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Best Professional Pool Cues

Quick Comparison

Image Product Key Features Price
4304 1. Players Birds Eye Maple Triple Silver Rings Cue » Black Irish Linen Wrap .
» 13 mm Le pro hard tip.
» Flawless shaft with finishing butt.
» Stainless steel joint with 5/16 x 18 pin.
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4304 2. Aska L2 Billiard Pool Cue Sticks » 13 mm hard glue on tip.
» Lifelong glued warranty on tip.
» 5/16 x18 joint collar made up of stainless steel.
» 58-inches Hard rock genuine Canadian Maple.
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4304 3. Antique Birds Diamonds Technology Pool Cue » 5/16 x 18 joint collar pin.
» HXT-65 upgraded technology.
» 12.5 mm antique style Birds Eye Maple.
» Shiny smooth surface with unique design.
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4304 4. Valley House Bar Pool Cues » Glued Cue tip.
» Durable Poly-carbonate ferrule.
» Premium quality wooden Cue.
» Standard Cue size (59-inches).
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4304 5. Players D-JS Dripping Card Suits Cue » 13 mm Le Pro tip.
» Weighs 18-21 ounces.
» Genuine black Multi Zone grip.
» Stainless Steel 5/16 x18 pins joint collar.
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4304 6. Lucasi Hybrid LHT88 Black Thorsten Cue » Le Professional Le Pro soft tip.
» Stainless Steel joint collar.
» Uni-Loc with quick release joint system.
» 11.75 mm Zero Flex Slim Technology Shaft.
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4304 7. Players D-DRG Golden Dragons Pool Cue » 15 inches Pro Taper.
» Le Professional Le Pro tip.
» Topped with High quality Ferrule.
» Double pressed Irish Linen Wrap.
» Stainless Steel 5/16 x 18 joint collar pin.
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4304 8. Cuetec R360 Edge Canadian Maple Pool Cue » Irished linen wrap.
» Stainless Steel joint collar.
» 10-layer pigs smooth skin tip.
» Available in 15.5 inch Pro Taper.
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4304 9. Players D-PEG American Flag Flames Cue » Hybrid and implex joint collar.
» Le Pro 13 mm hard oak leather tip.
» 5/16 x 18 pin provides a solid rock hit.
» Black double pressed Irished Linen Wrap.
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4304 10. Player JB5 Midnight Black Jump Break Cue » Super UV finish.
» 29 inches’ Hard rock Maple.
» The 14 mm premium hard Bakelite tip.
» Black rubber bumper & stained forearm.
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Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

Players Classic Birds Eye Maple with Triple Silver Rings Cue

Players Classic Birds Eye Maple With Triple Silver Rings Cue

Why is it better?
● Wooden Stabilizers.
● Stainless steel joint collar.
● Smooth handle for a strong grip.
● Silky Smooth forearm with UV finishing.

Players Classic Birds Eye Maple is the best professional pool cues in the market right now. This North American hard rock maple offers quality and a unique crimson style. The Player cue stick is from the classic series having true Bird Eye Maple forearm and butt with a smooth and shiny surface.

Stainless steel joints, double pressed Irish linen wrap increases its durability and reliability. Le pro hard premium tips provide excellent ball control; the hard-oak leather tip helps to play uniformly.

A Premium Wooden Stabilizer protects the Cue from atmospheric changes. 5/16 x18 joint collar made up of stainless steel Super Ultra-Violent finishing protects the cue from fading and chipping.

The slip-free grip permits the player to play silky smooth strokes. It’s a great Cue selection to play like a Pro with a great ability to control the cue ball. Best for typical or midrange market. Lifetime warranty even against warpage.

  • Wooden Stabilizers.
  • Stainless Steel joint collar.
  • Smooth handle for a strong grip.
  • Silky Smooth forearm with UV finishing.
  • Low deflection allows you to control the Cue ball.
  • Limited Color range.

Best Professional Pool Cues List (Expert Picks)

Short on time? We understand. Check out this quick overview of our favorite professional pool cues.

  • Players Birds Eye Triple Silver Ring Professional Pool Cue
  • Aska L2 Professional 58″ Canadian Maple Cue Sticks
  • Purex HXT-65 Antique Birds Diamonds Technology Cue
  • Valley House High-Quality Professional Pool Cue Sticks
  • Players D-JS White Professional Dripping Card Suits Cue
  • Lucasi Hybrid LHT88 Black Thorsten Hohmann Series Cue
  • Players D-DRG Midnight Black with Golden Dragons Cue
  • Cuetec R360 Edge Series 58″ Canadian Maple Pool Cue
  • Players D-PEG White Screaming Bald Eagle Flames Cue
  • Player JB5 Midnight Black Jump Professional Break Cue

The pool (cue sports) is a game that demands talent and skill. Along with talent and skill, another thing that plays an important role in the game is the Cues. This not only makes a strong connection with the ball but also brings fire in the game. Cue act as a bullet that either “hit or miss” the target. A wise selection of cues takes your game to the next level.

Professional Pool Cues Reviews

Aska L2 Professional Billiard Pool Cue Sticks

Aska L2 Professional Billiard Pool Cue Sticks

Set of Aska L2 Billiard Pool Cue Sticks with shiny surfaces available in blue, black, red, green, and white colors also differ in weighs. French le Professional Le Pro glue on the tip with smooth and everlasting ability. Which makes them strong and smooth bounding with the Cue ball. Smooth Finished surface with elegant style with hard Cue tip enhance shots abilities.

ABS ferrule on Cue tip especially made for professionals to take their game to the next level. The rubber bumpers at the end of the butt protect the cue from any damages. Stainless Steel joint collar protects the Cues from rusting or atmospheric changes. Black Nylon Wrap provides great protection to Cues to avoid damages.

The weights of the Pool Cues vary according to color. Red weighs about 18 ounces, black weighs 21 ounces, blue 20 ounces, green and brown weighs 19 ounces. Smooth finishing surface with good quality of material to avoid damages.

  • Smooth Fine surface with a strong grip.
  • Le Pro Glue at the top of tip controls the Cue ball.
  • Available in different weights with different colors.
  • Rubber bumpers and Black Nylon wrap protect the Cues from damages.
  • The Nylon String Coming off with time.

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HXT-65 Antique Birds Eye Maple with Diamonds Technology Pool Cue

HXT-65 Antique Birds Eye Maple with Diamonds Technology Pool Cue

Traditional classic and antique stained design pool cue with HXT-65 Technology. True antique Birds Eye Maple with black and white diamonds that portray royal look and feel. The low deflection and high-tech shaft bring firepower to the game. Easy pickup and strong grip due to smooth finishing handle allow the player to play long shots.

Black rubber bumpers protect the maple from damages. The laminated leather Kamui tip makes good relations with the Cue ball when interacted. Marbled black and white diamonds with antique stain along with double dagger points, simple silver rings make the Cue more elegant. Weighs about 18 to 21 ounces. Smooth handle for a strong grip with a lifetime warranty.

  • HXT-65 Technology.
  • Low deflection shaft.
  • Kamui soft tip holds up your all smoothly.
  • The smooth handle which makes the grip strong.
  • Antiqued stained design with black and white diamonds.
  • Imperfection on butt
  • Ripples appear on the surface of the pool cue with time.

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Valley House Bar Professional Pool Cues

Valley House Bar Professional Pool Cues

These Cues belongs to the famous worldwide selling brand Valley. Valley dynamo made these cues. The valley brand is famous across the world because of the quality and reliability of products. They are adjustable pool cues with high quality. Cues are straight as an arrow. Glued Cue tip helps players to play uniformly with great confidence.

The premium quality of wood is used to increase the durability and reliability of Cue. The real feeling of wood while playing the shots boost up player consistency and makes the game even more interesting. These cues are lower in weights and higher density due to polycarbonate ferrule. Available with standard size and lighter weights.

  • Lacquer finishing.
  • Adjustable pool cues.
  • Premium quality wooden cues.
  • Higher density due to Polycarbonate ferrule.
  • Easier exposure to chemicals.

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Players D-JS Professional Pool Cue

Players D-JS Professional Pool Cue

Artistic D-JS graphic design with dripping card suits along with wicked pool jester. Rubber gripped with Multi-zone pattern, Stainless steel forearm, and butt with protected cap. The most creative and unique piece of art makes the look and feel of Cue elegant.

Drastically this bold and elegant Cue belongs to the Players brand. Which has famous repute across the world?  Super glossy UV coating provides great coverage to Cue and protects it from fading and chipping. The stabilizer with the epoxy layer protects the cue to absorb moisture.

Stainless Steel joint collars, Pool Cue weighs 18-21 ounces, Le professional Le Pro tip changes your game quickly. The high impact ferrule on the top of shafts increases its durability and reliability. These cues have a lifetime warranty even against warpage.

  • Le Professional Le Pro tip.
  • Rubber Multi-Zone pattern grip.
  • Artistic design with dripping card suits and wicked pool jesters.
  • Super glossy UV coating protects Cue from atmospheric effects.
  • Bad control grip.
  • Balance seems off due to rubber grip.

Lucasi Hybrid LHT88 Professional Pool Cue Shaft

Lucasi Hybrid LHT88 Professional Pool Cue Shaft

The cue belongs to the Hohmann series with LHT88 Technology with upgraded Zero Flex Slim Shaft. Premium black leather Kamui pig tip which increases the elasticity produces less vibration and makes a strong connection with the cue ball.

Upgraded technology with Zero flex slim shaft helps to achieve accuracy by lowering down the deflection. Le Professional Le Pro Soft tip with lower deflection. G5 Fusion wrap. X-shox dampening system reduces vibration and gives you a comfortable feeling while playing winning shots.

Provides powerful hits with accuracy. Stainless Steel joint collar Uni-Loc with the quick-release joint system. It weighs about 18 to 21 ounces with an increment of half ounces. Long life span Cue with great durability. The smart choice for Professional players.

  • G5 grip Fusion Wrap.
  • LHT88 technology with Zero flex.
  • X-shox dampening system to reduce vibration.
  • Stainless Steel Uni-Loc with a quick-release joint system.
  • Premium Kamui tip of pigskin brings elasticity for smoothness.
  • Kamui Pool Cue tips are softer and need maintenance.
  • Tip may change shape or absorb moisture if precautions are not followed properly.

Players D-PEG American Flag Flames Cue

Players D-PEG American Flag Flames Cue

The 100% A Graded Canadian Hard Rock Maple with Golden Dragons artistic design with pro taper, Irish linen wrap, and Le Professional Le Pro Tip. The Chinese luck dragon covers the forearm and butt of Cue. A Professional Taper for a long stroke makes the game more interesting. Double pressed Irish Linen Wrap for the decent look and feel. Topped with High-quality Ferrule.

High-quality Ferrule higher the durability and reliability of Cues and increases their lifespan. Higher glossy UV coating protects the cue from chipping and fading or other breakouts that appear with time. Pool Cues and pool Shafts are given to you with a lifetime guarantee.

  • Topped with High-quality Ferrule.
  • Double pressed Irish Linen Wrap
  • Professional Taper and Le Professional Le Pro Tip.
  • Artistic design with Chinese luck dragon gives a bold look and feel.
  • Grip seems off or it might be slippery sometime.

Cuetec R360 Canadian Maple Billiard/Pool Cue

Cuetec R360 Canadian Maple Billiard/Pool Cue

Most sophisticated and reliable cue made up of premium quality of ABS material. Genuine R360 Edge Series provides 360-degree radial consistency. The Tiger Everest illuminated Cue Tip transfer the energy from Cue to the ball to make perfect strong ball pick up. Strong and comfortable grip.

The tip is covered with pigskin with the smooth and fine surface to bring consistency while playing. The 10-layer pig’s smooth skin tip, Irish linen wrap, Stainless Steel joint collar attract the player to invest money on that. The 15.5 inches’ Professional taper helps the players to play long-stroke smartly. The Cuetec bolt system provides a strong grip and maintains the balance of cue.

  • Low Deflection shaft.
  • Stainless steel joint collar.
  • Provide a 360-degree radial.
  • Tiger Everest Cuetec bolt system.
  • Irish linen gives comfortable griping.
  • 10-layer laminated pigs smooth skin tip.
  • Sometimes not easy to handle.

Players D-PEG American Flag Flames Professional Pool Cue

Players D-PEG American Flag Flames Professional Pool Cue

Eagled artistic art with American Flag Flames with 100% A graded North American Hard Rock Maple with amazing and mind-blowing hard oak Leather tip. The Le Professional Le pro 13mm Premium tip acts as a bullet on the table that hits the target with great energy with the exact point of focus. Implex joint collar with 5/16 X 18 pin provides a solid rock hit.

A Professional Taper and high ferrule not only make the cue durable but also allows the players to play long strokes. UV super glossy coating acts as a shield to prevent cracking, fading, and chipping the material. Cue, Cue shafts come up with lifetime guarantee. Amazing and best Pool Cue for professional players. Available in 18-21 ounces.

  • Prevent warpage.
  • Pleasing Eagled art design.
  • American flag with a shiny appearance.
  • Good quality wood with lighter weight.
  • Atmospheric changes resistant material.
  • Sometimes balance seems off.
  • Slippery grip due to sweating in palms.

Player JB5 Midnight Black Jump Break Cue

Player JB5 Midnight Black Jump Break Cue

Player JB5 Midnight Black Jump Break Cue recommended for the high jump. Solid Black double pressed linen Wrap with slip-free grip. Full wooden joints with a turbo locking feature. Which gives medium hit with quick release. 14mm premium hard Bakelite tip and high jumping give nicer control with greater durability.

Hard Bakelite pool Cue tip is recommended for breaking and jumping for smoother hits. Come up in 18 to 21 ounces with lifetime pool cue and shafts warranty. The black rubber bumper, black stained forearm 29 inches’ 100% North American Grade A hard rock Maple. Super UV glossy protection from break out. Ensure Lifetime warranty.

  • Medium hit.
  • Full wooden joint.
  • Turbo locking functionality.
  • Slip-free grip because or linen wrap.
  • Pool Cue tip constantly needs maintenance.

Professional Pool Cues Buying Guide

Buying a professional cue is quite an expensive and wise decision. The Cues are available in different weights, dimensions, and categories. You have to choose it according to your skill level or according to your desire. The following are major points that you have to keep in mind before making any expensive decision.

Pool Cue Tip Selection

The most important element in professional pool cue selection is the tip of the Cue. Which plays a vital role and can change your game quickly. Because energy is transferred from your pool cue tip to cue ball. The important thing is to choose the right Pool Cue tip as they vary in size and density. Pool Cue tips are hard, Soft, and medium with different top skinned material.

Hardness and density of Pool Cue tip take off the game to the next level if the selection is right. The tip is one of the only things that act as a bullet at you Pool Cue that transfer energy from Pool Cue to cue ball.

Softer Pool Cue Tips

They absorb more energy and make a strong bonding with the ball as a result ball spins fast. Softer Pool Cue tips change their shape and need maintenance and replacement more frequently. Black Kamui, original Kamui, Moori, Predator Victory, Black Heart, and Elk master are some of the famous soft Pool cue tips.

Hard Pool Cue Tips

They absorb less energy and makes a softer connection with Cue ball with no spinning effect. These types of Cues are considered to play Uniformly with a longer time. The hard Pool Cues requires less maintenance as compared to Softer Pool Cues.

As we know “Priority matters a lot”, hence if your preference is to play with consistency then invest your money to buy Hard Pool Cue Tips as they require less maintenance and early replacement. Some of the most recommended Pool Cue tips are Kamui Clear, Hirano, Tiger laminated, G2Tailsmanand Water Buffalo.

Medium Pool Cue Tips

If your preference is control and consistency then invest your money on that Cue Tips. As they do not change their shape or wear out as compare to Softer Pool Cue Tips. They require less maintenance. Most of the players or even manufacturers customize these Cue tips along with harder Cue tips for long-lasting and consistently playing. The famous Medium Pool Cue Tips are Navigator alpha, Tiger Everest, Tiger Emerald, Zan plus, and Tiger Sniper.

Phenolic and leather Cues are also in trend. Phenolic Pool cues transfer the maximum amount of energy with extreme durability and the tip holds the shape for a longer period. Leather Cues have better control and hold the chalk well.AS well as it increases the spin. Leather Cues are also Scuffable with great energy transfer.

Size and dimensions of Pool Cue

The size of the Pool Cue varies according to height. People between 3 to 5.5 feet can use 48 inches long Pool Cue, 5.5 to 6.2 feet taller people can use 52 inches, Pool Cue. A person having 6.2 to 6.4 feet height can use 58 inches long cue and people taller than 6.4 or above can still use 61inches long Pool Cue.

Pool Cue Weight

The weight of the Pool Cue matters a lot to play smoothly with consistency. If you are not comfortable with higher weighted Pool Cue don’t go for it. Choose lighter ones. The standard Pool cues weigh 18 to 21 ounces.

Pool Cue Wrapping

The most important things for those who have sweaty palms or their hands are slippers often. The Irish linen wrap or Nylon wrap are the best choices for those who lose their grip during playing shots. These materials provide a stronger grip.

Pool Cue Bumper

It’s a part of a Pool cue with minimal importance. Made up of rubber material protects the cue from any breakout.

Joint type of Pool Cue

The joint is the part that connects you two pools pieces the butt and the shaft. Most of the common and best joint types are Stainless Steel joint collar Uni-Loc with a quick release joint system. With a standard size of 5/16 x 18. To make the stronger connection of butt with shaft you have to stick on these recommendations. As it provides strength in your Pool stick.

Pool Cue Brand

For best professional Pool cue considered the most famous and well-reputed brand across the world for Pool Cues. Before investing money do some research about these brands and the quality of Cues that they offer and then make decisions. Brands are also categorized from Beginners to Pro Level.

Most famous Beginners Pool Cue Brands are Action, Player, and Cuetec. Preferable brands for intermediate Pool Cues are players, Cuetec, Poison, Scorpion, Mc Dermott, Outlaw, and Griffin. Predator, Lucasi, Cuetac, Meucci, and Viking are advanced Pool Cue brands.

Pool Cue Cost

Well, it depends upon your budget and your game level. Pool Cues are started from lower to the higher range but it’s better to purchase it according to your budget and desire as price may vary from lower to higher categories of Pool Cues.


One of the most necessary things while making a decision. Ensure that the brands which offer premium quality Pool Cues give your lifetime warranty even against the warpage. In case of any breakout, chipping, fading, and changing in the material you can claim it easily.

Above mentioned points should be kept in mind before investing your money. Always do some research and get reviews from people who use these Products. Test the pool Cues before Purchasing check all the parts properly even with minor details. Check the cue parts properly that plays a crucial role and then make any decision.

Professional Pool Cues (FAQs)

How to choose the best pool Cues?

Choose the Pool Cue according to your game level. For example, if you are a beginner don’t go to buy advanced level Pool Cues. The first step is to identify your skill level and then make a selection according to it.

What is the role of Cue bumper?

Cue bumpers are made up of rubber that provides the strongest hold and control over Pool Cue.

What is the standard size of Pool Cue?

The size of the Pool cue varies according to person height but the Standard Size of the Pool Cue is 59 inches.

Does Weight matters while selecting Cue?

Yes, obviously it matters because some people prefer lighter weight Cues and some prefer heavyweight Cues. They are available in weights of 18 to 21 ounces.

What’s the standard and best size of the pool Cue tip?

Pool Cue tip is one of the most important elements that play a vital role. The standard Size of Pool Cue is most probably round about 13mm.

Professionals use which weight Cue?

Pros are likely to play with 19 ounces Cue.

From which materials Pool Cues are made?

Pool Cues are made up of premium quality of wooden, fiberglass, graphite, or with a combination of these.

Professionals use which type of Cues?

Professionals prefer Predator Pool Cues

Why Softer Cue tips are not preferred?

Softer Pool Cue tips need more maintenance. They may even face wear out, cracking, and change their sharper after some time.

What are parts of Pool Cue?

A pool Cue consists of several parts including, shaft, butt. Pool Cue Tip, Butt collar, forearm, wrap, bumper butt sleeve, butt cap, and joint collar.

What is the most affordable Pool Cue range?

Pool cues are available in different shapes with different prices. The first thing is to purchase Pool Cue according to your budget otherwise most affordable range to purchase a decent Cue is $100 to $150.


All of the information related to best professional Pool Cues are given to you in detail. You have to choose your Pool Cue according to your desire before investing money. Choose decent and elegant Pool cue with Premium quality to play consistently. Wisely select the right Cue Tip because the only thing which takes your game to the next level is the tip of the cue.

The best and professional pool Cues are made up of premium quality of wood or hard rock maple. To choose best pool cue prefer cues that are purely made up of wood including the texture and hardness of the wood. High-quality cues are hand-crafted and are quite expensive.

Choosing a Pool Cue is quite an expensive decision. You must need enough knowledge and skills before purchasing Cue. Always prefer to purchase Cue from well reputed and famous brands that offer premium quality along with lifetime warranty.