How to Patch an Inflatable Bounce House so it Lasts Forever

It goes without saying that a bounce house is one of the best gifts you can give to your kids. However, when you get a bounce house in your backyard, you will eventually get a tear or rip in it.

The best way to solve the issue is to patch those spots of cuts and make them as new as ever before. In the first place, the process to patch those spots might seem tricky, but in reality, they are pretty straightforward, and you can do it by yourself without much hassle. You just need a bounce house patch kit and follow some steps to mend any damage.

Here we will discuss how to patch a bounce house along with how you can detect it and opt for quick repair.

How To Find Cut In The Bounce House?

Before you begin the patching process, you need to find the cut or hole in the bounce house. It is easy to find large cuts, but you will have to look really hard and opt for some special tricks to find small leaks.

The best way to find a leak is by inflating the bounce house, and while the blower is still running, you just have to walk around and look for places that are deflating faster, or you can move your hand over them to feel any air.

If you have a small bounce house, then you can submerge them in water or a large pool to find out the leak(this process is quite hectic). However, if you still fail to find the leaks, then you have to use soapy water and apply it on the surface to detect the holes. You need to use the combination of dish soap, glycerin, and water and lay them on areas that are deflating faster.

After finding the holes, you have to mark them with a marker and avoid applying any kind of tape.

Steps To Patch A Bounce House

Now, you have found all the leaks in the bounce house; it is time to patch those areas. Getting a bounce house repair kit is the smartest and simplest way to solve the issue, as you will find all the tools needed to mend the cuts and tears. The following ways will help you patch all the leaks;

Step 1. Clean The Area Where Leak Occurred

Your first job is to clean the area where the leak occurred, and you can do it with simple cloth or water so that there is no debris or dust. After cleaning, dry the area properly so that the patch can stick.

Step 2. Cut Out A Round Shape From The Patch

Now, you need to cut a round shape from the patch as a square-shaped patch will easily come out over a period of time.

The edges are easy to peel out, so it is better to keep a round shape. While cutting the patch, try to make it two to three times bigger than the leak or hole so that there is no chance of air sneaking out of tiny gaps.

Step 3. Level The Patch

Once you have cut out a round-shaped patch, you need to level the patch so that it won’t come out while applying or over time. It is important to flatten the patch, and you can do it by using a heavy flattener or anything flat.

You need to flatten the edges and make sure there is no crease or curl that might hinder the sticking process.

Step 4. Put On Vinyl Glue Around The Hole

Almost every bounce house patch kit comes with vinyl glue as it helps the patch to stick to the body properly. Apply the glue properly around the leak and make sure the glue is evenly spread.

It would be best to apply the vinyl glue from the inside of the bounce house because it will keep the patch intact when inflated. However, it is only possible when you have a large bounce that has a zipper for the inside.

Step 5. Put On Vinyl Glue On The Patch

Like the previous way, you will also have to apply the vinyl glue on one side of the patch and try to spread it evenly. Avoid putting on a heavy coating on the patch. Once you have applied, allow it to dry for a bit.

Step 6. Apply The Patch Over The Leak and Do A Final Check

In the end, you just need to apply the patch over the leak and press it hard to make sure it has adequately attached to the bounce house. You should keep pressing it hard for some time, and you should do so while the house is in a deflated state, as it will ensure proper patching.

After you have applied the patch, you should adequately check that all the sides have been correctly glued to the body. Check for any gaps, and if you find anything, then you can put some more glue.

How To Fix The Net On A Bounce House?

Leaks are not the only problem you will face on a bounce house; torned out nets are another issue that you will often come across. However, mending the nets won’t be a huge hassle, and you would need some basic weaving skills to solve the issue.

Either you can opt for replacement nets or buy string cords and try to fill up the hole through a simple weaving technique. You can simply tie ropes around the gap, but they tend to loosen up over time.

How To Fix Tears In Seams Of A Bounce House?

You can’t fix the issue with bounce house repair spray when you get a tear in a stitch or seam. It is a severe problem that can only be solved by sewing, and importantly, it will permanently fix the tear.

You will easily find sewing kits in the market suitable for bounce houses. You just have to sew the thread carefully around the seam or stitch, and it might be a little tricky if you are doing it for the first time.