70 Indoor Games For Teens and Adults

indoor games for teens
indoor games for teens

Games are not just about having fun but is also a stress-buster. It’s an action that keeps us happy and active and provides us the time to realize its value. Games are the rescue for kids, teens, and adults from stress. So, we have come up with indoor games for teens, kids, and adults to keep them active and happy even without going out.

Go ahead and implement the ideas for fun indoor games and activities for teens, kids, and adults mentioned below.

70 Fun Indoor Activities For Kids, Teenager, and Adults

Check out these seventy fun indoor group activities for kids, teens and adults that will be super fun to play:

1-Balancing Beam- Best for Teenagers and Toddlers

Balancing beam is a straightforward and easy gaming activity that is great for teenagers and toddlers to keep their skills enhanced and improve their balance. You will require a colored tape and a flat floor surface to play this game conveniently.

Try to add and change the basic rules and make this simple game more entertaining.

2-Indoor Bowling- Best for Teens and Kids

You can now create an indoor bowling club in your house and can have fun. This will also improve your child’s observation, aiming, and focusing skills. You just need a flat floor, Ten or twelve empty bottles or cans, plastic or a tennis ball, tape and marker, and non-toxic spray paint.

3-Puzzles- Best for Kids and Parents

Play this game with your child, as this can be fun for both the kids and parents. This will improve their studying and logical skills. You need a word or a picture in the form of a puzzle to play this exciting game.

Puzzles games for Kids and Parents

4-Card Games- Best Youth Indoor Game

A game that will enhance your child’s reasoning and logical skills. Simple card games are just great for kids and adults to build their colors and number identification. To play this game, you just need a deck of cards or maybe more than one.

5-Treasure Hunt- Best Indoor Board Game For Kids

This game will build your kid’s observing and communication skills as if you make them play in teams. This is an exciting game as you hide the hint and clues, and those clues lead them to a treasure. You just need to add some tips and clues and need a space to play and some candies or toys as the treasure. This is an excellent chance for your kid as it allows utilizing his cognition.

Treasure Hunt

6-Pitching Pennies- Best Educational Indoor Game

This game helps in improving your child’s visual skills, more specifically, hand-eye coordination. You can play this game with a few pennies and a large-sized sheet or whiskey cups. If pennies are not available, you can use ping pong balls or marbles to play this game.

7-In and Out Hangman- Best Indoor Fun Game

An enjoyable way to learn and engage kids towards this entertaining game through which they can grow their thinking and observing skills. You’ll need a black or whiteboard, chalk or a marker. One person has to ask some words or questions in this game, and the other one will be guessing those answers or words. If supposed right then, you’ve got the name if you guess wrong, then a hangman will be drawn, and you’ll be out.

In and Out Hangman game

8-Pictionary- Best Indoor Party Game

This is a fantastic game as one person has to draw a character or symbolize any word, and the other has to guess it correctly. You need paper and a marker to play this game. You can have more fun if you play in groups and have competitions.

Pictionary Indoor Party Game

9-Sock Toss- Hilarious Family Game

With some folded socks, you can enjoy the joy of basketball just right at your home. You need socks, a bucket, and some space to play in. Now you have to fold and tie the socks into mini balls. Then place the basket a bit far from you and try to throw those mini balls into it, and every time you succeed, move further away from the basket. This is an entertaining indoor game for kids and adults as adults can play this game by keeping a narrow basket’s opening.

Sock Toss Hilarious Family Game

10-Indoor Obstacle Course- Indoor Challenging Games for Kids

A delightful game for kids of various ages. You have to build an obstacle course around the house or just your kid’s playing area and let them play. You can make it more fun if you allow more kids to participate in it and then make it a challenge or a competition for them.

Indoor Challenging Games for Kids

11-Follow the Leader- Best KidsTeam Building Games

If there is more than just one kid at your home, then this game will be fun. This one’s the easiest and entertaining way to make your kids follow you. You require some simple activities and enough space to play comfortably—a perfect way to do some exercise when your kids are at home.

12-Reading- Best Indoor Habit Changer Games

This game will develop a new habit in your kid that will improve their creativity and even writing skills. Reading books is one of the best and simple indoor games. Just bring some short stories books, give them to your child, make them read it carefully, and then tell them to write it in their own words and use their imagination to enhance the story.

Reading- Indoor Habit Changer Games

13-Freeze- Best Indoor Toddler Games

This is a great enjoyable game for kids and even for the whole family. You just need some music and space to play. To make it more appealing and challenging, cause your kids to freeze with some poses. High activity to involve the whole family and play along.

14-Polo Tower- Best Active Game for Kids

This game is simple, yet can be quite fun for the kids. All you need for this game are some spoons and 2-3 packs of polo mints. Start the game by asking the kids to place the spoons in their mouths. Next up, they’ll have a total of 60 seconds to stack polo mints on the spoon and make a polo tower. Kids cannot touch the spoon. By the end of the time, the kids with the highest polo tower win the game.

15-Keeping the Balloon in The Air- Indoor Active Game

An exciting indoor game you can play with your kids. Blow up some colorful balloons for the game. The goal of the game is to keep the aircraft from touching the floor. You cannot reach the balloon. Keep it in the air by blowing on it.

Keeping the Balloon in The Air Game

16- 3‑Legged Race- Best Indoor Recess Game

Races are always fun to play with the family. For this Race, all you have to do is tie the ankles of two people together with a soft fabric such as a sock, PJ pants, or a scarf. Now the players must work as a team and coordinate their steps to get from the starting point to the end without falling over. This one is our favorite because it is fun, but it is also great for bonding!

3‑Legged Recess Game

17-Put on A Fashion Show- Indoor Party Game

Dress-up games are quite good Indoor Games for Kids and Adults. This idea of a fashion show can take your indoor games to the next level. For the full effect of a fashion show, create a long runway. You can use tape, a cloth, or kraft paper for the track. Invite all the family to unleash their inner fashionistas. Dress up and perform your best walk on the runway while playing music on the speakers. To make it even more exciting, you can assign the role of judges. The judges will award points for style, expressions, and the overall walk.

18-Puppet Show- Indoor Party Games

Challenge yourself and the kids a little. Make some puppets out of paper bags. Come up with an exciting story for your dolls and have your very own puppet show.

Puppet Show Indoor Party Games

19-I Spy- Best Indoor Games for Teenagers

I Spy, and its versions are superb sensory video games for youngsters to recognize their surroundings better. For the kids, you could begin using selecting out a mystery item inside the room and announcing it loudly but in a disguised way. You can hint at the thing by saying, “I Spy something blue.” The kids will get guessing until they get it right. You can play it all together, or perhaps you could play it by taking turns searching around and guessing. It is so versatile, and you could make it anywhere.

20-Mirror, Mirror- Best Indoor Easter Games

Another exciting Indoor Game for Teens and Adults. Stand head to head together along with your kids, approximately a foot apart, and have them trying to copy all of your movements. Reach up and stretch to the sky. Do squats or jumping jacks. Run fast in place. Act like an animal. Make it amusing, and you’ll each be running up a sweat in no time.

21-Hopscotch- Best Indoor Games For Teens

This game can also be played indoors and will surely be a hit too. Set up your hopscotch on any ground surface. Masking tape will do flawlessly to shape the nine connecting squares. Next, select a marker, which can include a coin, stone, or a bottle cap. The first participant will throw the pen into the rectangular box without letting it leap or contact the lines. If successful, the participant will then hop on one foot to their landing number.

Hopscotch Indoor Games For Teens

22-Magic Carpet Ride- Best Indoor Games for Kids

Get some mats or small rugs for this terrific game. Choose a starting and ending point for the Race. Place the rugs or carpets at the starting point. Each player will have to drag themselves using the mat to the ending point.

23-Charades- Best Family Fun Indoor Games

If you haven’t tried out this game, then you should play it right now! Make teams and start playing. This game is played by acting out a phrase or word. The players cannot speak or use any spoken phrases whatsoever. The choice is up to you to choose movies, animals, cartoons, and any category you find the most enjoyable.

24-Musical Chairs- Best Family Reunion Games

Get to work and start moving to the rhythm. Set up chairs for the game and get speakers for playing music. The game is to go around the chairs while the music is playing. Once the music stops, the players have to sit on the chairs immediately. The player who gets left loses the game.

25-The Floor Is Lava- Best Indoor Active Games

Get the whole gang together in a room. The key is to move around the room without dropping on the floor because the FLOOR IS LAVA! Make teams and chase each other around the room without touching the floor. The ones who fall or touch the floor are out of the game. The last player standing wins the game.

26-Penguin Waddle- Best Indoor Sports Games

Place a balloon among the player’s knees and ask them to wiggle throughout the room without dropping the aircraft on the floor. You can also make it extra hard for more fun by adding obstacles. For this harder version of the game, the players will have to move around obstacles while not letting the balloon drop. If someone loses it, they should go back to the beginning point.

Penguin Waddle Game

27-Crab Walk- Best Indoor Physical Education Games

Teach your kids the crab walks and turn it into a great game. Start the game by standing in one corner of the room. To win the game, the players have to do the crab wall speedy and scurry through from one corner of the room to the other. This is the best indoor game for teens and adults.

28-Simon Says- Best Indoor Easter Game

Start the fun and straightforward game by choosing a person to be “Simon.” Next up, the rest of the participants will have to do anything Simon says. Simon will begin a command with “Simon Says,” for instance, “Simon Says close your eyes.” The powers that don’t start with Simon Says are not to be acted upon. Simon will keep offering the subsequent commands; if a player fails to do them correctly, they are “out” of that round.

Indoor Easter Game

29-Rock, Paper, Scissors- Best Indoor Children Games To Play

Who does not know of this game? The coolest thing about it is that you don’t even need anything to play it. For all you indoors game lovers, this is the perfect game to play. It’s an easy hand-game and gets everybody excited. It can be played between two or more people. All the players simultaneously form any of the three shapes. They show their chosen way with an outstretched hand after calling out rock, paper, scissors!

30-Play Mad Libs- Best Indoor Small Group Games

Start this game by sitting in a circle. One individual begins the game by making any drawing on paper and passing it to the subsequent participant. Keeping pictures and moving the paper across until all the participants have added their drawing. Have a look at the drawing and see what fun and creative drawing you have ended up with.

31-Movin’ On Up- Best Indoor Game For Kindergarten

Not much is needed for this cool game. All you need are paper cups. Make vast stacks of paper cups of color. At the end of each colored stack, add a red/white paper cup. Participants must take the first paper cup and add it to the end. By doing this repeatedly, the first player to bring up the red paper cup wins the game.

32-Cookie Face- Best Family Fun Game Indoor

A game that only requires a few cookies to play. Begin by placing a cookie on your forehead. Each player has to move only their facial movements to get the cookie in their mouth. The first one to get the cookie in their mouth wins. The great thing about it is you can eat the cookies after the game ends.

Cookie Face Family Fun Game Indoor

33-Stack It Up- Best Indoor Table Game

Stacking things up is always fun, and you can quickly turn into a fun Indoor Games for Kids and Adults. Place thirty pennies on a flat surface. The players must stack up the pennies and make a tower. The first player to successfully make the penny tower wins the game.

34-It Blows- Best Indoor Party Game

Challenge your and the kids breathing ability a bit. Get some balloons and paper cups. Line up the paper cups on a flat surface. The game will blow air into a balloon and release the air near the containers to make them fall off. Record the time for each player. The player with the least amount of time is the winner.

35-Suck Up- Best Indoor Party Game

This indoor game is another exciting competition you can have with the kids. The things needed for the game are straws, bowls, and lastly, chocolate candies like smarties. Players will have to suck up a candy using the straw. To win the game, the players must transfer all sweets from one bowl to another by using the straw. 

36-House Of Cards- Fun Indoor Table Game

Have a deck of cards lying around why not play a little game with it? Use the deck of cards to make a house. Stack up the cards strategically, placing them on top of each other to make a house of cards. Build a strong base, make its alternatives, and then keep moving towards finishing it and reaching the final point. Try to keep it steady. Building a house or castle with cards is a precarious activity. Utilizing old cards with cuts cut into them makes assembling not so much disappointing but rather more entertainment for little youngsters.

37-Stack Attack- Best Indoor Table Game

This game needs a lot of paper cups, so get searching for any in the kitchen. The games start with stacking 36 cups in a pyramid. If you want to make it even more challenging, but the stack back down into a single pile. Spot 36 standard-size plastic drinking cups into an entirely adjusted three-sided pinnacle and afterward bring the cups down each inclining line in turn. Restack the cups as you disassemble the pinnacle. Complete this errand in 1 moment or less to dominate the match.

Stack Attack Indoor Table Game

38-Keep It Up-Best Youth Group Game

Most basic things, such as a post-it note or feather, can be used to play this game. In this game, the players have to blow a post-it note or a feather across the room and into a bucket. The first one to reach the bucket is the winner.

39-Chopstick Race- Best Indoor Active Game

This game works because the players work to move as many cereal pieces from one bowl into their cups. The exciting part is that they have to use a pair of chopsticks. So, if you have cereal, chopsticks, and dishes at your place, you can play this cool game with the kids.

40-Marshmallow Toss- Best Indoor Games For Toddlers

Another fun game in which the players are to be divided into teams. The players stand 2-4 feet apart from each other. One player of the team has a handful of marshmallows, and the other will hold a paper cup or bowl. To win the game, the players will toss as many marshmallows into the container as possible in a total of one minute.

41-Twenty Questions- Best Indoor Party Games

This game involves guessing a character or anything else in 20 questions. The thing can vary from a car to a stick, and style can range from a celebrity to an ancient one. If the person guesses the personality within 20 questions, he will game, and the other person then imagines the character.

Twenty Questions- teen party games

42-Two Truths And A Lie- Best Indoor Party Games

This exciting game involves the participant to know about each other better. This game is challenging to play with strangers and shouldn’t be played with them. In this game, one person writes two truths and one lie on a piece of paper, and others have to guess the lie. To play, everybody sits or remains all around. Individually, every individual in the circle says three proclamations regarding him/herself. Two of these announcements must be facts, or “certainties,” and one must be a lie. Different individuals at that point attempt to figure which explanation is the lie.

43-The Song Game- Best Indoor Game For Adults

In this game, you can start a song with a word or a letter and then where you will stop the song. Another person will start the song from the last message of the previous song. Suppose if the previous song ends at “together,” the next person will start the song with “R,” and if you can’t remember any song within 30 sec, you will be out of the game.

44-Musical Chairs- Best Indoor Games For 6 -12-Year-Old

Another game where music involves is when children have to walk across chairs and when music is played. When the music stops, children will sit on the chairs. One chair should be fewer concerning children. If children are five, there should be four chairs around which children revolve. Finally, the child who will sit on the chair lastly will win the game.

45-Indoor Archery- Best Indoor Sports Game

Indoor archery is a simple game where you have to place the aim board, and children will shoot on them with their artificial bow or gun. The more precise and efficient your aim will be, the more points you will get. The child or adult with more points will win the game. It’s an inclination of most extreme ardor when you get the chance to pull back a bowstring, feel the bow’s capacity, and release all that vitality put away within you by discharging the bolt, it’s astounding.

Indoor Archery Sports Game

46-Passing the Parcel- Best Indoor Small Group Game

This is a fascinating game in which you have to pass the parcel when the music starts. The person who plays the music shouldn’t see the participant in the game. When the music stops, the person with the parcel will be out of the game. The game will end when a person wins with no box in his hand, and others will lose due to the plot in his hand due to music.

47-Ping Pong Ball Catch- Best Team Indoor Active Game For Teenagers

This game requires two partners and will increase the teamwork of the participants. One person will throw the ping pong ball upward, and another person will catch the ball in the plastic glass. The child with the most balls will win the game, and the child with less will lose the game. The test is that the ball must ricochet once in the cup before it is gotten. The action is finished when all individuals from the group have each skipped and discovered one ping pong ball in their cup.

The ping pong ball must bob once (and just a single time!) in the cup before it is gotten. Members must remain behind their particular lines consistently. The learning outcomes through this activity is communication and teamwork.

48-Pouch Race- Best Team Building Game Indoor

The pouch race is the most fun game. You can make a pillow pouch for the game. The participants have to race to the finish line based on indoor facilities. Pouch slow participants and they have to jump and reach the finish line. The person who will cross the finish line first will win the game. What you learn from this game is patience and flexibility.

49-ABC Hunt-Best Indoor Children Team Building Games

This hunting game is mainly for children. This game requires two teams one team will hide all the ABC letters, and the other side has to find the ABC letters and put them in their order. The team who will complete the task in less time will win the game.

50-Snowball Fight- Best Indoor Snowball Fight Game

The snowball fight is an imaginative game, and children will love to play it. The snowball will be created by paper and cardboard for the game. The forts can also be built with it. The children can throw the snowball to other forts.

Indoor Snowball Fight Game

51-Twister- Best Indoor Easter Game

This is an excellent indoor game for fun-seekers. They have to place their feet and hand on their respective colors and change their position according to the instruction. This game can be brought from Amazon.

52-Legged Race- Indoor Game For Teens

This is a fun game in which children team up to win the game. The game is quite simple. Just tie one leg of players. The tied leg acts as one leg, and they have to race to reach the finish line. This is a perfect indoor game indoor.

53-Lacrosse- Best Indoor Game for Adults

It’s a thrilling indoor game. You can catch the ball with your Lacrosse and then run to the respective goal. This game is for the same age group. Hence, parents should assist their kids while playing it or play with them.

54-Mini Golf- Best Mini Indoor Golf Game

Suppose you haven’t tried it yet. Do it now; you will love it. This game is simple, and you have to work hard for this game. The child who will send more balls, on the whole, will win the game. The child can easily play it and will enjoy it.

Mini Indoor Golf Game

55-Egg ‘N’ Spoon Race- Indoor and Outdoor Game for Adults

If you can balance well, then this game is for you. You just have to adjust the egg on the spoon and race to the finish line. You can also use plastic eggs for them. The child who will reach first will win the game.

70 Indoor Games For Teens and Adults

56-Limbo- Best Simple Indoor Game

Limbo is a perfect game for everyone, and you don’t need many things. You just need a stick and lower it. It depends upon the person who can go through the lower rod. This game will make your body flexible and will increase elasticity.

57-Uno Game- Best Indoor Family Fun Games

This is a fun card game. You can easily play it, and you just need to know the rules. The rules are quite simple, and children can play it well too. You just have to show the same color or same number card. The person whose cards finish first wins the game.

58-Bunny Hops- Best Indoor Game For 6-12 Years Old

This is an excellent game to engage children. They just have to hop like bunnies to the finish line to win the Race. Players start from a starting line and race to the finish line. The children will love this game and will love to play it

59-Figure Skating- Best Indoor Exercise Game for Adults

This game will refresh your memory of ice. Just clear the floor and use dry sheets to skate on the floor. The old woolen sleeves of a sweater can also be used for it. The children will feel like skating on the ice with a cold breeze.

Indoor Skating Game

60-Alligator Alley- Best Fun Indoor Camp Games

You can play this game by scattering the things making it like an island, and the child has to jump from one island to another island. The rest of the floor is filled with alligators, and if the child stumbles or falls, he will be eaten by alligators. This game will love you by your child.

61-Balloon Blow- Best Indoor Party Games

If you are looking for a game that will make your child very excited, try it. Mark a finish line and ask your child to reach the finish line by blowing the balloon. They cannot use their hand in the game to push the aircraft.

Balloon Blow Indoor Party Games

62-Monopoly- Best Indoor Games For Adults

If you are looking for a precious game that can help your children know better about the real world. You can play this game, this game requires you to buy properties, acquiring the whole color code and then making hotels out of it. The person with the most cash wins the game.

63-Chess- Best Indoor Active Game

Suppose you want to teach your child strategy and planning. You should try this game. This game requires keen planning and strategy to win the game. The game has eight unique pieces and eight pawns. The person checkmates the king of others wins the game.

Chess Indoor Active Game

64-Checkers- Best Indoor Education Games

The game is similar to chess, and You can easily play it on a chessboard. The game requires two players, and the player with dark pieces moves first. The game is entertaining both for adults and children.

Checkers Education Games

65-Marbles- Best Game To Play With Kids Indoor

Have you ever tried gathering things while throwing something upward? The person should have five marble pieces, at least. He has to throw the one piece in the air as many pieces as possible and then again catch the marble piece. This game gets hard as the game progresses.

Marbles To Play Kids

66-Tic-Tac-Toe- Best Simple Indoor Game

This is the game children love to play. There are nine boxes in the game, and the person who can make a diagonal or straight line wins the game. The game involves the strategy and brain. Children will love this game.

67-Dots And Boxes- Best Paper Games For Kids

Do you like paper games? This game is for you. It requires you to make dots and then join them with dots. The person with the most boxes wins the game. The match is perfect for two players, but more can also play this game. For this game, you should make the boxes mindfully.

Dots And Boxes games

68-Balloon Taps- Best Indoor Game for Kids and Adults

If your child likes jumping, then you should play this game. Just tape the balloon to a certain height, and your child will tap it jumping. Increase the climax as he can touch the specific height. This game is fascinating, and children love to draw the balloon

69-Penguin Waddle- Best Indoor Laughing Game

Do you want to laugh? Just to see people waddle. In this game, you have to place the balloon between a child’s legs and ask them to walk to a certain distance. Mark it a finish line and enjoy the game.

70-Jump the Rope- Best Indoor Exercise Game

This game requires children to jump, and one child will swing the rope in a circular motion, and if he touches any child, he will be out of the game. The child who will feel the child swinging the rope will win the game.

Jump the Rope Indoor Exercise Game

Since you have a reasonable thought of what to do while you’re at home with your child, make sure to play it safe to guarantee that everybody is sheltered. We prescribe using sanitizers and mosquito creams or spells to prevent these nuisances from destroying the good times.

Teens are famous for doing everything they can to abstain from staying inside. Yet, going out to play isn’t generally conceivable, particularly these days. In circumstances like these, it’s an ideal opportunity to draw out those indoor games. So, this is the list that contains the best indoor games for teens and adults.


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