How Much Do Professional Dart Players Make?

Before playing anything or going for anything, passion is a must. But sometimes, passion doesn’t work only if the practice doesn’t have any future. For playing dart games, players need years of practice.

In fact, they can change their life by playing darts for so long. So, you need to know, how much do professional dart players make.

In this article, I will discuss about it. I hope this will encourage you.

How Much Do Professional Dart Players Make

How Much Do Professional Dart Players Make a Year?

The earnings of darts players can vary considerably. After doing a little research, I discovered that the most efficient players get more than the least efficient ones, and maybe you already knew that. On average, a darts player can earn at least $ 70,000 per year. The overall reward will depend on many factors, such as the player’s experience and efficiency, to win consistently.

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Top professional PDC darts players can earn up to $ 1.9 million (£1.6 million) annually in cash prizes by competing and league games only. Most professional darts players also get sponsorship money. With cash prizes and promotions, the best professional darts player is currently valued at over $6.5 million (£5.3 million).

Today’s professional darts make big bucks, from awards to endorsements. Professional darts can be shown on television all over the world. Most of the ten professional darts players are billionaires. Only one league tournament has a payout of $3 million (£2.5 million).

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How much do you get for winning the darts world championship?

If you want to play darts professionally, you need to know that there is a lot of money to be made. However, the amount of your earnings depends on how much you earn. One of the best ideas to determine your winnings is to look at the payouts for the PDC World Darts Championship this year.

There are several steps, and every player is rewarded for their progress. If you make it to the preliminary round, you will win 4,500 pounds (or $ 6,355) and this is most of the change.

If you reach the last 64 players, you win 11,000 pounds ($ 15,535). From there, you will fight to become one of the last 32 players. Move on to the next round, and you win 18,500 pounds ($ 26,127).

The final sixteen players will win 27,000 pounds ($ 38,131). In the quarterfinals, the winners are 40,000 pounds ($ 56,491) and the semi-finals 85,000 pounds ($ 120,044).

Of course, it is entirely about being selected as the winner.

The absolute champion will get a prize of 400,000 pounds ($ 564,916).

Can Anyone Become A Professional Dart Player?

Becoming an expert darts player is not an easy task. Darts is a simple game but challenging to master. There are so many different factors when it comes to darts, but to become a professional, you need to focus on what’s essential—practical practice.

Passion, self-discipline, and devotion will go a long way. Spend more extra time learning about your playing style than worrying about how different professional is playing darts. Arrow play or leg poses for one person may not work for another, and so on.

Especially young and inexperienced darts performers often take a long time to develop their darts skills because they drop out on effective darts training. Usually, without the right darts, the practice tips will turn with the wrong screws.

Below are some points to help you get better:

1. An essential step towards becoming a better darts player is recognizing that you don’t play well every day.

2. Find the best settings for your casting style. It is essential to know which paths you need to go to succeed.

3. Participate in different tournaments. Unfortunately, this does not apply to cash prizes, trophies, and certificates in tournaments.

4. Only through regular exercise can you improve yourself and your darts skills.

5. Once you’ve built a good foundation for yourself, you need to train and compete with some of the best in the competition to win the title of professional darts player.

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How Many Hours Do Professional Dart Players Practice?

Most professional darts players train daily. Eleven-time world champion Phil Taylor trained eleven hours a day. Now I understand that a little less. So he refined his game to become “The Power.” As with any other game, darts players will benefit from the game, in direct proportion to the effort expended.

John Lowe stresses the importance of regular competition as “the best way to improve your game.” John also suggests the value of proper mental focus, which means it doesn’t make sense to train for a few hours every day unless you get home by 2 or 3 a.m. before the big competition.

You should exercise 1 to 3 hours a day. The whole number of hours you need to practice depends on your objects, your free time, and your overall capacity to concentrate. However, do not exercise for several hours without a break. Divide your workouts into different parts of 15-20 minutes.


Who is the highest paid dart player?

Phil Taylor is the highest paid dart player. Second one is Michael van Gerwen.

How much do you get for winning the darts world championship?

In 2020 the winner’s prize money was £500,000. But in 2016 the winner’s prize money was £300,000.

Do average pro-dart players earn a good amount of money?

Yes, they can. On average, it is possible for a darts player to earn at least $70,000 each year.