Best Dartboard Light Review

The dartboard lighting system is not a new technology for any dart players nowadays. Lighting the Dartboard is only one option when any dart player intends to play dart at a darker place or at night.

However, there are lots of Dartboard lighting systems available in the market today. It is no doubt of saying, in the crowd of so many options; it may be a little bit overwhelming matter for you to find the best dartboard light for your Dartboard and surroundings. 

If I not wrong, you are thinking about how to select a perfect lighting set for your Dartboard?

Read my article and find the perfect lighting system for your playing board and vice versa…!!

Without any further ado, let’s go for the details-

In A Hurry? The Test Winner After Our Research

TARGET Corona Vision Lighting System

TARGET Corona Vision Lighting System  

Why is it better?
» Easy to rotate
» Easy to remove
» Quick installation
» Improved brightness
» Lightweight and durable

Why We Choose This Product As A Winner?

As I am suggesting here, TARGET Corona Vision Lighting System Is the winner product; you may ask me what may be the reasons to choose this product is! 

So let’s not stay in any confusion. See the below concerns to know why I have selected this product as of today’s winner product-


Thefirst thing is that you will not invest your money for an ugly (!) product. Isn’t it? Yes, we are naturally prone not to buy an ordinary faced product. 

However, you will be happy to know that TARGET Corona Vision Lighting System is the most lucrative, more stylish, and most gorgeous lighting system in the present days. 

There is a proverb Slim is smart, Slim is lovely. Believe me, the corona lighting system following this proverb 100 %.  

Durable structure

Corona has a robust material structure that can prevent itself from any errant dart invading damage. 

As a result, this product not only protects itself from any dart damage; it also covers the Dartboard surrounding wall to ensure a high level of protection.


The latest upgraded LED technology makes the corona lighting system so brighter. It doesn’t provide any side glare and focus only on the Dartboard and surroundings. 

125 individual LED lights, along with the 360 degrees of lighting, make your Dartboard perfect brighter even in a darker night. 

Deliver Shadow-less lighting

It has four magnetic feet that can effectively be attached on the Dartboard. Moreover, using 123 led dartboard light, it illuminates the Dartboard and delivers consistent lighting without making any shadow.

Will make you satisfied

Finally, the design of this product, the function, easy installation, and the package content of this product is bound to make you happy and satisfied. 

It is a product that ensures you are not missing your target point due to a lack of light on your Dartboard.

Best Dartboard Light (Comparison Table)

ImageProductTop FeaturesPrice
Top 3 Best Dartboard Light ReviewTarget Corona Vision Check Price
Top 3 Best Dartboard Light ReviewUnicorn Solar Light Check Price
Top 3 Best Dartboard Light ReviewWinmau Dartboard Light Check Price
Top 3 Best Dartboard Light ReviewClassic LED Art Light Check Price
Top 3 Best Dartboard Light ReviewMetal Artwork Lamp Check Price

Best Dartboard Light Reviews

1. Target Corona Vision Dartboard Lighting System

Top 3 Best Dartboard Light Review

If you want a fresh, reputed, and quality lighting system for your Dartboard, TARGET Corona Vision Lighting System is present here to inspire you by its impeccable craftsmanship, experienced performance, and a superb transformative impact. 

The Magnetic attachment of the corona lighting system can light your Dartboard, Dartboard backer, and Dartboard cabinet conveniently and effectively. 

Corona has four magnetic feet; it can gently stay on the steel ring of your Dartboard. Therefore you can enjoy an improved vision into your Dartboard.

Corona is one of the latest LED dartboard light technology that offers you a 360 degrees lighting at your board. It uses 125 individual LED lights to provide ambient shadowless lighting in your Dartboard.

Besides all of these, Corona has a superb structural design to protect itself from any stray darts penetrating damage.

Moreover, the optimum size of this product (i.e., diameter 66 cm/depth 18 cm ) makes it is lightweight and lucrative dartboard light now a day.

The package contents of this product are one LED light ring, four Magnetic feet, one electric plug, one UK and EU adapter, one power supply, and one user manual.

  • » Durable design
  • » Magnetic Attachment
  • » Improved visioning system
  • » Shadowless Lighting Solution
  • » The lighting ring may not be too more extensive for some Dartboard and surroundings

2. Unicorn Solar Dartboard Lighting System

Top 3 Best Dartboard Light Review

Make your Dartboard more illuminated using the Unicorn Solar Flare lighting system. Unicorn Solar Flare uses ultra LED lighting, which provides 360-degree non-glare illumination. 

You can efficiently fit this lighting system to light any of your Dartboard and dartboard surroundings. 

This light system delivers a 360-degree LED illumination, which offers you a more stylish and more enhanced aesthetic presentation of your Dartboard. You even feel the interest to play dart at night as well! 

It is a product which is featuring the capacity of one size fits all! You can use this dartboard lighting system for any brand or any model’s Dartboard very easily. 

The Robust aluminum front cover increases product durability also ensures the product itself not get damaged from any errant dart invading.

This lighting system does not need any after package reassembling. It is ready to use the product. Simply open up your box, fit the lighting surrounding your Dartboard, and connect the power supply. 

Finally, enjoy super brighter lighting onto your Dartboard and Dartboard surroundings.

The package of this product comes with one multi-adapter, one pre-assembled Unicorn Solar Flare Illuminated lighting set.

  • » Ready to use
  • » It fits all dartboards
  • » Aluminum front cover
  • » 360 degrees illumination
  • » Double injected molded frame
  • » Relatively smaller than other dartboard light

3. Winmau Dartboard Light

Top 3 Best Dartboard Light Review

Make Plasma Dartboard Light delivers 360 degrees illuminated lighting without any side glaring to your Dartboard. It consists of a plasma lighting system, including 132 natural white LED lights. 

This product is made of aluminum; therefore, it is lightweight. It can ensure your home security by preventing any dart blinks. 

Winmau Plasma Dartboard Lighting system is designed to provide brighter lighting to the Dartboard to ensure you are not going to miss the pick point lack of proper lighting! 

The dynamic lighting system very technical, I have to say!

This product has no side glaring; therefore, no wastage of the light and full utilization of the light merely focusing on the Dartboard.

It can effortlessly set this lighting system around any type of dart. It is featuring one size fits all Dartboard.

Finally, it is a robust lighting system compatible with any dartboard or Dartboard backer. Moreover, it is such a lighting system efficiently that can contribute to ensuring your wall protection as well. 

The package content of this product is one Winmau Plasma Dartboard Lighting set, one connection cable, one instruction manual, etc.

  • » No side glares
  • » 132 LED light
  • » One size fit all
  • » Robust constructions
  • » Best dartboard light under 70 $
  • » Produce dirt during the setting on the wall
  • » It needs to be screwing on to the wall to fit

Buying Guideline for the Best dartboard light

Before you are going to purchase the perfect Dartboard lighting system, you need to put your emphasis on some crucial concerns. Here is your list-


Reputed brands do their business in a promising way. They are prone to deliver a high-quality product to their customer to hold their business vision and mission. 

However, select a renowned brand to buy the quality dartboard lighting system for your Dartboard and surroundings.


A robust, stylish, and modern Dartboard can enhance the aesthetic value of your Dartboard surroundings. If you like a slim and simple design, you can go for the corona lighting system. 

In contrast to this, Winmau Plasma light up dart board is more substantial and bears a massive structure. 

It should fit around your Dartboard

All dartboards lighting is not capable of fitting around your Dartboard. You have to buy such a Dartboard lighting system that is compatible with your Dartboard and can adjust it firmly.

Whether it is affordable or pricy?

The price of the TARGET Corona Vision Lighting System is $179.00. The price of Unicorn Solar Flare Illuminated Dartboard Surround is $269.90.

And lastly, the price of Winmau Plasma Dartboard Light is (90.98 $ dispatched from the USA, 101.61$ shipped from Germany).

So, see the pricing details of these three products and make your decision about which product you should afford for.

One thing I should tell you as a suggestion, if you are a little bit fussy about the product qualities, you should avoid a cheap product sometimes. I hope you got my point! 

Features and Specifications

Some features like Lightweight of the lighting set, 360° non-glare illumination, Double injected moulded frame, Robust aluminum front cover, giving protection to the surrounding wall, etc. can enhance your light up dart board efficiency.

Tips and useful information regarding the best dartboard light:

  • Don’t be panic about the electric bill of the led dartboard light. LED lights consume 90% less electricity than any CFC light.
  • A pre-assembled lighting set will reduce your hassles during its installation. So go for it.
  • Some dartboard lighting set can act as a surrounding protector as well. Like they will prevent the wall from any errant dart penetration, thus avoid the odd tiny hole formation on the wall.
  • Before buying the light, do a match with the measurement of your Dartboard. It is mandatory to fit the lighting set around the Dartboard.
  • Finally, if you have price issues, you can go for your DIY project to make an appropriate Dartboard lighting set around your Dartboard. Successful completion of your DIY project will enable you to enjoy the same efficacy of your lighting system around the board.


Q: Why I need to set a Dartboard light?

Answer: You need to set lighting around your Dartboard if you love to play dart at night. It also may require if your room is relatively darker, and you are not getting enough light on your Dartboard to see it correctly.

Q: Is all Dartboards lighting can fit all brands Dartboard?

Answer: It is varying, obviously. There are some brands of Dartboard light available today, which has a feature of one size fits all.
If you purchase these types of dartboard light, you can adjust it around any Dartboard. So whatever, you have to be very sure, all brands are not occupying this feature.

Q: What are the benefits of LED dartboard light? 

Answer: LED or Light-emitting diodes are more capable of turning the energy into the light if we compared it with incandescent and CFL bulbs. LED lights are more energetic, and it takes 90% less power to supply the light.

Final verdict

All the dartboard lighting system I have included in this article are the most affordable and energy saver as well. So you don’t have to worry about the utility bill after each month coming by your name.

However, this is all about the best dartboard light

If you think I have missed anything important in this article, please never feel shy to share in my comment box. I am eagerly waiting for your valuable opinion.

Stay safe. Stay fine.

Thank you.