How To Use The Dots On A Pool Table?

Expert pool players make us mesmerized with their amazing shots consistently. They have the amazing ability to give difficult shots proficiently. This great skilled achievement is successfully brought about by the effort of using fundamental geometry.

At pool playing, players erect angles cross the table that exists only in the imagination to construct angled shots. You might have noticed dots surrounded the pool tables. Whether experienced players or newbies, these dots are the secret behind their finest shot delivery. So, want to know how to use the dots on a pool table?

How To Use The Dots On A Pool Table

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If you observe a pool table well, you’ll find there are 17 dots arranged in an equal way from each other around the table. Across the space separating each pocket, there are 3 dots in one of the series of bars. But, the diamond spot in the centre of the table is usually taking the name of the pool table’s manufacturer. And all these dots are designed in such a way to guide as an angle marker for giving bank shots.

The acknowledged international authority, WPA or World Pool-Billiards Association expounds the game rules including how to mark and measure the pool table. While the measurement results in constant and perfect playing surface, the markings abetting in the game.

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How to Use the Dots on A Pool Table?

The dots are mostly known as the diamond system. Diamonds perform a very crucial role as a calculation tool. This set of marks helps the players to improve their overall state of being precise if they use the technique correctly.

Whether to go for bank shots or kick shots, players can decide that with the help of these diamonds and also can dramatically improve the aiming ability. As a guidance system, while lined up, these dots create invisible lines. Just the players need to add some physics knowledge that the rebound angle and the shot angle at which a ball would ricochet is the same.

The expert pool players separate the table into parts with a geometric way by using all the17 dots including the fictional 18th dot and all the pockets. The amount of space within the dots work as a virtual ruler to measure. The suggested best way is to assume a corner pocket as zero points and then start counting up within the diamonds in tens.

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For example, count the very first dot starting from the corner pocket as 10, then the next one as 20, and like this, the counting goes on. This superb skill of mental imagination efficiently divides the pool table into fragments to deliver perfect shots. In most tournaments, no tool is allowed to use to measure the table. In those cases, this technique is very useful. 

How to Use Dots for Bank Shots?

When a player consciously and intentionally hit the cue off of a bar to hit a particular ball, it’s a bank shot. As your dots are all numbered systemically, you can easily decide which one to choose. Just keep in mind that the reflection angle will be the same as the one you hit the cue ball with.

Now, determining the distance of dots between the pocket and cue ball, diverge the number by 2. Whatever the result is, make a target at the same numbered dot on your opposite bar.

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How to Use Dots for Kick Shots?

In this technique, you have to follow the principle of reducing the distance between the object ball and the cue ball by two. Make an aim on this halfway point while hitting on your cue ball. While your opponent’s balls are placed blocking your aiming ball, kick shots are perfect for those moments.

However, the dots system is a very effective way in improving one’s accuracy at understanding power, distance, and angles. The more you practice at playing, the more confident you will be. You can apply the dots system and make your pool playing friends amazed.