Why Is My Trampoline Mat Loose? 3 Easy Methods To Fix

A trampoline with a rug can wobble for a variety of reasons, from overloaded springs to regular spring strings. Always it can be a matter of concern for you why is my trampoline mat loose. If you have a new trampoline, you will need to tune the strings.

But if you are no longer a spring girl, you can change the springs. To tighten the ropes, turn the trampoline and find the knot through which the rope goes.

Why Is My Trampoline Mat Loose

While holding the thread with needle-nosed pliers, loosen the top knot before attaching it to the button block again. Pull the rug tightly by pulling the knot from the top. Repeat for all opposite cables.

Why Is My Trampoline Mat Loose?

Overstretched springs and standard bounce cords are the most common reason to lose your trampoline mats. If spring is the reason for the loose trampoline you can replace it. And if it is for bounce cords you can modify it.

To tighten your bounce cords, turn your trampoline over and look for the knot block, which will have a bounce cord through it. Grab the cable with a pair of needle-nose pliers and loosen its overhead knot before retying it near the knot block. By moving the overhead knot closer, you tighten your mat. Repeat the process for all your bounce cords.

Can You Repair the Trampoline Mat?

When buying a trampoline, the last thing most of us think about is that one day it will need to be repaired. However, with frequent use, even quality models can crack. The most common cracks are jump cracks and mesh cracks.

However, before you spend your savings on expensive parts, keep in mind that you can do many of the minor repairs manually. You will be happy to know that you don’t require to be a professional to prepare your trampoline. You just need a minimum knowledge and the exact tool.

The most important thing you should know about how to secure the trampoline and how to secure the trampoline ladder. Don’t worry, here you will get everything you need to know to get started.

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Trampoline Mat Tear Repair

Initially, it is essential to know that some holes you cannot correct at home. If the crack is wider than 5 cm, it will be very unsafe to carry on using the trampoline, and you can’t patch up it. You will require to purchase a new rug.

If you check your trampoline mat regularly, you will find small issues before they get inferior. If you identify any damage, every time repair it before putting the children’s return on the trampoline.

Supposing your trampoline’s tear is less than 2 inches, here are some steps you can initiate to solve the issue:

  • Detach the trampoline mattress from the frame.
  • The resolve kit that the manufacturer has provided with the trampoline contains spare parts. The instructions tell you which connection to use for the repair. If the repair kit did not come with the trampoline or you have lost it, you can buy an additional trampoline repair kit from online.
  • Sew a patch along the edge on the sewing machine. You will need to walk a few times to make sure it’s safe and then cut off the excess. Now you can jump again.

Trampoline Safety Net Repair: How to Repair a Trampoline Safety Net?

There are two core procedures for repairing a trampoline protection fence, and which one you select will depend on your expense plan, the texture you require, and the amount of work you are willing to do. The methods are duct tape repairs and patch repairs.

Choosing a patch to patch will give you the best result, but you will need carpet patch patches, thick yarn such as a fishing line, and a sewing machine. It will be faster and easier to restore the movie, but it will look cleaner.

Remember that you can only reset your network to an acceptable security level if the downtime is short. For long breaks, you need to buy a new net.

Some Tips

Outdoor trampolines can be a big asset. When making such a purchase, make sure that it will last a long time. There are many factors to consider when choosing a new (or first) trampoline.

The shape of the trampoline (for example, rectangular or round) and size are just a few factors that, according to many, do not actually affect the longevity of the trampoline.

Two key factors, (namely the maintenance and the quality of the spare parts used during construction) influence the durability and longevity of a trampoline largely.

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The Frame

The frame is the most important and powerful part of the trampoline. Depending on the shape of the trampoline, the frame is a round bar (often made of galvanized steel) with legs attached to it, which supports the mat and gives structure to the trampoline.

A good quality trampoline frame is safer on jerseys as it provides a stable base that will not move or bend during use. Besides, the frame is the most durable part of the trampoline and can withstand all but the most serious forms of abuse, such as natural disasters (tornadoes, hurricanes) that carry it in the air.

The most likely reason for the need to replace the frame is rust. Make sure the trampoline is at least rust-resistant, so the frame doesn’t rust quickly.

If you’re curious, take a look at our article on the best outdoor trampoline for kids to find out which popular trampoline works best in different situations.

The warranties of the companies that make these trampolines range from months to years. The warranty is usually directly related to the price of the trampoline. Manufacturers usually provide warranty on the most expensive trampolines for ten years (or more).

When checking the warranty, keep in mind that you can replace most spare parts if there is a manufacturing defect. These warranties do not include replacement of parts due to physical wear and tear.

If possible, try to find a warranty that covers the normal wear and tear of the trampoline. But such guarantees are rare and difficult to find. In addition to natural disasters, the frame should last a long time.

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The Jumping Mat

Jumping requires more abuse than any other part of the trampoline. The continuous jump up and down is the point at which users exert the greatest impact force (divided into springs). Manufacturers can make the mattress from different materials, but most often, it is a polypropylene mattress.

Depending on the quality of the jump, you can expect to take 2-5 years to change. As with the trampoline, your mat’s warranty can last anywhere from a few months to several years, but you’ll rarely find a mat’s warranty beyond five years. Since the rugs wear out much faster than the frame, precautions such as keeping the boots too close can prolong the life of the jump.

The Springs

The last part of the trampoline is the springs. Manufacturers usually make springs using galvanized steel wire (rust-resistant). Although manufactures make them galvanized steel, like the frame, they are more prone to wear and tear.

This is due to the constant stress they experience while jumping. Springs slowly lose elasticity over time, which affects both the jump and the jump. There are some precautions you can take to extend the life of your resources.

First, if you plan on lowering the trampoline for storage during the colder months, be sure to store the springs after they are fully lubricated. If you plan to leave the trampoline all year round, spring protection accessories are available that protect the springs and provide additional safety to the jumpers.

Replacing the springs is a simple task. Springs are also one of the cheapest parts of trampolines and are easy to replace. When ordering parts, make sure you have the same size springs. Strong springs are also available that can significantly improve recovery, but expect to pay more (see the comparison of some cheap budget trampolines).

The spring warranty is generally comparable to the handlebar warranty. The warranty rarely matches the length of the frame, even if it’s a piece of metal.


Trampolines present hours of fun and exercise for all family members. So, you have to be concerned about why is my trampoline mat loose. However, if you don’t replace the loosen or warning part, they can pose a hazard or injury to a family member.

All the trampoline accessories are essential to maintain your trampoline healthy and safe. Always inspect all parts regarding the trampoline before letting a family member utilize it to ensure it is secure and see if a feature needs replacing.