How To Put A Pool Table Together? 7 Steps To Do It

You do a big investment in your pool table and it is your favorite. All you want is to place it precisely. The pool table comes delivered to you unassembled. Whether you’re going to use a professional or do it yourself, all you need is a proper installation.

A perfect assembly ensures that your table is going to be cared for from the very start. Also, the right installation prevents your pool table from dealing wrongly or ineffectively and further improving the quality of your gameplay. So, let’s see the process of how to put a pool table together.

How To Put A Pool Table Together

Before jumping into assembling your pool table, check on that you have all the arrangements of necessary tools such as screwdrivers, stapler, leveller, pool table cloth or felt, socket wrench, pair of scissors, paint scraper, glue etc. Have you selected where to place it?

So, let’s get to the detailed process of how to put a pool table together.

Try to keep all the required tools ready with you before you receive the table at the doorstep. As it will come dissembled in pieces, you are going to get in need of all the above-mentioned tools to have a quicker installation.

Step 1

A suitable room or place selection is your first thing to do before starting installation. You do it while choosing a pool table as the size depends on the space that you’ve got in your home. Remember, whatever place you select, there must be enough space to roam around for you as well as other people.

Step 2

Now your parcel has come. Cautiously unpack these delicate timber pieces; though they come well-packed so that no damage can happen with them. In this stage, scissors may get useful for package removing. Reveal the cover and have them to one side.

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Step 3

Now fix the legs and frames. With the screws which you’ve got with the table will be needed to join the legs. Fix the nut and bolts with the screwdriver. A form of an upside-down frame is visible as you join the legs together. Now turn it to the upside up form.

Step 4

This step is about placing the slate on the uppermost part of your pool table. As the slate is difficult to lift due to its weight, you will need assistance to put this on. Do not try to place it all by yourself, it is really heavy. Remember that you have to put the slate properly, or else the table will lose its balance.

There are already places created in the slate to put in the screws while placing it with the help of drill machine. As a result, the slate is fastened securely having an even and regular surface.

To check the balance of the pool table, you can use a carpenter’s leveller to place on the centre. Follow the level of it, if it’s accurate, that means the balance level of the table is fine.

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Step 5

At this step, fix the felt on the slate of the pool table. On the head side, put the felt starting from one side. And in the centre, apply glue or staple as per your choice. After accomplishing the three sides of the pool table properly and done required stretches, you will do the end side. Without pulling in the felt correctly, wrinkles can occur to destroy its smoothness. To make the stretchiness secured, staple or glue it after done felting. Don’t forget to cut holes in the felt on the slate.

Step 6

Now it’s time for the rails. You can go through the direction given in the brochure, or try it yourself.  Place the piece of wood or rail easily on one side and check on if the corner is fixed well. After fixing the rails, you can apply wax in aim to smoothies the ends. Use screwdriver or drill to fix the bolts and screws properly.

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Step 7

And here you are at the last stage of this artistic work process; doing pocket liners. You’ve done the pocket holes already. Now fix and place pockets accurately. Get the help of screws.

Final Thoughts

Here you go, all set with your well-assembled ready-to-play pool table. We are pretty sure that by following the referred steps on how to put a pool table together, you can easily assemble your one. So what, if you’re not a professional! It’s all right to take time, have patience, and follow these steps for an amazing finishing.