The 7 Best Inflatable Water Slide for Adults

Looking for the best inflatable water slide specifically for adults? Perfect! You’re in the right place!

In this Dart Goals guide, you’ll learn:

  • How to choose an adult water slide
  • Different types of inflatable water slide
  • Top 7 best inflatable water slide for adults
  • And much more!
Best Inflatable Water Slide For Adults

In A Hurry? Here Are Our Top Picks!

Image Product Key Features Price
4012 Intex Kool Splash Water Slide ● Equipped with multiple chambers
● Comprises with inflatable stepping mat
● 176 Maximum weight limit
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4012 BACKYARD BLAST – 30′ Waterslide with Bumpers ● Durable
● Huge water slide
● Heavy duty tarp material
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4012 Bestway Hurricane Tunnel Blast Inflatable Water Park Play Center ● Accommodates up to 7 people at one time
● The large pool-size playing area
● Inflates in just 2-minutes
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4012 Banzai Inflatable Giant Water Slide ● Maximum weight capacity – 110 pounds
● Equipped with overhead sprinkler and basketball hoop
● Inflates in less than 2-minutes
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4012 Sportspower My 1st Water Slide ● Maximum weight capacity – 250 lbs
● Equipped with a water sprayer and water cannon
● It takes 5 minutes to assemble
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4012 WOW Sports Wow World of Watersports Super Slide ● Embedded with zigzag construction sprinkler system
● Able to connect with multiple slides
● Quicker and easier setup
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4012 Wow World of Watersports Giant Backyard Waterslide ● Zigzag patterned sprinkler system embedded
● Able to connect with two or more slides
● Easy to assemble
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Our Overall #1 Rated Pick

Intex Kool Splash Water Slide

Intex Kool Splash Inflatable Swimming Pool Water Slide

Why is it better?
● Safe to use.
● Easy to set up.
● Convenient to move around.
● Stable, durable and long-lasting.

For all summer long, the Intex Kool Splash inflatable water slide comes on the number one position on our list. Let’s turn out the blistering heat of the sun with your neighbors and friends with this beautiful blue and white-water slide.

The featured fun-wave graphics on it makes you feel more exciting. You can place this well-constructed slider with your pool and quickly set it up. The oceanic color of it would mesmerize you. This 20 Gauge sturdy vinyl made slider comes to you with a repair patch. 

When the splashin’ sprayers adjoin with a garden hose pipe, it offers you unlimited fun. The built-in heavy-duty six handles and climbing steps gives you access to easy climbing. The user can quickly get down from the slider on the lower section that combines with an inflatable stepping mat.

This water slide is designed with multiple chambers that add more stability. The Intex Kool Splash can be one of the significant investments for a poolside birthday party. You just need to inflate it, affix a garden hose pipe to the sprayers, and go slide away to endless enjoyment.

  • Safe to use.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Convenient to move around.
  • Stable, durable and long-lasting.
  • Great way to make a community pool.
  • You have to set it up only on level ground.

Top 7 Best Inflatable Water Slide For Adults

Short on time? We understand. Check out this quick overview of our favorite adult inflatable water slide.

  • Intex Kool Splash Inflatable Water Slide
  • Bestway Backyard Hurricane Tunnel Blast
  • Banzai Inflatable Giant Water Slide
  • Sportspower My 1st Water Inflatable Slide
  • WOW Sports Watersports Super Slide
  • Wow World Watersports Giant Waterslide
  • HGFDSA Paddling Pool with Inflatable Slide

To enjoy at the fullest of your vacation, weekend, or any party- a water slide is a great option.  Besides the kids, now even the elders can enjoy their leisure hour to the fullest with this awesome thing. However, choosing the right one for adults can be confusing and overwhelming. We are going to help you by presenting the top-rated inflatable water slide for adults.

Inflatable Water Slide Reviews

Hurricane Tunnel Blast Mega Inflatable Water Slide For Adults

Hurricane Tunnel Blast Mega Water Park by Bestway

Spend unlimited hours of fun and enjoyment with the turbo splash water zone Mega Water Park by Bestway. With a collection of fantastic fun features, this water park offers an extra-large sized pool area. You can just splash around and cool off while waiting for your turn to come for climbing the wall and the slide.

The heating sun becomes a part of the fun while climbing the rock wall, sliding down to the water, and splashing in the pool. The rigid inflated walls and the massive water slide of this water park is safe for all kind of riders. Also, the footholds and hand grips on the climbing wall ensure the safety of you.

Additionally, you will find mesh walls on the tower deck, which offers more protection and stability. You get to have a squishy and soft landing while passing through the spray tunnel due to the in-built water blob. With the help of a 110-1200V blower, this water park gets inflated in just minutes. You can use it both outdoor and in backyards.

You will experience a comfortable surface as the Hurricane Tunnel Blast is made with colorful and durable PVC-embodied polyester material. With the accommodation of 7 people at a time, this inflatable water park can withstand any rough play of yours.

Unpack, inflate, secure, connect, fill, and play- just follow these steps and enjoy a quick set up. This water park includes two blower stakes and eight bouncer stakes, which keep this thing secure. You will get a heavy-duty kit for repairing an anchor bag for storing it in a dry place.

  • Easy setup system
  • Good size and durable
  • Safe to use for all riders
  • Strong and appropriate for large families
  • Water may soak the backyard as it has a wide-open end

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Inflatable Giant Water Slide For Adults by Banzai

Inflatable Giant Water Slide by Banzai

For those who want their water park in the backyard of the home, this Surf N Splash water park by Banzai would be an excellent option for them. Let’s make you ready to hit this summer with this big blast water park. You will surely love to slide down the slippery slides and launch down in the Lagoon-style pool.

Both the tunnel ramp and curved sliding ramp will create the twist that you have been longing for. This water slide is made with long-lasting, heavy-duty Dura-Tech construction, which ensures durability. The built-in basketball hoop allows you to challenge your friends for the one-on-one game along with the water-blasting canon.

In just 2-minutes, the constant airflow blows up this fun thing. The innate blower motor equipped with gfci ensures maximum convenience and safety. This cushioned slick slide and splash activity pool includes an overhead sprinkler, constant water-blasting cannon with an adjustable water-spraying hose, and a basketball hoop challenge with a ball.

If you analyze the features, size dimensions, and quality of this inflatable slide toy, you will realize that it is a good investment. Offering ample space and designed with bright colors, this is absolutely a beautiful waterslide.

  • Good quality
  • Fast and easy assembling
  • Long-lasting, durable and safe
  • Equipped with two front pockets and adjustable hood
  • A bit heavy to carry

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Sportspower My 1st Inflatable Water Slide For Adults

Sportspower My 1st Water Slide

The My First Water Slide by Sportspower is a simple yet unique one that stands out of the crowd. The special part is its affordability and quality, which make it superior in the competition. This inflatable slide is even more robust and more durable as it is built with PVC coated rigid polyester fabric.

It will take only 5 minutes to assemble with a standard size that perfectly fits any large or medium-sized backyard. To bring added fun to your event, this water slide allows three people at a time. There is more. There is a water canon at the point of the launch down, aiming at the person sliding down.

You will enjoy a soft landing with the edge-end water pool and love the large splash while sliding in it. The Sportspower My 1st inflatable water slide is manufactured following the rules of ASTM safety standards. This water park also includes an anchoring set to ensure stability.

Along with EZ set up, this slide comes with an air blower and carry bag to store. All you need to do is unpack it, inflate it in less than two minutes by connecting the air blower, adjoining a garden hose, and activating the water cannon and water sprayers.

  • Offers great fun
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Meets ASTM safety standard
  • Easy to assemble with air blower
  • Quite low weight capacity

WOW Watersports Super Inflatable Water Slide For Adults

WOW Watersports Super Slide

Are you looking for something special for your upcoming background party or get-together? The WOW Watersports Super Slide can be perfect for party-favor. Maybe you are tired of all those cheap lawn water parks out there as they don’t last for the whole day.

Whereas this Super Slide goes a long way as it is built with heavy-duty, extra-thick, PVC embossed super-slick material. Compare to other slides that you see in the market, and it is two times thicker. Forget adding dish soap to remain this slider slippery.

The zigzag spray designed sprinkler system connecting to the backyard hose runs according to the slide length. With 100% water coverage, there are never any dry spots. You will find pontoons installed on the 8-inch high side-wall that keeps both water and sliders on the slide. Each slide comes with 36″ x 24″ sleds to soften the fall and provide a more slippery ride.

The best feature is its customized connection system, which allows you to have your 100-foot slider. You can connect as many slides to make a more extended slide and increase the fun level. In short, this water slide includes everything that you need to have a great summer party.

  • Easy to set
  • Better quality and works great
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Allows you to connect multiple slides
  • No bumper included.

WOW Sports Watersports Giant Backyard Adults Water Slide

WOW Sports Watersports Giant Backyard Water Slide

Another awesome water slide that would add unlimited fun to your poolside party is the WOW Sports Watersports Giant Backyard water slide. Made from heavy-duty, extra slick PVC material, this one is sturdy and able to run long-term uses. You may find many other water slides designed with thick lawn slides, but this one is two times thicker than the others available on the market.

This giant 25’ x 6’ water slide is equipped with a zigzag patterned spray sprinkler system that you can easily connect with the standard backyard hose. This feature provides complete water coverage without leaving any dry spot by running through the length of the slide. The side-wall is installed with pontoons that help to keep the water as well as the sliders on the slide.

You can attach this giant slide to two or more slides to make the slide even longer and make your fun double. To make the slide more slippery and cushioning the fall, there are two Mega Sleds with each slide. No wonder, this giant water slide will keep you entertained with your family and friends all afternoon.

  • No need to add soap
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Ensures good water coverage
  • Very easy to inflate and assemble
  • Some reviews say that it doesn’t withstand heavy use

Costzon Inflatable Bounce House 7 in 1 Mighty Pool Slide

Costzon Inflatable Bounce House 7 In 1 Mighty Pool Slide

If you are looking for a prestigious water park that would be unique and awesome, you can go for this all-in-one designed water park paddling pool with an inflatable slide by Costzon. It will add more fun and excitement to your leisure hour or party time as this bouncy castle consists of several playing areas, including a climbing wall, a long slide, and a splash pool.

So, you can enjoy various games. This toy castle lets you stay cool in the hot summer and enjoy the water games. This water park is made of dust and waterproof oxford cloth, which makes it durable and elastic. Also, the users are safe while playing on it due to the visible mesh wall.  

Just connect the water hose with a tap, and you are all ready to play. More fun comes with the water basin. You can inflate it only in several minutes. And also, this bouncy castle deflates in minutes due to the long and short air outlets. 

After use, you can easily store it and, if needed, can carry it anywhere with the carry bag that comes with it. Along with different play ways and bright color schemes, the Costzon bouncy castle would be great fun suitable for the backyard, park, or even garage.

  • Offers quick inflation
  • Easy to carry and store
  • Includes different playing areas
  • Made of durable and dust-proof material
  • The overall measurement could have a deviation of 1-3cm

How To Choose the Best Inflatable Water Slides for Adults

Buying one of the popular things – water slide for adults is a tricky task. There are always new and latest features and designs adding to the inflatables due to technological advancements. You need to be careful and be sure of what type of package you need before you start searching. Don’t just go with the external beauty. Judge the quality standard also. The following buying guide will help you on this regard and help you get the right inflatable water slide for adults-


Quality and durability depend on the material that is used to build an inflatable water slide. As the weight range of adults is much more than kids, so you must want a sturdy water slide, which would be long-lasting, durable, yet lightweight.

For example, you’ll find some inflatable water slides are manufactured with PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), which ensures elasticity. Whereas, others are made using chemical-level nylon that is strong and lightweight, and even elastic. For long term usability, choose the one made of puncture-resistant, sturdy material.

Convenient Size

Generally big size inflatable water slide is so awesome to play with, but they are not suitable if you do not have enough space to place it. So, before you decide to buy one, think of how much space you have. Conveniently sized water slid can be placed in your home compound, garden, or even in the garage.

The area to place it decides the shape of the water slide. Like, if you have an issue of space, you should go with a square-shaped one. Because water slides of square shape take less space, compare to others.

User’s Age

Who will use the inflatable? As you’re going to buy inflatables for adults, you should know the age of the users. This information helps you to choose an inflatable water slide of perfect height and ideal weight capacity. For instance, there are inflatable recommended for children and teens. Also, you will see specific water slides for adults, which come with necessary safety features.

Multiple Chambers and Slides

Another worth considering point is the number of chambers and slides. This feature offers never-ending fun to the users. How many slides and chamber would be on an inflatable water slide depends on the desired model in the market. As an example, you’ll see that big-sized water slides are designed with slides more than four. But, the more extended size it is, the more weight it comes with.


The design of your water park depends on your test of choice, or the purpose you want the inflatable water slide. They come in different colors and themes. You’ll find some with average style, while others may come with bright colors, outstanding design, movie, or cartoon character print. You can pick any model that matches with your poolside or backyard.


How much time does the inflatable take to set up? Does it come with a manual? You should consider these points into consideration. If you are newer with inflatable water slides, then you must need an instruction manual. Otherwise, you would set it up a wrong wasting a long time.


Choose the one that you can take from one place to another easily. Weight impacts on the portability of an inflatable water slide. Materials that are used to make the product also have a deep connection with it. Go for the lightweight, rather than incredibly weighty.


Think twice about why you want to buy an inflatable water slide, for your pool, an event, or just for the weekend. Based on the purpose, select the suitable one for you.

inflatable water slide for adults(FAQs)

1. Can I use an inflatable water slide meant for adults in the rain?

Answer:  Yes, for sure. An inflatable water park recommended for the adults can be used in the rain. The passing shower does nothing but just makes the unit wet.

2. Will a heavier person go down the water slide faster?

Answer:  Technically, yes. Due to the frictional force and gravity, a heavier adult person would go down faster at peak speed.

3. How many people can the inflatable hold?

Answer: It differs with each piece. Generally, a giant water slide can hold up to 2 people at a time as it consists of 2 lanes to slide down.

4. Can the inflatable be used on the ground?

Answer: Yes, without a pool, you can use it on the ground. For this, you have to connect a water hose for full effect.


So, what are you waiting for? Here it is summer again. Let’s enjoy the sunny days and make the best out of the present “home quarantine” lifestyle. Finding the best one could be an arduous task; our top 7 inflatable water slides and a proper guideline will help you find the appropriate one for you.

As mentioned above, you can choose from our list as they offer you reliability, portability, and excellent performance. With the best inflatable water slide for adults, now you can make more exciting outdoor moments.