What Size Trampoline Should I Get? Various Sizes & Shapes

Selecting a trampoline is quite important. But, different sizes of trampolines are suitable for the age, other areas, family size, and weight.

Check out our guide on “what size trampoline should I get.” You will understand the differences between sizes and it will help you to pick the perfect one.

What Size Trampoline Should I Get

The Trampoline Size Guide According Age And Usability

AgeSizeUsabilityBest Model
1-4 Years OldToddler / Mini TrampolineIndoorJUMP POWER 72″ x 50″ Trampoline with Swing Combo
5-7 Years Old8 Foot TrampolineSmall BackyardSkywalker 8-Foot Jump N’ Dunk Trampoline
8-12 Years Old10 Foot TrampolineSmall BackyardGiantex 10Ft Trampoline with Safety Enclosure Net
12-15 Years Old12 Foot TrampolineMedium BackyardDoufit 12FT Trampoline with Enclosure Net
16-18 Years Old14 Foot TrampolineLarge BackyardORCC 14 FT Basketball Trampoline
19+ Years Old15 Foot TrampolineLarge BackyardMerax 15 FT Trampoline with Safety Enclosure Net

Types of Trampolines

There are different kinds of trampolines, and while they’re comparable, there are some significant factors that can separate the kinds from others. Making the fallacious choice for your residence or company could be an expensive illusion. Before going for the size, find out the types.

  1. Round Trampolines
  2. Rectangular Trampolines
  3. Square Trampolines
  4. Octagonal Trampolines
  5. Mini Trampolines
  6. Water Trampolines
  7. Caged Trampolines
  8. Springless Trampolines
  9. Bungee Trampolines

As research in the industry, we find that children favor round trampolines if they are younger than the two largest rectangles when they are teenagers. Girls are more likely to select rectangles over round trampolines.

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As a rule, boys play everything everywhere, and girls want to do more dancing and fitness – it is essential to have a corner. Girls tend to be lighter and hold less leg power than boys, making it easier to jump higher and better on rectangular trampolines.

How To Understand Which Size Trampoline Is Best For Me?

When deciding which trampoline size is most suitable for you and your family, it will necessarily lead you to consider several factors. These important things include the following:

  • Who will be utilizing the trampoline?
  • How much space do you need for a Trampoline?
  • What trampoline shape you are considering?
  • How much weight will be on the trampoline?

Who will be Utilizing the Trampoline?

Consider the person who will be utilizing the trampoline. Children will have various size demands compared to and adults and juveniles.

If you search a trampoline for 1-2 years of children, then the miniature trampoline sizes will precisely operate. For adults and teenagers, you should resemble into sizes over 12 ft.

Some general guidelines are given below:

  • The dimensions of 8 feet and under are suggested for under-five children.
  • 10-12 feet is recommended for kids who are up to 10 years old.
  • As children grow, they obtain self-confidence and enhance coordination and stability, so you must think about 10 feet or a 12 feet trampoline depending on space. Assure you understand all the security features as your child will become more courageous as they grow older.
  • 12+ adolescents should bounce on trampolines that are larger than 12 feet.
  • Square and round trampolines with basketball hoop are most suitable for families & young children.
  • Rectangular trampolines are perfect for jumpers & older teenagers.
  • Oval trampolines are a notable compromise for many jumpers with limited range available in the yard.
  • If any person in your family uses the trampoline for gymnastic training & exercise, then a rectangular trampoline with a least 9 feet by 14 ft is suggested. It provides enough space to exercise flips & skills with ease.

How much Space do you Need for a Trampoline?

A fundamental step to take when making sense of what size trampoline you ought to get is to make sense of how much space you have. Since trampolines can have a capacity of up to 15 ft or 17 ft long, you’ll have to ensure you have the space to accommodate what you necessitate.

When estimating the space in your yard, a few things should be taken into consideration. Because you have a vast void zone doesn’t mean it’s the correct spot to put a trampoline.

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The space accessible in your yard should be without the level of branches and fences and ought to permit freedom of roughly 5 ft around all sides to give plentiful space. With these rules, you ought to have the option to decide the most fabulous size trampoline your yard can accommodate.

For instance, on the off chance that you are hoping to purchase a round trampoline with a 10 ft distance across, at that point, you need a reasonable, level zone with around 20 ft breadth. If you are investigating an 8 x 12 ft square shape trampoline, at that point, you need a territory of 18 x 22 ft to accommodate it appropriately.

It is of most extreme significance that the assigned trampoline space in your yard is level, so the trampoline structure doesn’t get inclined. This makes a risky domain for jumpers, which is unquestionably something you need to avoid.

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What Trampoline Shape You Are Considering?

There are mainly four shapes of trampolines are available: square, rectangle, round and oval. General directions are given below over what sizes you should select when looking into these various trampoline shapes.


Round shape trampolines are the most popular shape that we find—these trampolines usually from 8 feet to 15 feet in diameter.

Breadths of 8 feet to 10 feet are proper for one person at a time. Trampolines diameter with 12 ft are proper for up to two personages. The 14-15 feet trampolines allow a lot of space for 3-4 people to use.

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Rectangular shape trampolines are famous for the volume of bounce they provide compared to their round counterparts.

Small rectangle shape trampolines average around 7 feet by 10 feet and are adjusted for one person. 8 feet by 12 feet trampolines are suitable for 12-13 years of age two younger kids.

Additionally, 9 feet by 14 feet square shape trampolines are suitable for youngsters and grown-ups to enjoy. Lastly, the Olympic 10 feet by 17 feet trampolines are perfect for grown-ups and older children to appreciate.


Square shapes are an outstanding selection for the family trampoline since they don’t give extreme bounce like rectangular shape trampolines. However, it is still excellent and gives pleasure to everyone.

The 10 feet by 10 feet square trampoline size is excellent for young family members to use. A large size of 14 feet by 14 feet and 16 feet by 16 feet is proper for the entire family and is a vast way to entertain guests of all generations.


Oval shape trampolines have risen in demand over the last decade. They allow an absolute jumping situation for many people, whereas they have two “center points” on each side.

Additionally, 8 feet by 11 feet of oval shape trampolines are an outstanding option for one younger person to use. Another typical oval trampoline measurement is an 8 ft by 13 ft, proper for many people and family use.

How Much Weight will be on the Trampoline?

According to the WSB report, the official size of a trampoline is 12 feet breadth. This is a perfect size, which is suitable for all sorts of generations and can reliably accommodate 2-3 people at one time, depending on their combined weight.

The general idea about trampolines weight is given below:

  • 12-13 feet trampolines can hold a weight almost of 250-350 pounds.
  • 14feet trampolines have a weight limit of 300 pounds.
  • A trampoline of 15 -16 feet can hold weight up to 400 pounds.

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So What Size Trampoline Should I Buy?

Average Trampoline Sizes

  • 14 Feet Round Trampoline or more: More versatility and for more adult users.
  • 12 Feet Round Trampoline: Medium-sized trampolines.
  • 8 – 10 Feet Round Trampoline: Ideal for smaller backyards.

At first, I need to say that picking the best trampoline for your family is challenging. Probably, our guidelines and recommendations will assist in making the process a bit simpler for you.

Large trampolines don’t always indicate superior. Think about your choices and your purpose on utilizing the trampoline for and always make sure the space provided is secured & level when you make your trampoline buying.

Trampolines are thought to accommodate you & your beloved ones with years of entertainment. When you take the ideal size, it will bring them great pleasure.

Trampoline Size (FAQs)

How Many Kids can fit on an 8ft Trampoline?

Remember, you can only have one child with an eight or 10-foot trampoline. Don’t think of 2 children on an 8ft trampoline. In this small space, they can wobble and get injured.

Is a 10ft Trampoline Big Enough?

The 10ft trampoline is still relatively compact, perfect for little gardens or for those who don’t want the trampoline to dominate it. However, 10ft trampolines are large enough for older or heavier kids, just not perfect for adults or teens.

Is a 12ft Trampoline Big Enough?

A 12ft trampoline can be a great intermediate size for people who don’t need to dominate their yard but want the trampoline large enough for older children who intend to utilize the trampoline regularly. In contrast, a 12-foot trampoline will fit most medium-sized rooms / outdoor areas.

Is a 14-foot Trampoline Big Enough?

If you become an athlete or cheerleader who intends to train with a trampoline, a long-jump is preferable. In fact, the 14-foot trampolines give the trainer more room for performing the skill carefully. On a 12-foot trampoline, anyone can run the risk of running out of space and alighting on springs.

Final Verdict

If you read the whole article, you will surely get the answer of- what size trampoline should I get. Stay tuned for more valuable information.