Pogo Bounce House Reviews

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Pogo Bounce House Reviews

Quick Comparison

Image Product Key Features Price
8189 1. Pogo Crossover Tropical Oasis Bounce House  ● 12′ foot tall, 21′ foot long and 9′ foot wide.
● Maximum allowed weight of 500 pound.
● Bring summer at a Hawaiian beach.
● Easy to clean and maintain.
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8189 2. Pogo Crossover Pink Castle Bounce House Inflatable Water Slide ● 13.5′ foot tall, 21′ foot long and 9′ foot wide.
● Maximum allowed weight of 500 pounds.
● Offer pink fun.
● 5 times stronger than standard nylon residential.
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8189 3. Pogo Crossover Rainbow Castle Bounce House  ● 12′ foot tall, 21’ foot long and 9′ foot wide.
● Maximum allowed weight of 500 pounds.
● Multilayer Vinyl at all stresses areas.
● Bring universal fun with lots of colors of the rainbow.
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8189 4. Pogo Crossover Tropical Oasis Bounce House Inflatable Slip and Slide  ● 25′ foot long, 6′ foot tall and 9′ foot wide.
● Maximum weight of 200 pounds.
● Offer 25-foot slides down fun.
● Large mesh window.
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8189 5. Pogo Bounce Dry Blue Pool Attachment for Crossover Combo Units  ● 8′ foot long and 6′ foot wide.
● Pool Attachment for Crossover Combo Units.
● Easy to inflate.
● Made from heavy-duty PVC material.
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 Pogo Bounce House Reviews

1. Pogo Crossover Tropical Oasis Bounce House

Pogo Crossover Tropical Oasis Bounce House

Introducing the number one pick in our list is Pogo Bounce House Inflatable Water Slide. It’s a high-quality inflatable water slide that is available without a commercial-grade price tag. The bounce house is ready to bring summer at a Hawaiian beach to you and your kids.

It is so durable that the bounce house will allow up to 500 pounds to enjoy at the same time. Especially 100% PVC Vinyl construction makes it 5 times stronger than common nylon residential bounce house.

Besides these bounce houses are sealed in construction that prevents water from getting into your unit to stick and the feature makes it easy to clean. Most importantly this pogo bounce house includes large mesh windows made from ripstop PVC to allow you to supervise the kids.

At the same time, its shield will keep the kids from the sun on summer hot days allow them to enjoy non-stop fun. So your kids will have the opportunity to enjoy being safe on sunny days.

What We Liked
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Allow keeping an eye on kids.
  • Durable and strong construction.
  • Includes replaceable climb and slide surface, water system, and high-quality blower.
What We Didn’t Like
  • Some feel it small.

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2. Pogo Crossover Pink Castle Bounce House Inflatable Water Slide

Pogo Crossover Pink Castle Bounce House Inflatable Water Slide

Our next pogo bounce is 13.5′ foot tall, 21′ foot long, and 9′ foot wide. It’s a Crossover Pink Castle that comes in a range of features. First of all, it includes a high-quality blower. So it will ensure the air continuously blow the pogo house while your kids are busy jumping, and sliding.

On the other hand, it’s an inflatable pogo house which means you can store it in a storage bag easily after hours of fun. Most importantly the manufacturer made this bounce house with a misting system.

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So if you want to keep the slides wet all time, just connect a standard hose to it. Thanks to its splash pool with shallow wall design. The feature will allow you to drain the water easily so that you can maintain a safe water level for your kids. Finally it is made with heavy duty PVC material that makes it stronger and more durable.

What We Liked
  • High-stress areas.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Allow up to 500 pounds.
  • 100% PVC Vinyl construction.
What We Didn’t Like
  • A hose attachment is of average quality.

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3. Pogo Crossover Rainbow Castle Bounce House

Pogo Crossover Rainbow Castle Bounce House

This pogo bounce is 12′ foot tall x 21′ foot long and 9′ foot wide. Besides, it’s a Crossover Rainbow Castle Bounce House that is ready to bring universal fun with lots of colors of the rainbow. The bounce house comes with an extra vinyl design at the stress point.

So you are allowed to make stronger the units and limit repair from usage. At the same time, double stitching through the full unit makes this pogo bounce house supreme durable.

To allow you to quickly tear down after the end of the fun the manufacturer constructs this bounce house with a deflation tube. Moreover, they offer a storage bag so you can store this inflatable bounce house easily. With large mesh windows made with ripstop PVC, you can easily keep an eye on your kids while they are busy jumping and sliding.

What We Liked
  • Includes a roof to shield kids from the sun.
  • Made from heavy-duty PVC material.
  • Built-in misting system.
  • Splash pool with shallow wall.
What We Didn’t Like
  • Some find water leaking continually from hose hook up.

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4. Pogo Crossover Tropical Oasis Bounce House Inflatable Slip and Slide

Pogo Crossover Tropical Oasis Bounce House Inflatable Slip And Slide

Another great addition from the pogo series in our list and this time it’s a Crossover Tropical Oasis. It is 25′ foot long, 6′ foot tall, and 9′ foot wide. The bounce house is specially built to slip and slide your kid’s way down 25 feet for exciting fun.

However, it is made from 100% PVC Vinyl construction but the manufacturer recommended using a single person at the same time. Besides this pogo bounce house will allow a maximum of 200 pounds. Most importantly it comes with safety sidewalls. The feature will ensure that kids will contain in the bounce house from start to finish their slides.

Especially the feature makes this bounce house safe and secure for your kids. On the other hand, it includes a replaceable climb and slide surface with a misting system. These features will keep the slides wet continuously to ensure nonstop summer outdoor fun.

What We Liked
  • Dual draining point.
  • PVC Vinyl construction.
  • Extra vinyl at a stress point.
  • Supreme durability.
What We Didn’t Like
  • Don’t allow over 200 pounds.

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5. Pogo Bounce Dry Blue Pool Attachment for Crossover Combo Units

Pogo Bounce Dry Blue Pool Attachment For Crossover Combo Units

If you are tired of Crossover Inflatable Bounce House and Slide and looking for something different, then try this Pogo Dry Blue Pool Attachment. Besides, it is the cheapest option on our list that will not only save your money but offer endless additional fun!

This pogo bounce house is 8 feet long and 6 feet wide that is usable with water or plastic ball pit balls. On the other hand, the bounce house includes an inflatable pool attachment.

So if you wish to boost summer fun attaching this dry blue pool with Crossover Combo Units this feature will allow you to do so. Most importantly the manufacture made this Dry Blue Pool with 100% heavy duty PVC Vinyl multi-layer vinyl at all stress areas, so you won’t need to worry about safety.

What We Liked
  • Easy to inflate within two minutes.
  • Maintain the highest level of safety.
  • Made from 100% heavy-duty PVC Vinyl.
  • Includes inflatable pool attachment.
What We Didn’t Like
  • Repair patches are average quality.

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Buying Guideline For The Best Pogo Bounce House

Indoor and Outdoor use 

Some bounce houses are only suitable to play outdoor. In the winter it won’t let your kids enjoy it at home. Conversely, some bounce houses are only made to use indoor. Because of their design or purpose, they won’t allow you to set up outdoor to have fun.

As bounce houses are most available at a reasonable price, so it is recommended to choose the product that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor. In this case, pogo bounce houses are a reliable option as they are durable and last long. So whether the season is summer or winter these won’t stop to have fun.

Wet and Dry 

It’s another vital feature to keep in mind while choosing a bounce house. However, most of the bounce houses are made with weather-resistant material but not all the products are made to be soaked with water. If you want to enjoy summer fun, it will be an essential feature for you. 

Air Leaks

After getting the bounce house for the first time, if you find it leaks while installing, how will you react? So prevent this heartbreaking situation go for a durable one. However, a vent is a needed option as an enormous amount of pressure creates while kids jump on it.

This pressure weakens the bounce house and causes overall damage. To maintain it properly the manufacturer made the bounce house with a hole. But the fact ensures that the hole is larger than a dime si it can prevent inflation.


Maintaining air pressure properly, the blower is an essential option. While the vent relives the pressure the blower continuously maintains the air pressure to ensure unstoppable fun. A blower with longer tubes will be better to choose it will keep the blower safe from kids. Besides, inspect the blower parts regularly to enjoy long-lasting fun. 


While you are planning something for kids, safety is a must consider a feature. The bounce house you will choose should maintain the safety standard properly. Nontoxic material will be a better option as these are stable enough and won’t injure the people inside. 

Final words

Hope you find these pogo bounce house reviews helpful. However, preparing the list was a tricky task while lots of product out there from the brand. But we mostly concentrate on safety as we are talking about kids’ bounce house.

So these products maintain the safety standard properly, as well as durability. Besides, these are full of exciting features to boost your kid’s next summer outdoor fun. However these are almost similar in their quality and function, but Pogo Crossover Tropical Oasis Bounce House will be the best buy in our opinion.