How to Practice Darts Effectively to Win Darts

The practice is essential for everything in life, especially in darts, where it becomes essential to improve and gain consistency in our game.

In this post, we will provide you how to practice darts effectively to win darts with a basic training routine, either at home or at your favorite club or establishment.

How To Practice Darts Effectively To Win Darts

What training should I follow to learn how to practice darts effectively?

There are some things that can help you to play darts better but the main thing is to practice.

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If it can be an hour a day, two, three times it is the most recommended. Below have some tricks that can help you improve your game:

  • The first thing you should do is place it in the same posture whenever it is thrown. This posture must be as comfortable as possible and not be forced.
  • Throw the first dart by releasing the arm in a relaxed way and repeat the movement with the other two darts. Do not aim but try to repeat the same movement and verify that the darts are grouped together.
  • Throw a dart pointing at a certain point, if you do not hit below or above, take the dart always leaning a little further back.
  • You will see that the further back you take the dart if you throw the dart the same way the dart goes higher so You must do this.
  • Guess what your directing eye is. It is usually very easy, if you guide one eye, you throw the dart and it goes close to where you aim. You guide the other and it gives you the feeling that your shot goes super deviated. Your director’s eye is the first one you should be aware of.
  • Once you know what your directing eye is, try to align the point where you want to hit the fingers that hold the dart and your directing eye.
  • At the launch, try to move the forearm to a minimum, that can unbalance your shot.

Make the launch game as much as possible with the arm and wrist, fixing from shoulder to elbow a more comfortable position.

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How to Practice Darts: Step By Step

Practice darts are not so easy thing. You have to follow some important things. Let’s see-

1. Practice control

First, aim for the single scoring area inside the double ring. Do not think nervously, practice slowly.

If that doesn’t work, find out what went wrong.

Your grip or posture may be bad, so changing your grip or foot position may work.

Also, even if the dart is too light, you can’t throw it well at first, so try to throw it with a heavier bit.

Divide the board into the left and right sides and throw it to the right (20 at top and 17 at the bottom).

When throwing to the edge, you can change the position.

Let’s not force the body to twist. If two of the three darts enter the right target, they continue to throw to the left (5 at the top and 3 at the bottom).

If two of the same goes in, go to the next step.


2. Practice classifying boards up and down

In general, the top and bottom of the dart are more difficult than the left and right.

Here you will practice your sense of throwing darts up and down.

First, throw at the top of the board (from 14 on the left to 6 on the right).

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Aim at the entire fire comfortably and throw two of the three, then this time down the board (from left eleven to right ten).

If two of the three go in the same way, go to the next step.

how to practice darts 2

Check the position of the dart on your hand or your arms after you throw it, always be careful.

If it does not go up or down, check your elbows. If the dart shakes from side to side, be careful when you throw your dart and lift your arm to see if your hand is facing the target.

3. Check your stance or drawing for yourself

If you can throw it as you think, repeat the exercise, reminding you of the form.

It is important to be able to throw the same form all the time.

It is also important to throw an image with the image that the dart always flies by drawing a parabola in a constant trajectory.

If you can throw the darts to the left, right, top, or bottom of the board as you wish.

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The next step is to narrow the target and practice. Divide the board into four regions and narrow the target further.

There are several ways to divide the board, but first, practice by dividing it into upper, lower, left and right.

If you are able to get to some degree and know how to throw, continue to practice changing from upper right to lower right to the upper left to lower. 

how to practice darts 3

4. Narrow your target further

Aims at three areas of 20 and both 5 and 1.

You can also practice your throwing rhythm, as you can throw a few.

So, if you hit it three times anyway, you will move on to the next area. The target point will practice clockwise.

how to practice darts 4

[5,20,1] → [18,4,13] → [6,10,15] → [2,17,3] → [19,7,16] → [8,11,14] → [9, 12,5] → [20,1,18] → [4,13,6] →

How to Win Darts?

Now you know how to practice darts effectively. So, you have to move on and need to learn some technical things that can help you to win darts.

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Find score on a dartboard

You might remember that when you first went to play darts with your friends, you dart the dartboard without thinking.

It’s no exaggeration to say that the score is mostly based on luck because you’re a beginner, and you don’t want to put it in the aimed place. But if you understand the score of the dartboard, even the first game is more fun, and you can increase your chances of winning if you bet.

Here are some simple tips for dartboard scores and beginners to get high scores.

A. Dart Board

The dartboard looks like a pizza plate.

The score for each slice of pizza. It is marked on the circumference, and a dart is placed inside the circle (target) to get a score.

This is because everyone knows instinctively when you see the dartboard.


B. Single Score

On the dartboard, it is a relatively large area.

If a dart is inserted in this area, the score will be scored just as much as the number on edge.

In this example, 9 points + 9 points = 18 points.

C. Double Score

If you put a dart in this area, you get twice the score on edge.

Now that you’ve hit the same score, you’ve probably noticed why there’s a difference.

In this picture, 18 double points = 36 points.

D. Triple Score

If you put a dart in this area, you get three times the score on edge.

This is a game tip that we’ll talk about below, but it’s better to aim for this triple score.

In this picture, it is triple 7 points = 21 points.

E. Outer Bull (S-Bull)

The bull is an abbreviation for Bull’s eye. Something terrible? Humans are terrible.

Anyway, Outer Bull is also known as Single Bull.

If a dart is inserted in that part, it is marked ‘S-Bull’ on dart game machines recently.

25 points. However, on a dart game machine, 50 points are calculated.

(Is it a harsh idea for amateurs to make a difference between “S-Bull” and “D-Bull”?)

F. Inner Bull (D-Bull)

The inner Bull score is 50 points.

It is also called Double Bull. The dart game machine displays “D-Bull.”

It’s the most pleasant part of the dart

Usually, when you first encounter a dartboard, you naturally aim for the Inner Bull.

Tip and Tricks to Win the Dart Game (for beginners)

how professional player play darts

This is a simple tip for those who are new to darts or who are still flying without listening to me.

The game is fun when you win.

There are many types of dart games in dart game machines these days. Each is made up of unique and timeless games.

Post slowly by game type, and today it’s usually accessible for beginners.

“Count Up-Get the highest score possible within a certain number of turns.”

“A game that makes zero in fewer turns, with scores like 01-501 or 301.”

Here’s some useful information.

A. Hit is not the best.

You may have noticed by looking at the score on the dartboard above.

It’s not the “Bull’s eye” in the middle of the highest point on the dartboard.

It’s “Triple of 20”. You can earn 60 points.

If you are aiming for a reversal of the game, try “Triple 20”.

However, the trap is that the lower score is located to the sides of 20 points.

If you are a beginner, who thinks “everything or nothing!”

B. Let’s win the odds

Dartboards look like pizza, but they look like roulette.

If you don’t think you’re hitting the Triple 20 or the Bull’s eye, you’re better off.

If you look at the score around the dartboard, you will alternate between high and low scores.

There are only 1 and 5 points on each side of 20 points.

If you’re having a hard time aiming at the pinpoint, try to aim at the lower left side of the dartboard.

It is a relatively large area and has a relatively high score. Regions with high average scores.

No ecstasy hits the top, but it’s worth a try when you think you’re going to win the game between beginners.

C. If you want to enjoy darts for a long time

If you want to play darts for a longer time than to win the game right now.

Naturally, it’s a good idea to add your skills step by step.

Many of the games that you can play with darts are great games when you have more control.

Final Verdict

Dart games are often more fun. So, don’t play too much at the start. It may hamper your darts career.

First, learn how to practice darts effectively to win darts. It will increase your scoring potential.

Play darts and stay motivated. Don’t be upset if you can’t do well in your first stage. It is natural.

So that’s all about today’s article. Thank you. Please share this article if you find this helpful.