What Size Blower For Bounce House? (Top 5 Picks In 2021)

Screaming, yelling, and jumping on the bouncy inflatable house is so much fun; that’s for sure. But, to inflate and keep it inflated, all you need is the best bounce house blower.

But to choose the best bounce house blower, you have to know what size blower for bounce house is perfect. After a lot of studies, we bring you the list of bounce house blowers’ size and reviews.

What Size Blower For Bounce House

The size of the blower that you need varies to the type (size, fabric, etc.) of your bounce house. As the size of the bouncy house goes big, the more powerful blower you would need. In the following, we provide you with the chart of the blowers’ size for the bounce house.

What Size Blower for Bounce House?

Blower Size Bounce House Recommended Product
  5 amps   For small indoor bounce house up to 9’ x 9’ KIDWISE Refurbished 3L Replacement Blower
  6 to 8 amps Medium to large residential  inflatable bounce house ranging from 10’ x 10’ to 13’s Kodiak 1 HP Bounce House Blower by B-Air
  10 to 11 amps   Commercial and residential all size bounce house ranging from 11’ x 11’ to 13’s XPOWER BR-252A 1-HP Inflatable Blower
  12 to 14 amps   Commercial bounce houses and jumpers ranging from 15’ x 17’ Zoom Blowers 2.0 HP Zoom XLT Commercial Air Blower

Quick Comparison

Image Product Key Features Price
4203 XPOWER BR-252A 1-HP Inflatable Blower » 9.8 amp.
» 1000 CFM.
»  Polypropylene made compact housing.
» For medium to large-sized bouncers.
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4203 KIDWISE Refurbished 3L Replacement Blower » 5 amp.
» Replaceable.
» Embedded with GFCI.
» For medium-sized residential standard bouncers.
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4203 Kodiak 1 HP Bounce House Blower » 7 amp.
» 1170 CFM.
» 1 HP Motor.
» For a variety of commercial graded bounce houses.
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4203 B-Air Kodiak 1.5 HP ETL Air Blower » 11.5  amp.
» 1290 CFM.
» 1.5 HP Motor.
» For large bounce house, bouncy castle, and slides.
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4203 Zoom Blowers 2.0 HP XLT Commercial Air Blower » 13.0 amps.
» 1680 CFM.
» 2.0 HP Motor.
» For commercial bounce houses, inflatables, and slides.
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Our Overall #1 Rated Blower

XPOWER BR-252A Indoor/Outdoor Inflatable Bounce House Blower

XPOWER BR-252A Inflatable Blower

Why is it better?
● Easy to carry.
● Durable and lightweight.
● Low energy consumption.

If you are looking for a perfect blower suitable for medium to large standard inflatable structures, then you could try out this one. The BR-252A from XPOWER can be used as both an indoor and outdoor blower engineered with a full horsepower motor.

It has a compact and durable housing design that is made of polypropylene. This 1000 CFM blower works excellent, and you can rely on it entirely. As certified by UL/CUL outdoor use, you can use this blower for ventilation and air circulation. This powerful blower comes with a 72-inches cord.

What’s the main thing you expect from a machine that would stand by all day long? The answer is energy-consuming. This is what this blower precisely ensures you. It runs efficiently at a maximum of 9.8 amps. So, while leaving it on for all day, you no need to worry about excessive electricity bills.

What We Liked
  • Easy to carry.
  • Pretty quiet machine.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Durable, lightweight, and great value.
What We Didn’t Like
  • It cannot use a blower speed controller with its fan.

Top 5 Best Bounce House Blowers

  • XPOWER BR-252A 1-HP Inflatable Blower
  • KIDWISE Refurbished 3L Replacement Blower
  • Kodiak 1 HP Bounce House Blower
  • B-Air Kodiak 1.5 HP ETL Air Blower
  • Zoom Blowers 2.0 HP XLT Commercial Air Blower

A blower is a necessary equipment while dealing with an inflatable bouncy castle or house. Not only makes inflating quicker but also ensures less effort. After a lot of studies on the features and specifications, we ended up with these top 5 blowers for the bounce house. Let’s go through the reviews in the following and explore the best one for you-

best bounce house blower Reviews

Refurbished 3L Replacement Blower

Refurbished 3L Replacement Bounce House Blower by KIDWISE

We would like to start the list with one of the excellent options- refurbished 3L replacement blower by KIDWISE. This inflatable 5 amp blower fan is embedded with GFCI technology. This popular 3L blower is exclusively designed for maximum CFM and, at the same time, low amp draw.

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With high pressure and low power consumption than the previous model, this is one of the top liners that impress you with excellent performance. You will surely like its streamlined simple design, offering easy accessibility to its all electrical components.

The smart designs of its fan blade with the air-cool feature helps to give ultimate performance. The built-in handle allows storing conveniently and also to take it wherever you need. It is a lightweight blower with only 12 pounds. The KIDWISE replaceable bounce house blower is suitable for residential graded medium size bouncers.

  • Reasonable price.
  • Easy to move and store.
  • Works and fits perfectly.
  • The unit quality is excellent.
  • Lightweight and gives maximum performance.
  • Not a quiet blower.

Kodiak 1 HP Blower by B-Air

Kodiak 1 HP Bounce House Blower by B-Air

There is another name that prides itself as one of the high-quality inflatable blowers in the evolving industry of inflatable – B-Air Kodiak Bounce House Blower. You can trust this superior equipment for its innovative design and excellent service that is ideal for different types of commercial bounce house inflatable, starting from 15’ x 15’ to combos and others.

This blower is housed in a rotomolded, high-impact housing and patented with safety design. The KP-1 blower from B-Air is embedded with amps’ modern efficiency and can create a remarkable 1170 CFM with a static pressure of 8.8-inches.

What more? This equipment is designed with a reserve outlet of air louver assembly for safety, a 25′-cords, and stackable capabilities. This 33 lbs machine is lightweight to carry with its in-built handle easily. This revolutionary inflatable blower provides excellent performance with low energy consumption.

  • Easy to carry.
  • Pretty quiet machine.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Durable, lightweight, and great value.
  • Not suitable for outdoor use.

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B-Air Kodiak 1.5 HP ETL Air Blower

B-Air Kodiak 1.5 HP ETL Air Blower For Bounce House

This newest invention of one of the most potent blowers from B-Air is another name on our top list. The Kodiak 1.5 HP air-blower is excellent for the toddler’s bounce house, inflatable castle, and slides. Whether it’s your kid’s birthday party or any other get-together, you can use this excellent blower for an indoor and outdoor fun activity.

This super blower provides you with revolutionary features and ensures to fulfill your demand for high-output performance. As true as its name, the Kodiak KP-1.5 is the latest revolution in the world of blowers. You can easily carry and use it as it comes with a weight-balanced, built-in handle. For storing the units efficiently, you can stack it.

With a patented reserve air louver safety-design assembly, this strong blower is equipped with rotomolded high-impact housing. In manufacturing high-quality blower machines for the inflatable, this blower takes pride worldwide. With an extensive stable and sturdy base, the Kodiak 1.5 HP blower works excellent for a commercial-grade bounce house, bounce castle, and slides.

  • Easy to carry.
  • Comes with a long cord.
  • Made with safety design.
  • Durable and lightweight.
  • Powerful and provides superior performance.
  • Need to select the appropriate nozzle dimensions.

Zoom 2.0 HP Bounce House Blower

Zoom 2.0 HP Commercial Bounce House Blower

Another latest top of the line blowers is the Zoom Commercial Blower. Efficiency, the only UL-listed air blower with unprecedented power on the market- these all make this superior to others. This 13 amps blower is especially suitable for commercial inflatable or bounce house. The chute of this blower is 2-inches longer compare to its previous models.

This high-quality blower is designed for quicker set up of indoor bounce houses, inflatables, and slides. Featured with 2.0 horsepower and CFM of 1680, this is one of the most powerful blowers from Zoom Blowers. The heavy-duty design ensures increased durability and comes with a built-in handle.

So, you can carry it with you wherever you have to. This blower is a sturdy and long-lasting machine built to last for long term use and to withstand a 6-foot drop test. What more? All the electrical components of this blower, such as air vent, motor, and blower are reconfigured by the manufacturer, which ensures less power consumption up to 15 percent and provides more air pressure of 20 percent.

Made with a space-saving design and stack technology, the Zoom blower takes less space to store. This innovative blower is equipped with a troubleshooting light that is built right inside the cord. Nevertheless, the duration of the festival or party, this upgraded blower machine, is ready to withstand this busy long summer rental season.  

  • Efficient and UL listed
  • Easy to carry and store
  • Switch with butterfly style
  • Increased durability and powerful
  • Easy to access all the electrical parts
  • Makes loud noise while blowing air.

When you have to deal with inflatable items such as bounce houses, slides, or similar products, you would need an inflatable blower for daily safe operation. A bounce house blower is installation equipment used for transferring air in the inflatable bounce castle, slide, or house at low or high pressure. This plumbing equipment rotates the fan with the received force from its engine.

And, then transfers the air into the emitter structure. This feature makes bounce house installation more effortless than ever. There are varieties of single-stage and double-stage blowers ranging from 40- 2050 flow, 0-670 mbar pressure, and 0.2- 25 kW engine powers.

Don’t want to waste energy anymore for blowing up your bouncy house manually? No worries, electrical blowers for the inflatable are at your service! Bounce houses are another name of pure entertainment; nevertheless, your kid’s birthday party, the family gets together, or pool-side party.

Final Thoughts

Bounce house blowers are the essential part of inflating bounce houses and inflatables. At best blower for the bounce house, we understand how crucial it is to select the right size blower for your product. Though it is your personal choice, in the real world, it is all about the application. We hope our article on the what size blower for bounce house helps you get the best bounce house blower for your bouncy castle, bounce house, slides, and other inflatables.