Soft Tip Dart Board Measurements & Step By Step Setup Guide

Soft Tip Dart Board measurements vary and each dimension depends on other characteristics, like distance of aiming, overall cross-sectional area, height from the surface, and material used in its formation.

That’s why, while setting the dartboard, the appropriate measurements of the room, distance of aiming, size, and cross-section is found out or calculated.

Soft Tip Dart Board Measurements

In international dart games, the measurements are already defined and the dart is thrown from a specific distance for playing the game.

Dimensions of a Regular Soft-Tip Dart Board

According to the Soft Tip Dart Association,

  • The soft tip dart measurements are 5 feet 8 inches, 8 feet, and 9 feet 9 inches.
  • The mounting distance is 5 feet 8 inches (1.73m) i.e., this is the distance the electronic dartboard should be mounted from.
  • The hanging distance from the floor to the center of the electronic dartboard or the height should be 5 feet 8 inches (1.73m).
  • 8 feet (2.44m) is the distance of the throw-line.
  • The diagonal distance is 9 feet 9.5 inches (2.98m).
  • Height to Bull:  5′-8’’, Throwing distance:  8′, Diagonal Bull to Toe Line:  9′- 9 1/2″.
soft tip dart board measurements
Soft Tip Dart Board Measurements

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Facts to Be Remembered While Taking Soft Tip Dart Board Measurements

An important distinction while taking the measurements is that the distance is always measured from the front of the dartboard. Dartboards have variable levels of thickness as such measuring from the wall could obscure measurements.

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Another important point to be noted is that the Eight (8) feet measurement is from the front of the dartboard to the back of the throw-line. That means the throw-line lies within the 8 feet, at the end to be exact.

Also, the surface of the earth should be perfectly plain so that there might be no uncertainty while taking the measurements.

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How to Set-Up A Soft Tip Dart Board

Soft-tip dartboards are quite easy to establish, arrange, and place in normal areas as well. You don’t need a high-five wide arena, long walls, or a special room to set the whole game up. All you need is a dart-board made of plastic, missile shots (i.e., darts), scale, and nails for proper set-up of this recreation.

Next, one requires a suitable place for a dartboard to hang on. This again requires a place where pub games are normally played in gatherings, like parties, clubs, bars, and festival carnivals; thus making the whole game a hell lot of fun. The choice is user-based, and the whole set-up is not time-consuming in the case of a soft-tip dartboard as it is portable and easy to install.

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Hanging the Soft Tip Dart Board – A Definitive Guide

The most significant step in a dart board setup is to hang the dartboard at an appropriate height on a wall or on a pillar. The plus point of this game is that, unlike other games, the place can be chosen anywhere depending upon availability.

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Yet, it depends hugely on the structure and dimensions of the area in which the game is being played. The step-wise process of mounting the dart board is explained in the following points:

  • Use A U-Shaped Metal Bracket or A Stud for Mounting. The dartboard should usually be fixed directly to the stud for providing maximum support. If the board has to be mounted to a drywall, heavy-duty anchors may also be used to support the weight of the board.
  • The tools and parts required are drill or screwdriver, a pencil, tape measure, stabilizer screws, bracket mounting screws, dartboard mounting screws, mounting brackets, and mounting feet.
  • Begin the hanging by marking off the exact height from the floor on the wall where the dartboard has to be placed (5’8” or 1.73m). The lower part/bottom of the u-shaped channel must be at this height.
  • Apply the Mounting Feet to the backside of the soft tip dartboard, even spacing around the perimeter should be ensured, and driving the Stabilizer Screws into the proper spots.
  • Drive and insert the mounting screw into the pre-drilled central hole, thus leaving the space to hang the dartboard onto the mounting bracket.
  • After the mounting screw has been inserted, use 2 Bracket Mounting Screws to position the Mounting Bracket to the dartboard wall, using wall anchors if the stud is not used.
  • Lastly, position the dartboard onto the Mounting Bracket, fix it well and check for its tightness against the wall. If the dartboard is shaking, remove and tighten or loosen the Dartboard Mounting Screw, according to the problem.

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The whole process is very systematically and well-orderly managed and every measurement should be very carefully taken in order to set the whole thing quite accurately.

The main aim of any manager of the dart board game is to establish the whole setup perfectly, and this can only be achieved if the dart board is designed in very specific and mathematically measured dimensions.