Ladder, Backboard Net

PAPAJET 15 FT Backyard Outdoor Combo Bounce Jump Trampoline With Safety Enclosure Net, Basketball Hoop And Ladder, Backboard Net

Papajet 15ft trampoline with safety enclosure net comes with also basketball hoops, backboard net, and ladder. It is one of the best outdoor trampolines with combo bounce for both kids and adults. TUV certifies its safety.

It has a no-gap design with a foam-padded enclosure pole. Strong 7inch 108 pcs springs are securely attached with tightly woven jumping mat and frame. The enclosure net is 6 feet high. Its weight capacity is 375 pounds.

3-step ladder for convenient climbing for young children. There is also a flexible basketball hoop made of weather-resistant material. Jumping and shooting balls is a double pleasure.

  • Enclosure net 6 feet high
  • Frame covered with PVC
  • Basketball hoop adds more fun
  • Smooth and impressive bouncing
  • Some customers complained that their support service should be improved.

Buying Guideline for the best 15 ft Trampoline

If you think of having a trampoline for your family and kids, make sure your trampoline is large enough and worth for money. There some points to be considered before buying a trampoline. Here are they –

Mat size

Decide first which size do you want to buy. Trampoline size can vary from 36 inches to 17 feet in diameter. 15 feet diameter is an ideal size for an outdoor trampoline. You can place it in your backyard, and multiple kids can play comfortably. It is suitable for both fun and exercise.

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In the case of a trampoline, safety is very important. About 100,000 people get injured by trampoline in the USA every year. A statistic says one million people arrived in emergency rooms across the United States in the last decade.

And most of the injury occurs in children under the age of 16. Some may cause permanent neurological damage. That is why buy the safest one, not the cheapest. No-gap design with UV protected mat and galvanized sturdy frame are the main safety feature.

Enclosure Net

The purpose of the enclosure net is to prevent users from falling off from the jumping mat. So, it prevents many accidents. Many of the trampolines do not come with an enclosure net. Make sure you get one with your trampoline. Again, net does not last for long days due to weather or kid’s attack. You may need to repurchase one. So, make sure before buying that the company provides a net replacement warranty.

Part Durability

Cheaper parts do not last long. And for some manufacturers, part replacement is not easy. So, keep this in mind before buying a trampoline. A galvanized frame and spring usually last much longer than other types. Make sure you purchase UV protected and waterproof mat and net for extended durability.


Warranty is much essential. I have found only Happy Trampoline gives a lifelong warranty where others are giving 2-4 years. You will need to use a warranty as children will use a trampoline. Also, when a company is providing a warranty, they are quite sure about its quality.

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How to Take Good Care of My 15 foot Trampoline?

  • Make sure you placed in a secure position. Clean it regularly. While cleaning avoids using water in the mat. Or if you wash it, then dry up it quickly. Keeping you jumping mat wet for a long time will reduce its elasticity and vulnerable to tear.
  • Use cover when it is not is used.
  • Check the joints and attachments of mat and frame regularly. Continuous use may lead to weakening the joints
  • Replace broken, weak or defective parts
  • The frame may carry electricity, so that keeps the electric line away
  • Do not keep any object or things below the mat. It may cause serious injury when someone jumps without checking beneath the jumping mat.
  • Extreme weather causes damage to any kind of trampoline. So, best practice is to keep it indoor while it is not in use.
  • Always keep one eye while children are using it. While often playing, children forget about safety, or sometimes, they may start fighting on the trampoline.

15 ft Trampoline (FAQs)

Is a 15 ft trampoline big?

You will get 15 diameter that means 176.7 square ft. Large enough for multiple kids for having fun. Your trampolines width and length will be 15×15 feet.

Is the 15 ft trampoline safe?

There are indeed a lot of emergency visits caused by the trampoline. But the trampoline is usually safe to use even for children. The bigger the jumping area is safer. Large surface reduce the risk of falling around the edge.

How can I assembly 15 ft trampoline?

All trampoline comes with an instruction’s handbook of different languages. These instructions are easy to follow and provided with a detailed step by step guide with images. Moreover, if you buy a popular model, you may find an assembly video on youtube. As 15ft trampoline is quite large you may need help of other to set up.

How many springs are on 15ft trampoline?

Spring number vary with the size of trampoline. Usual 15 ft trampoline has 108 galvanized 7-inch strong springs. According to the manufacturer the number can be more or less.

How much weight can 15 ft trampoline hold?

If one person is jumping on a trampoline, then maximum weight doesn’t matter, but for multiple persons, maximum weight should not be exceeded. For 15 ft trampoline usual maximum weight limit are 330 pounds to 375 pounds. Happy Trampoline has a maximum jumping capacity of 550 pounds.


Now you have the list of best 15 ft trampoline with all information you need. Take time to think about your preference and comfort before buying. A trampoline can provide a thousand hours of healthy fun, good memories, and exercise for both kids and adults. Have fun at parties, family gatherings, or family reunion and make memories.

Jumping on a trampoline is not a much easy task. It requires experience and skills. If you are new, then you may have a chance of injuries and vomiting. So, don’t do much at your first time and avoid using it with others at the same time.