How Much Does a Bounce House Cost to Buy?

Before going to buy a bounce house, you have to know how much does a bounce house cost to buy. Generally, a bounce house is a huge pump-up tool in which kids play and jump. And the price differs from different aspects. We will go through this article.

Also known as jumpers, moonwalks, or bouncy castles, they are familiar to buy or rent for festivals, special events, and parties. Inflatable castles are available in a variant of features, including palaces, cartoon characters, and obstacle courses. Let’s find out a few of it.

How Much Does A Bounce House Cost To Buy

How Much Does a Bounce House Cost to Buy?

Are you looking for an inflatable bounce house, but don’t know how inflatable houses differ from different companies? These inflatable house buying tips or Moonwalk buying guide will help you understand some of the key differences between inflatable houses made by different companies.

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Manufacturers use different names and different ways to sell you inflatable houses through honest and reliable sales processes that want to share information to facilitate decision making when comparing inflatable windows. Below is a list of some of the key points to consider when choosing inflatable houses from different companies.

How Much Does a Bounce House Cost to Buy

Bounce House Weight

We all want lighter foods that won’t break our backs. This is why some companies distort the weight of a product to make it look lighter. Make sure you weigh all of your inflatable houses to make sure they are represented.

Bounce House Height

The height of the product is deformed due to sliding, and the obstacles appear larger. Make sure you are asking what is the slide height, this is the actual slide height, not the height of the images at the top. Some companies place tall palms or unusual designs on slides or barriers to make their product appear larger than a platform.

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Overinflated Warranties

Some startups may offer more guarantees to make sales more attractive, but ask yourself how good the guarantee is if the company no longer exists. Make sure the company has a solid track record in financial security. Otherwise, the warranty claims are not worth a dime.

Slide Landing Area

To keep costs down, manufacturers will do one thing: create a short transparency clipping zone, which will reduce material costs and make the transparency more compact. However, this is not safe for cyclists.

Cyclists should have enough room to stop and stop smoothly. Imagine you are swimming at full speed, and every time you have to hit a wall to stop, we agree that it is not very safe. Therefore, we recommend that you check that you have a suitable sliding strap so that cyclists can stop smoothly and safely.

Residential or Commercial

The inflatable house is designed for a variety of purposes, some are cheaper and less durable, and some are built to withstand countless years of gorilla testing. Ask yourself what you want to buy an inflatable house. Will it be for home entertainment? Or is it used for commercial purposes such as renting a playground? You can also watch the TV series Residential vs. Consult industry associations for more information on product differences.

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Factors Affecting Expenses

Now that we understand the basics of building a castle, it’s a good idea to share details on some of the factors that affect the purchase price. There are many factors, but the main ones are:

* The size
* Standards
* Style

The Size

The overall size or area of ​​the goalkeeper is the greatest value. The larger the castle, the more expensive it is. Smaller models, such as those used for indoor events or small backyard parties, have an average external footprint of 4 by 4 meters.

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These smaller models range in price from just over $200 to around $ 1,000 and it’s ideal for indoor use. Larger hammock models, such as double-width models, can cover an area of ​​more than 6 meters by 6 meters or more. These large models, of course, cost between $ 1,000 and $ 3,000 on average. It’s ideal for the backyard or commercial use.


The properties of the inflatable house also affect the purchase price. Some models have intricate decor, interior accessories such as inflatable basketball hoops, or printed details. These models are generally more complex than their base models, and prices increase accordingly. Some of the larger decorative models cost $ 2,200 or more.


Style is critical, and that factor is how it reflected the castle. Simple modular gorillas can have flat or pointed roofs, while architectures design more complex models that can be to look like fairytale castles, sports fields, or even pirate ships. Again, the average cost for enthusiast models may vary. Typically, the purchase price ranges from $ 1,500 to $ 2,000.

Tips for Saving Money

For inflatable house rental companies looking to expand their range, selling can be a great way to add models to their list. Some of the more experienced castle builders offer special offers such as seasonal sales and courier services.

There may even be wholesale prices for larger orders of multiple units. With these offers, entrepreneurs and organizations can save 10% to 20% or more. Contact your verified manufacturer today for more information on special prices.

If you get a hole, then you can definitely patch the bounce house yourself to save you money.

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Rent One Less than The Usual Costs

Most hiring companies rent the swing in hunks of 4, 6, or 8 hours. The estimated per hour rate is typical $ 10 to $ 80/per hour, and the frequency is $ 30 to $ 50 per hour.

Renting a regular inflatable house usually costs between $ 100 and $ 250 per day. These large castles are 4.5 meters long, high and wide, and equipped with a platform for individual jumps. Nearly the same size is the Planet Bounce Moonwalk Bounce House in Indiana, which rents out for $ 170 a day.

Renting an ornate castle typically costs between $ 200 and $ 575 per day. While typical inflatable houses only have one jumping area, inflatables can have climbing walls, launch pads, or slides.

Home bribery typically costs between $ 250 and $ 600. These guards can accommodate 3 to 5kids at a time. The Blast Zone Princess Dreamland costs $ 300 and can accommodate up to three children.

Buying commercially available bribes usually costs between $ 1,000 and $ 2,000. Manufacturers make these structures from high-grade resources that are long-lasting enough to be reused; those can accommodate five to ten children at a time.

What Need to Include

Most selling companies include shipping, organizing, and receiving on their listings. You can install inflatable houses on any level, lawn, or concrete surface. You should not place them in gravel or mud.

The companies should always disinfect and clean the creepy lock before supply. The company must offer responsibility insurance that will shield the cost of damage at the party.

Also, the size of a regular bounce house can be from 2.4 to 4.5 meters. Relying on load limitations and the rental company, 3 to 10 children can safely use the inflatable house at the same time.

Additional Expenses

Rental companies often ask for a deposit of 50% for the inflatable storage. Shipping and installation fees up to $ 50 may also apply, although authority usually includes in the price.
A generator may be required if the supplied 15 to 23 meters cable does not reach the deck outlet. Generators are open for hire from $ 85 to $ 100.

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Companies apply different termination policies depending on the climate. (Inflatable houses are not safe to use in the rain, so many companies make exceptions.) Extra cleaning charges may require if guests bring, chewing gum, candy, or yarn to the castle.

Buy Bouncy Castle

Find an inflatable house from here or searching from the international Moonwalk hiring list. The authority includes the companies in this list of free third parties.
If you want to buy an inflatable house, please read the technical specifications carefully.

Although manufacturers make the inflatable house from commercial vinyl, this makes it unsuitable for commercial use. However, a bounce castle sometime reduces the cost of a bounce house.


You don’t have to an expert to know how much does a bounce house cost to buy. Just read the whole and get one for your family! Click here to find the best indoor bounce house for home.