Let not ruin your kid’s childhood with electronic gadgets or video games. You can enhance their playtime with some physical activities such as bouncing, jumping, and sliding as well. What would be better rather than an indoor bounce house for this purpose? Your children will like the large structured inflatable gorgeous looking bounce house. They will feel stronger while climbing them or simply bounce or sliding on them.

Choose the best indoor bounce house for home from this content. Here, we bring to you reviews on top indoor bounce houses for your home along with their feature’s comparison and a proper buying guide.

List of Best Indoor Bounce House for Home 2020

ImageProductKey FeaturesPrice
Best Indoor Bounce House for Home In 20201. Blast Zone Big OL Bouncer» Inflated dimensions approximately 15’ X 12’ X 7’(D x W x H)
» Recommended for 3+ age
» Maximum gross weight- 600lbs and user weight- 100lbs
» Instantly inflatable just in seconds
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Best Indoor Bounce House for Home In 20202. Little Tikes Inflatable Jump ‘n Slide» Inflated dimensions approximately 106.2” x 137.7” x 65.7” (L x W x H)
» Recommended for 36 months to 8 years age
» The maximum limit of weight is 250 lbs.
» Supports 3 number of kids
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Best Indoor Bounce House for Home In 20203. Intex Jump O Lene Castle» Inflated dimensions approximately 69” x 69” x 53”(D x W x H)
» Recommended for ages 3 to 6 years
» Maximum weight- 120lbs
» Allows a maximum of 2 children
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Best Indoor Bounce House for Home In 20204. My Bouncer Little Castle» Inflated dimensions approximately 102” x 80” x 66”(L x Dx H)
» Recommended for ages 12 to 10 years
» Maximum weight- 150lbs
» Allows a maximum of 2 kids
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Best Indoor Bounce House for Home In 20205. Royal Palace Bounce House with Slide Bouncer» Inflated dimensions approximately 13’ x 12” x 9”(L x W x H)
» Recommended for ages 36 months to 10 years
» Maximum weight (Individual)- 100lbs
» Allows a maximum of 5 kids
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Best Indoor Bounce House for Home In 20206. Island Hopper Sports Bounce House» Inflated dimensions approximately 15’ x 12” x 8”(L x W x H)
» Recommended for ages 12 months to 10 years
» Maximum weight- 500lbs
» Allows a maximum of 5 kids
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Buying an indoor bounce house is truly long-term and a worthy investment. As a parent, you would like to see the gleam of eyes of your children filled with joy. But which one I should buy- it is a common question that comes to your mind at the very first stage. Our team went through researching different brands, models, and features of different types of bounce houses just to find the answer for you. And, see here what we got for you. In the following check out our top 6 indoor bounce houses reviews-

Best Indoor Bounce House for Home Reviews 2020

1. Blast Zone Big OL Bouncer – Best Design Bounce House

Blast Zone Big OL indoor bouncer house for home

Maybe you want to invite your neighbors to your house or your kids merely having a rainy-day enjoyment. This gigantic jumper works superbly in the indoor rooms or the yard. The Blast Zone Big OL bouncer allows your kids to tumble and jump with a generous bounce area.

With premium materials such as exclusive rigid X-weave and commercial vinyl, this inflatable bounce house meets applicable safety standards. Several specialized safety features like abrasion-resistant safety netting, safe slide-heights, and various anchor points reinforced double and quadruple stitched assembly. With commercial-level impact surfaces, it keeps the jumpers secured.

Your kids can play as much as they want to, as this bounce house creates more durable inflatable by using a constant air-flow. In a matter of minutes, this Blast Zone bounce house gets ready for play. You will get an inflatable unit, carrying straps, a UL-listed blower, anchor stakes, water parks, a sprayer system, and a step-by-step manual and video for safety rules and setup. Across the globe, millions of kids trust this Blast Zone toy.

  • » Easy to access.
  • » Able to inflates just in seconds.
  • » Made with high-quality materials.
  • » Guaranteed with premium quality and utmost safety.
  • » Designed with manufacturing laws and durable construction features.
  • » Without a top, this bounce house can get heat up in the sun of summer.

2. Little Tikes Inflatable Jump ‘n Slide – Best Value for Your Money

Little Tikes Inflatable Jump ‘n Slide Indoor Bounce House

If you are looking for an entertaining, yet large enough bounce house that can carry several kids, this inflatable one from Little Tikes would be a great option. Your kids won’t be willing to come out from this bouncy house as this offers a spacious space with full of fun.

This jump and slide bouncer consists of an inflatable slide, which doubles the excitement. The 12 x 9-feet jumping area of this Bouncer is spacious enough for bouncing 3-kids at once. Allowing maximum ventilation, the walls of this inflatable Bouncer is surrounded with mesh nets.

Additionally, you can observe their activity throw the mesh netting. The heavy-duty blower inflates the Bouncer with a constant flow. And, the unit stands firmly in place with the 6-stakes. You can take with you wherever you want to and easily store it with the storage bag.

  • » Easy to set.
  • » Easy to store.
  • » Durable and long-lasting.
  • » Able to inflate in a matter of minutes.
  • » Offers a large area along with fun slide.
  • » You may find the blower is a bit loud.

3. Intex Jump O Lene Castle – Best Budget Inflatable Bounce House

Intex Jump O Lene Castle Inflatable Home Bouncer

Do your kids like to dream of owning their castle? They can now surely have their own in reality with the Intex Jump O Lene Castle inflatable bouncer. Their imaginations match perfectly with the 4-turrets castle. This bouncing play is made of “phthalate” free, durable and thick, non-toxic PVC materials.

Your children will get a safe platform for bouncing with the soft double-mattress inflatable floor and high walls. This jump-o-lene castle bouncer gives hours of fun play to 3 to 6 years age kids. With the highest 120lbs, this Bouncer allows a maximum of 2 kids of 6 feet height nearly. To enhance the bouncy play, your kids can use the crawl-thru door allows them to play with the Bouncer as a big fort or playhouse.

During the cold season, it is a perfect cozy indoor space to burn all your kids’ extra energy. This bounce house is bright in color and combines with interactive fun. This indoor space plays a significant role in balance, physical development, exercise, and coordination.

  • » Designed with bright color.
  • » Affordable and easy to store.
  • » Easy to clean and non-allergic.
  • » Provides safe bouncing surface.
  • » Constructed with durable materials.
  • » Doesn’t come with ball pit balls.

4. My Bouncer Little Castle Bopper – Most Popular Budget Bounce House

My Bouncer Little Castle Bounce House Bopper

This little Bouncer by My Bouncer Little is another suitable option for indoor use. This bounce house comes with such a structure that provides a safe and sufficient place for playing to your children.  You will see safety net at the ball pit as well as all around the Bouncer, ensuring safety while playing.

Moreover, you can join your kids in this fun activity. In just 60 seconds, this inflatable Bouncer is all set up to use. And you can deflate and roll it up within just 3 minutes. The My Bouncer Little is exclusively made from puncture-resistant nylon material that is lead-free; BPA free; phthalate-free and non-PVC.

Designed with bright colors such as Yellow, Red, Blue, Green, and Orange, this indoor Bouncer is just what you need in your apartment, Townhouse, or Condo. You will get low noise 380W UL constant-flow blower, 4-ground stakes, storage bag, color matching patch materials, four weight bags, and user instructions.

  • » Flexible and durable.
  • » Lightweight and washable.
  • » Easy to inflate and deflate.
  • » Convenient to store and carry.
  • » Made with puncture-resist fabric.
  • » Not suitable for business or commercial use.

5. Royal Palace – Best Inflatable Bounce House with Slide Bouncer

Royal Palace Inflatable Bounce House with slide bouncer

Let your kids feel like a king or queen with the Royal Palace inflatable bounce house. What is the specialty of this Bouncer? Bright red colored flags flowing off on each pillar, bouncy and spacious courtyard, bright blue color slide of 10′ and a climbing wall- all these make this Bouncer so attractive.

In keeping mind of the utmost safety as well as the comfort of your younger lords and ladies, the Royal Palace inflatable bouncer is made with international safety standards. You can easily remove the Velcro sun-roof while not playing outside. The 8.5 ft x 7 ft spacious jumping area allows your kid to play with comfort.

Kids will enjoy the freedom of bouncing with extra exclusive elastic-flooring. The slide platform comprises a net on the top and reinforced stitching with high railing. The included basketball hoop in each unit adds fun and challenge. You will get an inflatable unit, large carrying bag, blower, long ground stakes, repair kit, and instruction manual.

  • » Easy to set.
  • » Safe for children.
  • » Inflates just in a minute.
  • » The right size to fit indoor.
  • » Commercial standard bouncing floor.
  • » The plastic quality is not so rigid.

6. Island Hopper Sports and Hops – Most Popular Recreational Bounce House

Island Hopper Sports and Hops Recreational Home Bounce House

The last one from our top seller reviews list, is much more than just a bouncer. Your kids will surely love this soft and unique sports arena. If you want an aesthetically pleasing and natural toy in your home or yard, the Island Hopper sports and hops recreational bounce house can be a great option. Your kids are allowed here to play five games and sporting activities such as ball pitching, soccer, football throwing, slam-dunking, and even the traditional bouncing.

For those who wish to surprise your kids with something uncommon at their birthday party, this bounceland is one of the best bouncers. The sizeable massive area for the jump floor keeps your kids busy and entertained for hours long. You will get constant air-blower, GFI, lawn stakes, storage bag, two basketballs, repair kit, and instruction manual. 

  • » Easy to set up.
  • » Great for kids’ party.
  • » Durable and long-lasting.
  • » Offers versatile sports activities.
  • » Equipped with large bounce floor.
  • » It doesn’t include extra balls.

Buying Guideline for the Best Indoor Bounce House for Home

Indoor bounce house gives your children a space of their own without the supervision of an adult. Today the increasing popularity of bounce houses already proves how much kids love to play with it. Among so many varieties, different brands, and particular models, how could you select the right one for you? Here, we are going to bring some tips on that. While you are thinking to invest in a bouncer, you should keep in mind the following factors-

1. Children’s age

There are different sized bouncy houses that are recommended for specific kids’ age range. For example, you’ll find some bouncers recommended for 32 months to 8 years, whereas some are suitable for 12 months to 10 years of age. So, check on the recommended age by the manufacturer.

2. House or backyard’s size

What is the point if you by something that doesn’t fit your indoor place? Avoid wasting money, purchasing a giant bounce house. For confirmation, take a pre-concept of the area like house or backyard, where you want to place the Bouncer with a measuring tape and go for the right size.

3. Clear Instruction Manual

There is no doubt that indoor bouncers are far safer than trampolines. But, selecting a wrong one, or buying from a lousy manufacturer puts a question mark on your kid’s safety. It is wise to select the Bouncer that comes with a proper safety instruction manual. Make sure that the product contains clear operating guidelines, or you can get them online.

4. Lightweight

Usually, any user would like to prefer a lightweight product. As a result, some dishonest manufacturers are likely to mislead you with the original product weight. So, check on the weight of the inflatable Bouncer is as same as shown.

5. Height of the Bouncer

Sometimes, heights of the bounce houses are represented wrong just to make you see the slides as well as the obstacle taller than the reality. Ask them to be sure of the slide’s actual height.

Indoor Bounce House for Home (FAQs)

Question: How to maintain a indoor bounce house?

Answer: You should wash your Bouncer after every event to keep it maintained well. Use a vacuum while cleaning dirt. Additionally, scrub t hem with soapy water and a soft brush to clean any stubborn dirt-spot. It is wise to ask the manufacturer for a recommended cleaning solution for stain that leads spots.

Question: Can I use sanitizing fluid to clean the bouncy house?

Answer: Yes, you can sanitize the bouncy house with different sanitizing fluids available in the market. But they can damage the fabric of the inflatable Bouncer. To ensure that the sanitizer won’t damage the fabric, apply it to a small area for testing.

Question: Can I put water on my Indoor Bouncer?

Answer: Well, your Bouncer would do well with water. But you have to be cautious about the blower. It should not get wet as the Bouncer is nothing without a blower. Water can ruin the blower, whereas the blower keeps the Bouncer inflated.

Question: How much electricity does a bouncer use to run the blower?

Answer: Well, you would be glad to know that despite the louder noise and size of the blower, it doesn’t use much electricity.

Indoor Bounce House for Home – Summary

The best indoor bounce house for home offers significant benefits for your kids and toddlers. With its compact structure, you can erect the inflatable Bouncer anywhere conveniently. While you will not get so much freedom with other games, bounce houses bring you a new level of excitement. Choose the right one for you from our top list above and help your kids to develop their physical as well as mental skills. Let’s divert them from being lazy bones!