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Best Dart Backboard

Quick Comparison

Image Product Top Features Price
2371 1. Dart-Stop 36 inch Backboard » Durable.
» Easy mounting.
» Maximum area coverage.
» Plus hole fabric feature.
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2371 2. Viper Championship Dart Backboard » Solid Construction.
» Dry erase scoreboard.
» Mahogany Wood finish.
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2371 3. Professional Dart Board Backboard » Fabric finish.
» Wobble-free performance.
» Quick and Stable Dartboard Hanging.
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2371 4. Viper Defender III Dart Backer » Lucrative.
» Protect the room wall.
» Resist any premature wear and tear.
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2371 5. Wood Framed Dartboard Backboard » Measures 29″ L x 29″ W x 1″.
» Constructed of MDF wood.
» Luxurious dark mahogany finish.
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2371 6. Guardian Dartboard Surround » One-inch thick.
» Extremely durable.
» High-density polyshield foam.
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2371 7. Wood Reveals Dartboard Backboard » Dark Walnut finish.
» Pine wood stained.
» Wider target on outdoor activities.
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2371 8. ZAAP Pro Dartboard Surround » Lightweight.
» No fixing required.
» Simple push fit backboard.
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Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

dart stop 36 inch professional dart backboard

Dart-Stop 36 Inch Professional Dart Backboard

Why is it better?
● Durable.
● Easy mounting.
● Plus hole fabric feature.
● Hand-made in the USA.
● Maximum area coverage.

This board contains a plus hole fabric features by which the user will find no hole on the board even after hitting the dart on the backboard several times. It has no wood constructed boundary; therefore, there is no chance to damage the wood with the dart. 

It is a durable product and specified for easy handling and easy mounting on any wood (like Drywall, Wood, Stucco, Plaster, Masonry, Concrete, etc.).

The two steel-reinforced wall mounting points and the pre-installed, recessed dartboard Bracket of this board make it worthy for any time removing and remounting of the dartboard very easily.

Moreover, you can easily carry this backboard with you and can use anywhere to fit the dartboard anywhere. It is one of the best dartboard backers that have the only 36-inch size, and it has only 15 pounds weight of itself.

However, this lightweight dartboard backer offers the user all the necessary equipment and detail mounting instructions along it. As a result, the user can easily set this backboard on their demand height on the wall without taking any external tool assistance.

What We Liked
  • Durable.
  • Easy mounting.
  • Hand-made in the USA.
  • Plus hole fabric feature.
  • Maximum area coverage.
What We Didn’t Like
  • Little bit expensive.

Best Dart Backboard List (Expert Picks)

Short on time? We understand. Check out this quick overview of our favorite dart backboard to protect wall.

  • Dart-Stop 36 inch Dart Backboard
  • Viper Championship Dart Backboard
  • Professional Dart Board Backboard
  • Viper Defender III Dart Backer Board
  • Wood Framed Dartboard Backboard
  • Guardian Dartboard Surround
  • Wood Reveals Dartboard Backboard
  • ZAAP Pro Dartboard Surround

Whether you are a beginner or a professional dart player, it is confirmed that your every dart will never invade at the pick point. You have to face several errant darts through which can penetrate your room wall and the door and can damage them accordingly.

So, how to recover from this problem? This problem has a very simple and superb solution.

Use one Dartboard backer and set your Dartboard inside of it. This Dartboard backer will cover the surrounded area of the Dartboard and will catch any errant dart onto it. 

Dart Backboard Reviews

Viper Championship Wood Framed Dartboard Backboard

Viper Championship Wood Framed Dartboard Backboard

The Viper Championship Backboard easily can hold any errant dart and can protect the wall from any dart invading damage.

The black-felt backing included in this board not only ensures your wall safety also reduces the bounce –out and makes you capable of getting an accurate scoring.

This dart board backer is made with durable and quality materials. This board is constructed from MDF with an excellent Mahogany finish on the backboard, scoreboard, and storage rack of this Dartboard.

The storage rack included with this backer has the capability of holding 12 darts and 12 flight pockets in its display. The non-smear surface of the scoreboard gets the chance to erase the score quickly and ready it for the next scoring.

The Viper Dart Board Backboard allows the right amount of the rigidity of the board surface to each dartboard so that players can efficiently through the dart targeting on the center point.

Moreover, you will enjoy easy mounting with this best wall protector dart board backboard. Simply you have to remove the package items, and then you have to mount the backboard, storage rack, and the dry erase board at any of your desired height at any wall.

The package content of this product is one dart board backer, one dry-erase scoreboard, one dry-erase marker, one dart storage rack, and golden heavy-duty straphangers.

  • Durable.
  • Solid Construction
  • Mahogany Wood finish.
  • Several accessories.
  • Dry erase scoreboard.
  • Not ideal for an outdoor game.

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Dart-Stop 29-inch Professional Round Wall Protector

Dart-Stop 29-inch Professional Round Wall Protector

Dart-Stop 29-inch Professional Dartboard Backboard is a perfect mixture of quality and versatility. The premium quality wood and metal construction make the board solid and durable.

The versatile backboard protects your wall from missed throws. The Plush ‘No Hole’ fabric finish hides the dart holes, protecting the wood from getting damaged and also increase overall durability.

The Mounting system is quite easy and reliable. First, take the measurements and drill holes at marking points. Insert the plastic anchor into the holes. Then insert screws in the mounting point and line them up with anchors. Finally, tighten the screw and your backboard is ready to use.

Burgundy color frame complements your home decors. Despite not suitable for electronic boards.

Features of Dart-Stop 29-inch Professional Dart Board Backboard

  • Professional quality solid board.
  • No hole fabric finish hides dart hole.
  • Steel-reinforced mounting secure wall attachments.
  • Quite easy to set up.
  • Durable and thick frame.
  • Comes at an affordable price.
  • Made with high-quality materials.
  • Not suitable for electronic boards.
  • Cabinet dartboards hardly fit on this board.

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Viper Defender III Dartboard Surround Wall Protector

Viper Defender III Dartboard Surround Wall Protector

Viper Defender III Extended Length Dartboard backboard is one of the perfect dart board backboards for those players who have a wish to avoid any metal or wood mounting to mount their Dartboard. This Dartboard acts like a wall defender from any errant dart invading.

This backboard can efficiently support a 17.75″ or 18″ or regulation-sized boards in the chest of it. This Dartboard contains an efficient and best dart board backboard that has a large size (8.2 sq feet) to protect the wall from any errant dart throws.

The deep black color of this backboard makes it so adorable to suit for any Viper Dartboard perfectly. The smooth puzzle ices of the backboard don’t need any tools to assembly in a board face.

This backboard is manufactured with one-inch thick V-shaped foam, which can defend the wall from any dents and dings. The velvet surface of this Dartboard backer can minimize any sign of wear, which creates due to the dart invading onto the board.

Moreover, this dart backboard is tightly fit with the wall without taking any tool assistance. You are incapable to skipping the deep black color of this backboard. It has a magnifying impression on the player from many angles.

  • Lucrative.
  • Easy mounting.
  • Protect the room wall.
  • No need to take any tool assistance.
  • Resist any premature wear and tear.
  • Not suitable for outdoor gaming.
  • Complaints about the color variants have been observed.

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Viper Wood-framed Dart Background

Viper Wood-framed Dart Background

Viper Wood-framed Dart Board Background board made with finest quality MDF wood, protect your wall from missed throws. The solid construction makes the board highly durable while the dark and smooth Mahogany finished frame gives a sophisticated appearance.

Viper uses the right amount of materials that allows the right amount of rigidity and surface penetration. So, the board can capture the darts easily without falling or slipping from the frame. This protects your wall from getting damaged. Besides, the dark black felt background complements your home decor.

The 29 x29 inch viper dartboard background board is very much easy to set up. The board includes mounting hardware that makes the installation very much easy. So, just take the board mount on the wall and your board is ready to use. The board is suitable for any traditional and electronic dartboards.

Features of Viper Wood framed Dart Board Background

  • MDF wood construction makes viper solid and durable.
  • Mahogany Finish gives the board the finest look.
  • Comes with a mounting device.
  • Easy installation.
  • Hardware included for assembling.
  • Highly durable and long-lasting.
  • Fits perfectly with home decor.
  • Not for outdoor playing.

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Wood Reveals Dartboard Backboard

Wood Reveals Dartboard Backboard

The premium quality frame, wood reveals constructed with pine wood stained with dark walnut makes it long-lasting. The frame is coated with three layers of polyurethane increase durability. Backboard prevents wall damages, on the other hand, the versatile design goes well with your mode decor.

The board package includes two chalkboard scorekeepers so you can write down the score while playing with your friends.  The board is specially designed for outdoor activities. The wider surface provides enough space so you don’t need to worry about losing your darts. The package also includes quality bristle dartboard and 6 steel tip darts.

Features of Wood Reveals Dartboard Backboard

  • Pinewood Construction makes the board long-lasting.
  • Three layers of polyurethane make the frame highly durable.
  • Specially designed for outdoor activities.
  • Easy Setup.
  • Comes with a quality bristle
  • Highly durable and long-lasting.
  • Include two chalkboards are for keeping score.
  • Not for cabinet dartboards.
  • Full wood construction needs maintenance.

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Buying Guideline for the Best Dart Backboard

There are so many reputed brands available around you; you can get lost if you fall in the temptation of so many brands with their so many offers! I am not discouraging you from buying one dart backboard. So what I am suggesting to you?

I am exactly suggesting you buy the dart backboard with minimum afford and maximum efficacy. You have to put your emphasis on some critical concerns before you are going to purchase the Dartboard.

So what are those concerns? Let’s see in below-

1. Size of the Board

The larger the dart backboard, the more it is better. You need to measure your Dartboard to buy the dart backboard. You need to fit the Dartboard precisely on the dart backboard center. A professional dart backboard may fit a Dartboard in between 17.75 to 18 inches.

Also, don’t forget to search a dart backboard, which maintains the similarity with your Dartboard type.

2. The shape of the board

Dartboard backboard may present in different forms like Square, Round, Rectangular, Hexagonal, and Octagonal or some other fancy shape also.

If you want to decorate your Dartboard surrounding in a complicated way, you can go for the fancy style otherwise round, and rectangular Dartboard is more compatible, and they contain more regulation.

3. Construction Material

You can choose a Dartboard constructed with Cable reels, cork, LED wooden boards, ropes, etc. It depends on your choice and tests which construction materials you will prefer while buying your Dartboard backboard.

However, there are some other materials that you can use for your DIY project to make a Dartboard Backboard own self. Examples of such materials are cork, softwood planks, or covered cardboard, plywood, carpet, a thick blanket, etc.

4. Features and Specifications

Technology is improving day by day. I am saying here about technology because a Dartboard Backboard also gets the touch of technology by its manufacturer in the factory. Each manufacturer now a day has the tendency to uploading a lot of features and specifications to their product to impress the customer.

So do a bit of research about the Dartboard backer, see the customer reviews, and then buy your product with valuable features and precise specifications.

5. Price of the Dart Backboard

50 $to 80 $ is the average price you have to afford to buy one renowned Dartboard backer from today’s market. You can do a little bit of research if you want some more budget dartboard wall protector.

But we never suggest our customers go for the cheap backboard. As it is a matter of protecting your wall and door from the dangerous hole, it is wise to expanse a bit more and to buy the quality product.

How to Make a Dartboard Backboard? DIY Dart Backboard

Dart Board Backboard (FAQs)

Q: What is a Dartboard backboard?

Answer: A Dartboard backboard is a massive density sheet or a layer of some insulation board that can save the wall from any stray darts. It also protects the dart tips from getting damaged by the hard wall.
A dartboard is fitted inside of the backer board, or you can say a Dartboard backboard is fitted behind the Dartboard.

Q: Which types of Dartboard backboard are prone to be perfect to fit a professional Dartboard?

Answer: There are many types of Dartboard present in the market that are perfect for holding the Dartboard effectively. Among them, the cork dartboard backboard and finish dartboard backboard are more renowned today.
Despite these two types of Dartboard backers, you can make your Dartboard backer by a DIY project using many materials (like wood, rope, blanket, carpet, insulation board, and so many others).

Q: What should an ideal thickness of a professional dart backboard?

Answer: Generally, the thicker the board, the more it could save your wall from several dings. The professional Dartboard renowned today holds a variety of thicknesses like 3/4 inch, 1/2 inch, 1 inch, 1.4 inches thickness.
So you can select any one from them.

Dart-Stop Professional Dart Backboard  Is The #1 Choice

dart stop 36 inch professional dart backboard

Why this is the winner?

Dart-Stop 36 inch Dart Board Backboard is a professional dartboard backboard which already wins thousand of players mind due to the presence of some excellent benefits along with it. The following features makes this product as the winner product-

Plush “no holes” fabric finish

It is the most fantastic feature of this dart board backer. For this feature, the user will don’t find any tiny hole on their board, which is created due to an errant dart invading onto the board surface.

Your backer board will shin and smooth the same as new for a longer time. How sweet of this! I am just made on this feature!

Pre-installed dartboard mounting bracket

You can mount your Dartboard on this backer board with a wobble-free performance. You don’t have to face any hassles to fit the shims, wedges, or feet of your Dartboard into this backer board.

Ready to wall mount

It is a ready-to-wall-mount Dart board backer. The Steel-reinforced mounting points, 3-inch screws, and anchors included in this backer board make it capable of mounting on the wall without any complicated process solidly.

Sturdy and long-lasting

It has a sturdy and long-lasting product structure. The ¾ inch solid wood background with the 15 pounds weight makes this product very substantial and durable.

Size of the board

The board has a standard size, i.e., 36-inch size. This site can give maximum coverage to ensure the full protection of the surrounding wall.


So keep away all fear to damage the wall during you are playing dart indoor. It does not matter whether you are a beginner or a professional; few errant darts will invade your wall and will damage it any way. Your living room with a damaged wall showing a lot of tiny holes can make you the worst feeling also can pull a wrong impression of your neighbors.

So the time has come to an end it all. Kill your fear and use the best dart backboard to protect your wall. Believe me, selecting a top-rated Dart Backboard not only will help you to protect your wall, but it will also remove your fear and worry by any means.

Finally, you will able to put your full concentration only on your gaming. Take care of yourself. Thank you.