best commercial dart board

Dart games are naturally played at arcades and bars. But, do you want to have dart games at your home without the jam-packed noisy and crowd atmosphere?

Don’t get overwhelmed with the various brands that you see in the market. Before you make a decision, just go throw this review content. Here, we bring the best commercial dart board for you after thorough research and comparison.

In a Hurry? The Test Winner After Our Research


Arachnid Cricket Pro 650

Why is it better?
» Very easy to store
» Durable and robust
» Equipped with game variations

At the end of our research on commercial dart boards, we find the Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 Electronic Dartboard as the winner product among the others. In the following, we have placed the points that make it special.

Why Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 Electronic Commercial Dart Board?

Whether you are a beginner at this game, or an expert, or a new challenge seeker; Arachnid dart boards are the best options to choose.

There is a huge collection of Arachnid dart boards such as simple dartboard, huge arachnid dart machine and Arachnid dart cabinet. We find the Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 Electronic Dartboard the best, because-

  • This soft-tip included Arachnid dartboards are much better, durable and have improved playability compare to the hard-metallic tips contained darts. 
  • You do not have to think of placing it, simply keep this standalone dartboard anywhere of your room. Also, there are additional storage options at the top and lower cabinet which are suitable to keep darts and darts related equipment and books.
  • You can have arcade-style excitement and fun with your friends at your home as this dart board shows an easily readable score of up to 8 players at any time.
  • Its micro-thin divider segment dramatically reduces the rate of bounce-outs.

Top 3 Commercial Dart Board (Table Comparison)

ImageProductTop FeaturesPrice
Top 3 Best Commercial Dart Board 2020Arachnid Cricket Pro 650» Very easy to store
» It is durable and robust
» Equipped with game variations
» Designed with an 8-player scoreboard
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Top 3 Best Commercial Dart Board 2020Shelti Eye ll Dart Board» Clear and highly visible LCD
» It is built with excellent quality
» Comes from a reputed manufacturer
» Easy to access and game adjustment

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Top 3 Best Commercial Dart Board 2020Coin Operated Electronic Dart Board» Durable and robust
» Coin operated dart board
» It is built with commercial level materials
» Can be played with free mode or coin-operated
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Best Commercial Dart Board Reviews 2020

Without further ado, here is our review of commercial dart board:

1. Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 – Best Standing Dart Board

Arachnid Standing Dart Board

The stylish retro-designed Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 is a freestanding plywood cabinet shaped commercial dart game with Bullshooter logo.

It houses with packed-features including 24 games along with 8-player cricket, 132 variations including score display of 8 players, 5 cricket games, and 6 nos of darts with soft-tip.

As its LED display can show a score of a maximum of 8 players at a time, you can play it with your friends at your home.  

This stylish cabinet dart game comes with regulation for the target area and tournament spider of 15.5-inches. It offers you fewer bounce-outs due to the micro-thin portion dividers.

The tough nylon part gives you improved robustness and playability. What more? This durable dart board comes with an extraordinary feature- voice commanding. It allows the players to give voice commands for a player handicap, a solo option, and sleep mode.

Are you thinking that this thing would kill your home-space? Not, rather this is very convenient to store. There are three shelves with extra space to store all the darting accessories under the lid.

  • » Very easy to store
  • » It is durable and robust
  • » Equipped with game variations
  • » Designed with an 8-player scoreboard
  • » The cabinet holds additional storage space
  • » You may need extra securing to the wall in case the product isn’t assembled properly.

2. Shelti Eye ll – Best Coin Operated Electronic Dart Board

Shelti Eye ll Coin Operated Dart Board

The Shelti Eye II is at the second place of our list of popular commercial dartboard choice. This nice designed plywood cabinet commercial electronic dart board is a tournament level set.

The Shelti Eye 2 offers you to perform and experience the tavern category game, but no need for coins. This electric board is attached with a hinge which allows you easy folding, installation and transportation.

This electrical dart board is 30-60 targets tested which give you easy accessibility towards matrix as well as segments from the frontline of the game.

Coming to the display, the Eye ll is equipped with clearly visible perfectly angled LED display. It is very easy to set up various game configurations due to the phone-style keypad and LCD design Menu Operation.

The all-programmable board computer can be personalized as per the operator. If you want to experience league play with your friends at your home then this dart game is ideal.

  • » Clear and highly visible LCD
  • » It is built with excellent quality
  • » Comes from a reputed manufacturer
  • » Easy to access and game adjustment
  • » You may find the price a bit high

3. Coin Operated Electronic Dart Machine

Coin Operated Dart Machine

Though this freestanding coin-operated electronic dart board is usually intended for the commercial place, you can play it at your home. It has an option of free play mode. It is the best coin-operated dart board.

This dart machine is able to tolerate long hours of constant use. Its rugged commercial manufacturing allows it to endure huge maltreatment.

Its nylon made regulated size dartboard helps the darts to go in without any hindrance and you can easily remove the broken tips also.

  • » Durable and robust
  • » Coin operated dart board
  • » It is built with commercial level materials
  • » Can be played with free mode or coin-operated
  • » Compared to home-purposed dart machines, its price is a bit high.

Commercial Dart Board Buying Guide

Now, you have decided to buy commercial dartboard. But, what to look for while buying? Let’s check the points below-

  • Choose a dartboard with the best thickness and density. It is an important point to consider for.  Not too more or less, select a board with good depth and proper density. This will help you to penetrate the darts deeply and have less bounce-out from the board.
  • Another important issue is to examine the wiring system of the dartboard. The purpose of wiring is to reduce bounce-outs. So, you should check if it is in a well manner.
  • If you are looking for a dart board to enjoy your game fully then avoid the idea of coiled paper dartboards.
  • To have a high-surface-area to play your dart comfortably, choose dart board with a bladed bull.
  • Consider dart board that is designed with a portable low glare number ring combined with the sisal fibre. This helps to improve the board’s healing power.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use a steel-tip dart on an electronic dartboard?

Answer:  No, the steel-tip darts are mainly designed to use for bristle dart boards.

Q: What is the ideal weight of darts?

Answer: Well, this depends on you. Choose dart from any weight-level which you’re comfortable with.

Q: What is used to make a dart board?

Answer: It depends on the type of dart. Dart boards made for soft-pin is made from plastic or rubber, and bristle and sisal fibre dart boards are for the steel-tip dart.

Final Verdict

So, by now you have got your best commercial dart board. Before you finally purchase, cross-check the considering things. The best one comes for a good price.

Don’t compromise for saving a few pennies. Though the price varies with the product variety, a good one doesn’t come with cheaper price. Enjoy the old form of entertainment- dart game with your friends and family from your home.

Choose the best one that suits your requirement. And have safe, enjoyable and exciting dart game hours.