The 10 Best Multi Game Arcade Machine Review

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Best Multi Game Arcade Machine

In A Hurry? Here Are Our Top 10 Picks!

Image Product Key Features Price
4296 1. Cocktail Multi Game Arcade Machine ● 26″ LED Monitor.
● 1162 classic games.
● Light weight (185 lbs.)
● Includes 2 Chrome Stools.
● Protected with industry 5-year warranty.
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4296 2. Prime Multi Game Arcade Machine ● 412 Games.
● 19″ LED HD Monitor.
● Includes 2 Chrome Swivel Stools.
● 34″ L x 25.5″ W x 29″H dimensions.
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4296 3. Creative Commercial Grade Cocktail Arcade Machine ● Includes 3500 classic games.
● Comes up with a 3-year warranty.
● 2″ LCD Monitor with a titled screen!
● Equipped with the Highest Quality SANWA Joysticks, Trackball.
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4296 4. Arcades Full-Size Commercial Grade Cabinet ● 3500 games available.
● Easy Plug-and-play setup.
● Available with a trackball to easily navigate.
● Thick tempered glass is placed on the screen.
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4296 5. Upright Multi Game Arcade Machine ● 32″ LED Monitor
● 4 players can play together.
● 3,016 Games in 1 Machine.
● Includes Artwork on 2 Sides, Center, Marque, and Bezel.
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4296 6. Doc and Pies Factory Classic Arcade Machine   ● 2 Year Warranty​​
● State of the art electronics​.
● Authentic sound, graphics, and action​.
● Free Support for The Life of Your Arcade Machine.
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4296 7. Wine Barrel Style Pub Arcade Machine ● Good for 2 players.
● Barrel style design.
● 412 games included.
● Comes up with 2 chrome stools.
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4296 8. Creative Multi Game Arcade Machine ● Has 4 Joysticks.
● The trackball is attached.
● Has Game Count of 3500.
● Have several graphics and artwork of classic arcade on both sides.
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4296 9. Creative Trackball Joysticks Arcade Machine ● Good for 2 players.
● Plug and play setup.
● Has 60 most played classic games.
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4296 10. Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga Arcade Gaming Cabinet ● Made Identical to coin-operated machines.
● Has responsible and robust arcade controls.
● 24″ commercial arcade monitor for bigger picture.
● Come up with Ms Pac-Man and Galaga plus four hidden bonus games.
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You may have grown playing games on one of these arcade machines. The time when you just need a few tokens to slide in and before you even know, you’re taking a shoulder-to-shoulder fight with Paul Phoneix in Tekken.

Life was simpler and fun then! Living those days was a dream for many traditional arcade game fans, and as these arcades’ machines becoming prevalent again among the retro community, people want to have one for themselves so they can be the heart of the true gaming experience that started it all. 

While the modern gaming console that currently gives us many 4K high graphics games to play and is taking the toll of every game room, but the arcade’s glory days are long behind it. An arcade game room is still a fun place to visit with your friends and family where you can compete for making a new high-score and can track a good one down.

So, if you really want to experience the play from the best multi game arcade machine, then read along to find out what is missing from your life.

Best Multi Game Arcade Machine List (Expert Picks)

Here is our favorite multi game Arcade machine list.

  • Cocktail Multi Game Arcade Machine
  • Prime Multi Game Arcade Machine
  • Creative Commercial Grade Arcade Machine
  • Arcades Full-Size Commercial Grade Cabinet
  • Upright Multi-Game Arcade Machine
  • Doc and Pies Factory Classic Arcade Machine  
  • Wine Barrel Style Pub Arcade Machine
  • Creative Multi Game Arcade Machine
  • Ms. Pac-Man/Galaga Arcade Gaming Cabinet

Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

Cocktail Arcade Machine 1162 Games

Cocktail Arcade Machine 1162 Games

Why is it better?
● 26″ LED Monitor
● 1162 classic games.
● Light weight (185 lbs.)
● Includes 2 Chrome Stools.

If you grew up in the 1980s and play a lot of video games then this Cocktail Arcade Machine will feel nostalgic to you as it comes up with 1162 classic games of that time, including Pacman, street fighter, Donkey Kong, Galaga, the Simpson’s, Centipede, in a single game bundle.

You will definitely have a blast playing on its big 26” inch screen and navigating the arcade buttons and joystick which is built for heavy-duty. It also comes up with an additional 2 chrome-plated stools to give much comfort to you and your opponent to give freedom from the tyranny of standing. When friends and family are over this would be a center of attraction for all ages!

  • Easy plugin and setup.
  • Seats up to four players (2 chrome stools are bonuses).
  • Come up with a 5-year warranty and lifetime tech support.
  • Built stellar as it has all great game collection in a single arcade.
  • Low-resolution graphics.
  • Chrome stools without back support.

Multi-Game Arcade Machine Review

Prime Arcades Cocktail Arcade Machine 412 Games

Prime Arcades Cocktail Arcade Machine 412 Games

One of the classics and robust cocktail tables that are loved by the retro game lovers is the Prime Arcades Cocktail machine. It features 412 classic arcade games like Space Invaders and Pac Man that are suitable not just for homes but also for offices to release the stress from the work desk.  

This Arcade gaming console brings the memories of the 80s back, and its high-resolution 22-inch screen has tempered glass over it, which gives it extra durability and protection from the young kids in your house.

It is very easy to set up and is reliable. The 412 built-in games in it seem like non-stop fun. There is an additional choice to play free or to set it up on quarters, which is perfect to have a timer on children’s game-play.

  • Easy to set up and launch.
  • 22-inch tempered glass screen is large enough to play.
  • You got controls for both left and right-handed players which is a plus!
  • Has solid craftsmanship and genuine parts that help prolong its lifetime.
  • Suitable for homes and offices, with less room space to keep bulky items.
  • On a bit higher price side.
  • Audio issues could be observed.

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Creative Commercial Trackball Arcade Machine

Creative Commercial Trackball Arcade Machine

The cocktail arcade machine gives a look of a sturdy game table with a high-quality display, thick tempered glass, and a premium SANWA joystick, giving you an unrivaled sense of craftsmanship that you won’t get from any other arcade.

Bring back your kid moments when you play the classic 80s and 90s games! This arcade machine is sure to be a huge success if you play for fun or compete with your friends and family for buying the next drinks!

Both the players can select either a flat-screen or a tilted screen, anything they want. However, the graphics do not have very high resolution compared to any high-tech modern gaming console but classic games are meant to be played just like the way it was made.

The manufacturer also promises a 3 years warranty to give you peace of mind. The arcade buttons, joystick, and trackball are built with quality and will rekindle your 1980s memories.

  • Jamma-based system.
  • Come up with 4 Sanwa joysticks.
  • 3500 Classic games included for a big hit!
  • Blue LED lights on side panels are a bonus.
  • Tilting screen option for the 3rd side horizontal side.
  • The screen is equipped with tempered glass for extra protection.
  • Low graphics resolution.
  • Leather barstools come with no back support.

Creative Full-Size Commercial Woodgrain Trackball

Creative Full-Size Commercial Woodgrain Trackball

It’s easy enough to see how beautiful your home look to have an arcade machine (woodgrain edition). However, old technology appeared to be big and bulky. The Cabinet Arcade 3500 Woodgrain Trackball models are keeping the design on the svelte side a little more. 

This model stays flat at just 68″ in height 32″ inch on the screen. It is normally less than 39 cm wide, but it contains a hefty riser that can raise the height. The Galaga and Galaxian arcade games, together with their original cabinet has original artwork on them.

With up-to-date graphics and sound effects, this is a great addition to any man cave bar or gaming space.

  • Good screen size (32”)
  • 4 players can play it together.
  • Easily manageable because of its height.
  • Has track ball to control the movement even better.
  • Designed with a wooden frame to give that old arcade look.
  • Might create audio issues
  • Chrome stools without back support
  • Expensive compared to the design and games it offers.

4 Player Upright Multi Game Arcade Machine

4 Player Upright Multi Game Arcade Machine

Enjoy 3016 classic games, the one which you grew up playing, and ones that are still hidden from you. This prime arcade machine comes with 3,016 Games built and pre-loaded in 1. Nearly every classical arcade game from the 80s and 90s is on this machine so you won’t get bored.

Also, the most notable thing here is that you have the option to play with the other 4 players on games such as Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Sunset Riders. This makes the game more interesting, enjoyable and competitive. 

  • Amplifier and voice control settings.
  • Comes up with a 5-year long warranty.
  • Have a collection of huge 3016 games.
  • The Player panel can be detached for easy transportation.
  • You are allowed to put games on the Adult Mode difficulty.
  • 4 players to partner, rather than just giving one joystick to play.
  • 300lb arcade
  • Duplicate games create confusion.

Doc and Pies Arcade Factory Classic Multi Game Arcade Machine

Doc and Pies Arcade Factory Classic Multi Game Arcade Machine

Take a sneak peek with the Doc & Pies arcade gaming machine. This brand-new arcade machines sport modern lines that have all your favorites games that are compiled within this single machine. It has designed by the manufacturer with a retro artwork that reflects an old age.

You can easily set this machine on the tabletop or bar top or even in your game room or man cave to enjoy its 412 classic games and have an absolute blast with this product.

This arcade machine delivers a higher degree of satisfaction, regardless of your age group. You can go right into the action by reading a simple gaming instruction manual that is straightforward to configure the game.

The Doc and Pies Arcade machine may not sport high-graphics and artwork as the old one, but it does a good job overall. Here, you get access to many retro games of ’80’ s, Pacman, Ms Pacman, Space Invaders, Froggers, Galaga, and many more, that makes it a perfect home arcade machine.

  • 412 Arcade Games.
  • Jam-packed with 412 retro games.
  • 2 Year Warranty with lifetime support.
  • Full Size 19″ LCD Screen and Arcade Buttons.
  • Provides additional gadget support as well as a volume control.
  • Brand new machine with custom lines with old school classic artwork.
  • Joystick gets unscrewed.
  • It doesn’t save high scores.
  • Changing the volume and setting is a little challenging.

Creative Arcades Full-Size Commercial Grade Wine Barrel Style Pub Arcade Machine

Creative Arcades Full-Size Commercial Grade Wine Barrel Style Pub Arcade Machine

If you want to have the same nostalgic feeling as a kid of sitting in those retro pizza parlors and playing that amazing Pac-man arcade cocktail game, then now you can recreate the same glory days in your own home with this awesome wine barrel style pub arcade machine. 

This rustic barrel of whiskey is a fully-fledged cocktail table with an arcade setup to let two persons play. There is a 19-inch LED display attached below the glass on top of the barrel, with classic arcade buttons and 2 sanwa premium joysticks on the sides and the option of free play or coin modes.

The cheery on the top is its LED lighting, 412 classic arcade games to choose from its comprehensive game list. It is a great addition to any man cave, collection, arcade, bar, playroom. You can invite your friend on gameplay and drinks, and if even the drinks get spilled on the machine accidentally! Then no need to worry company protects you with the industry-best warranty that guarantees that the arcade will operate as intended.

  • 3 year-long warranty.
  • No setup is necessary.
  • Include bar stools for FREE.
  • 39” inch of the barrel good for the ground.
  • 412 classic games included to choose from.
  • Highest Quality SANWA Joysticks attached.
  • Has no trackball
  • The same game is repeated under a different title many times over.

Creative Arcades Full-Size Commercial Grade Cabinet Arcade Machine

Creative Arcades Full-Size Commercial Grade Cabinet Arcade Machine

The Creative Arcades Full-Size Arcade Machine is literally the best thing to being home if you crave the retro 90’s vibes. It is a fully commercial grade cabinet that comes up with four Sanwa joysticks and a 32-inch Tempered glass screen that ensures that you do not only get plenty of time to play with your friends.

You do also get high-quality controls from a premium product. What’s more, it is loaded with 3500 games to entertain you with classic games, such as Mortal Kombat, Pac-man, and more forgotten and hidden gems that you may not know.

So, you can hook up with this and play with your mates, taking the old feeling back when two people enjoy playing together.

Along with it, you also get a pair of bar stools to sit on while playing games when you feel fatigued. For those who really love retro and original arcade games and still want the past touch, then don’t miss this arcade machine come from old times.

  • Plug and play functionality.
  • Comes with 3500 game libraries.
  • 3-year warranty and easy repair service.
  • It is outfitted with sturdy wheels to make for easy moving.
  • You get an entire huge video Arcade center in 1 machine!
  • You can update the system with new games, add-on & coming peripherals.
  • Cannot save high scores.
  • Available at a lofty amount.

Creative Full-Size Commercial Trackball Joysticks Machine

Creative Full-Size Commercial Trackball Joysticks Machine

This arcade machine is for those who enjoy the retro-90’s vibes. It is ideally good for the house environment of arcades and playgrounds, where you can relax and enjoy your favorite classical arcade games at home.

With a lot of features, and coming up with a multitude of models this creative Full-Size Commercial Trackball Joysticks Machine has a wide range of different games offered to the customers, which is a gem for all.

One of the greatest collections of this classic arcade machine is you get 60 retro games so you could never run out of so many games. Not only famous titles like Mortal Kombat are included here, but also some older and secret gems, which you might not be aware of, are on this list.

It comes with a 3-year guarantee that puts buyers at an ease. And in case if some got missed or need a change then Amazon also provides extended part delivery.

  • Comes up with a trackball.
  • This arcade has 2 free stools with it.
  • Very well designed and constructed machine.
  • Has quite a big screen and a good sound system.
  • Has 3500 games and is protected by a 3-year warranty.
  • A bit expensive.
  • Graphics are of low quality.
  • Moving it from one place to another is a hassle.

Ms. Pac-Man/ Galaga Class of 1981 Arcade Gaming Cabinet

Ms. Pac-Man/ Galaga Class of 1981 Arcade Gaming Cabinet

Relive your past memories of the iconic 1980’s Ms Pac Man & Pac-Man games with this arcade machine. Here you can play your favorite Pac Man while dodging the ghosts and playing hide and seek at the best.

The gaming experience on this gaming machine will take you back to your childhood when these arcade games were trendy. Its full cabinet is reproduced like the original classic arcade game and the difference is little to none.

Here the artwork is split into two sides giving you the retro look. On the left page, Ms. Pac-man and on the right Galaga. It was a wonderful experience to mix both the games in a single gaming machine. And additionally, you do get some bonus games, that you don’t enjoy back at that time.

  • Double-sided retro art.
  • 24-inch arcade monitor.
  • Made to look alike the original Pac-man.
  • Fast-paced joystick response that makes playing games seamless.
  • Has two of the original games and four top games as a hidden bonus.
  • The sound is quite loud.
  • Fire-buttons doesn’t shoot sometimes.
  • The purchase is on a bit of the expensive side.
  • Coin-door has been permanently deactivated.

Buying Guideline for Multi-Game Arcade Machine

Price Factor

Here is where things get tricky. You may find some games in the refurbished state, and still in their original cabinets. But the companies are also manufacturing their updated version of cabinets that feature a compilation of all popular games.

Thus, a buyer saves a lot of cash and hassle to secure one valuable game. The price of an arcade machine will highly vary from a few hundred dollars to ten thousand dollars, depending on how unique it is. Pay attention to the game which you want to play and buy accordingly!

Type of game to buy

This one is based on the more personal preference of the gamer, some of us like the different genre of the game, or the year it is been made, while others get stick to the classics that would have a high game value. 

Whatsoever your choice may be, the most important thing is to acquire a game with longevity, which won’t get boring after a few rounds.

Set up guide

However, most arcade cabinets may require simple mounting prior to play. Other machines like pinball games, air-hockey tables, and foosball, etc., can require additional assembly which may take 10 minutes to an hour to set up.

Luckily, the setting up guidelines are sent along with each of our machines, and our seller will always be able to help you set up your game through phone if you misplace the manual anytime in the future.

Size of the gaming cabinet

Many of the games have been built to fit into most modern doorways (approximately 32”). Some larger arcade consoles and smaller type video games can also be installed in two sections and could pass via standard gates.

There are however a couple of larger games that do not fit through a regular gate-so be sure to double the game dimensions before you order that your game suits!

Multi-Game Arcade Machine (FAQs)

1. What is Cabinet and a Cocktail Arcade?

An arcade cabinet machine is a lot larger in size than cocktail machines this is a major difference. On arcade machines, you have to stand in front of the screen at a height. On the other hand, cocktail arcades are flat and are shorter. Besides the controls, you can set up a stool and enjoy your games while sitting.

2. How do I Choose the One for Me?

You can consider a few things before landing on a single arcade machine to buy. Multiplayer or single, size, and others. You will be narrowing down the list when you pick one of these and determine what sort of arcade machine you are looking for. And this will allow you to choose the one that suits best according to your needs.

3. Do I get a Warranty?

High-quality arcade cocktails normally come up with a 5-year warranty. Also, every company also offers excellent customer service, this is a strong safety net to place a bet on any costly arcade machine.
In case your machine needs additional repairs after the warranty period, then the cost may add up on maintenance and troubleshooting.

4. What are the Gaming Options available?

You may find different arcade game machines in the market ranging from $500 to $3000 price tag. Many may have more than 400 games, some up to more than 3000 games creating a bundle of classic games from that era.
The next thing to look for, according to your preference, is a single or a multi-player playback option. Every arcade machine is different and some can hold up to four players at once.


These best multi games arcade machines are the best picks that will instantly create a special space in the heart of any classic arcade gamer. These machines bring popular games back to life from where the gaming arena has started that we currently see in modern gaming consoles.

Back then you only play arcade games in malls, amusement parks but now you have top-rated cocktail arcade machines at a distance of a purchase. Along with unique designs, which bring a lot of colors and excitement to the areas where these machines are stored and give the players several choices with their retro and new games.

Having one for yourself in your room will really change the atmosphere and mood of the space or workplace, which would improve your efficiency largely.

Look closely at the features and you will have a clear idea of what your needs are, and which ones are right for you after reading this list. Such the best multi game arcade machine costs a lot, but they are a good investment so everyone will enjoy it.