How Much Do Professional Pool Players Make

Pool playing is a seasonal sport, and every season is different from the previous one. So, you can not figure out the regular graph. However, we will discuss the main sources of income to clarify where you stand being a professional player.

In this Dart Goals guide, you’ll learn:

  • How much can you earn from competitions, paid pool tournaments?
  • On average salary of professional pool players
  • And much more!
How Much Do Professional Pool Players Make

How Much Can You Earn From Competitions?

First of all, numerous tournaments create an opportunity. By taking part in these competitions, one can make a healthy amount of living. Those who attain the highest rank in worldwide competitions are rewarded with cash dividends.  The Intermediate level players can make 50000$ dollars per year. Top-rated players can earn a huge chunk of money, ranging from a few thousand to millions of dollars. So, it’s a game of luck and opportunity. One who is sharp in availing the benefits will quickly reach under the category of top-rated players.

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How Much Can You Earn From Paid pool tournaments?

There are certain best-paid pool tournaments. These tournaments include  World Pool Masters, World 10 Ball Championship, US Open 9 Ball, China Open, and The Chinese 8 Ball World Championship. These tournaments are the opening doors for professional pool players to make well in all grounds.

Once you win any of these tournaments, sponsors take your responsibility. It increases your accessibility in making yourself a recognized professional pool player. Mastery, efficiency, and popularity, are three main factors for any professional player. Otherwise, a doubtful and wary career is the destiny of the pool player.

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Sponsorship agreements and their importance

The sponsorship agreement is another factor that is highly helpful to professional pool players in making money. Sponsors highlight distinct features of professional pool players at the map of the World. They invest their money and provide maximum possible facilities. In this way, a pool player can take advantage of this opportunity to bear travelling expenses.

It also requires investment for enrollment in any tournament. So, these factors reduce your net earning. It’s better to join any organization that provides a facilitated environment for better grooming and earning. United States pool professional players is a well-known organization that provides supportive hands to pool players.

So, one who is willing to touch the amount of success can not deny the importance of organizations and sponsorship agreements. If you don’t have to brand to stand then look for it! It’s is the fastest way to grow yourself both financially and professionally.

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Richest professional pool player

The richest professional pool player is Efren Ryes. His net income is 2$ billion dollars, that is quite a big deal. Furthermore, he made a remarkable achievement in Hong Kong. He won $100,000 as a cash prize. It was a significant mark of his tremendous success. So, if you are determined and passionate about your goal, you can make a good amount of money as a professional player. Efren Ryes is an inspiration for newcomers.

On Average Salary Of Professional Pool Players

The regular salary for a skilled pool player is roughly  $41,544/year. One can make $19.97 per hour by adopting professional pool playing, which is synonymous with $799/week or $3,462/month. The salary of professional pool players of different capabilities varies between $92,500 and $15,500. Leading earners are making $ 62500. The annual salary for an intermediate-level player is approximately $50,000(75th percentile).

However, these figures vary from city to city, but it doesn’t create that much discrepancy. If you are skilled and experienced, you can make the fairest choice for your luminous fortune. The top twenty performers are reaping 40,000 euros per year. In short, the more you try to come at the upper list, the more victorious you are.

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How much can a female professional pool player make?

Previously we discussed the salary of male professional pool players. However, the plot is quite odd for females. Practically, women are less common than men in professional pool playing. So, the probability of success for females is very sparse, as described by males.

The average payout for the top five females is around 32000 dollars, which is not a significant amount to be considered. Besides, most of the professional female pool players belong to China. Hence, China stood at a better place in professionalism when we compare it with European countries.

Who is the best female pool player of all time?

Jean Balukas is the best female pool player in the World. She started her career at the age of 9. She has made a remarkable victory in the World straight pool championship. She rioted against the dress code for women.  She is The Queen of Billiards with successive conquests in fourteen tournaments. Jean Balukas is the brightest star in the sky of Billiards. You will not be able to find a substitute for her even for the hundred centuries.

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Required experience

To become a professional pool player, you have to practice a lot. Practice makes a man perfect. Like all other sports activities, professional pool playing demands hard work and maximum input. The main requirement is not to give up till your last breath. This ground is not for precarious players.

If you attend training classes at an early age and improve yourself with time, you can secure your future as a professional pool player. You can go through the success anecdotes of top-rated players. You will be apt to surmise that determination and dedication were their assets to make wonders a professional pool player.

Becoming a pro

You have to work technically and smartly for becoming a pro. One of the best strategies is to sign up with professional associations like the United States professional pool player association, World Pool Billiards Association, and Billiard Congress of America. Now, maybe you are wondering why it is necessary to become a pro? So, the answer is simple. You can not raise yourself to the status of attainment without proper arrangement.

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Job growth trend

Unluckily, the facts related to the job growth trend of professional players are harsh. Only top-rated pool players can earn a decent income. Most people can not adopt it as a professional career because they can not make any surety about their future. It is a highly uncertain job.

If you are popular at one moment, you will empty-handed at another moment. You can suffer from a financial crisis if you do not win any tournament. So, winning, winning and only winning is the key factor responsible for best making in the professional pool playing.

A view to the other side of the mirror

The realistic approach towards the making in professional playing indicates that figures are not supportive of all participants. Only a few can take advantage of the tournaments and sponsorship agreements. The majority of the players don’t win these contests and get nothing in return. So, authorities should take practical steps to expand opportunities for maximum players. Besides, there should be a systematic subsidy for monetary support. In this way, the financial threat can be overcome to a certain extent and liking to adopt pool playing as a profession will increase.

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What is the minimum time frame for becoming a professional pool player?

Time is inconsistent with different players. If you are focused and do practice regularly for fixed hours, you can achieve professionalism in a very short time. On the other hand, a sluggish person can not achieve well even for thousand of years. So, you can not foresee a precise time frame. It fluctuates from person to person.


We try to cover all possible aspects about “how much a professional pool player can make“. We can conclude from all mentioned details that Billiards is not only an interesting fun game, but you can also make a handsome amount of money from it. Although it seems difficult to survive on the practical ground, doors are not closed for those who knock at them. So, one can not limit the boundary of success for hard workers. Whether it is underrated support like the pool or popular games like football, you are the only one who can set a standard of success for yourself.