Warm-Up Before a Dart Game | Superfluous or Sensible?

Warm-Up Before a Dart Game

Warm-up before a dart game or a tournament? Some players swear by it, while others can only smile tiredly about it.

Does it bring something to warm up before a competition or not?

As so often in darts, this question cannot be answered in a general way.

In this article, I will also explain from my subjective point of view, as I myself have already tried darts warm-up exercises.

But which exercises make sense at all and how should one approach darts game preparation in the first place? The answers follow in this blog post.

Warm-Up Before a Dart Game: Meaningful or Nonsense?

darts warm up

The warm-up before a dart game is one of the most discussed practices in darts. But why is that? Here, two worlds meet.

On the one hand, there are those dart players who felt like 50 years on the oche without having to throw a test arrow.

On the other hand, sport, including darts, continues to develop. Thus, certain analyzes of darts do not pass.

Especially younger players swear by the so-called “warm throwing” with certain warm-up exercises before a competition.

But what about such preparation before the dart game?

Get the right feeling in the game preparation

In the darts, the head plays a big role – if not the biggest role. Therefore, it is very important for a player to have the right feeling when throwing.

You have to trust yourself and your arrows. This sometimes turns out to be enormously difficult.

Since it is by no means always possible to call up their own top form. As a result, doubts about one’s own ability can occur.

In order to be in the race for the point, it is advisable to fire half an hour or even several hours darts on the board.

So, you can get the right feel for the darts. Especially with amateur players, the feeling for the dart is strongly dependent on the shape of the day.

When warming up, you can adjust the visor, so to speak, to be right there in the competition.

dart warm up feeling in the game

But beware, you should not overdo it with the dart training to warm-up before a dart game.

Because for example, if you are three or four hours at the oche before the competition begins, a state of fatigue sets in, in which your concentration decreases before the first serious match.

To find the right measure, in this case, it is the art.

Routine and movement

So, try to repeat the litter again and again while warming up – as you should always try with the darts anyway.

To successfully play darts is a round movement the alpha and omega.

Just when warming and the warm-up exercises you will find that not everything works as desired.

The right posture and a repetitive sequence of movements ensure the right feeling and the necessary looseness.

So, pay special attention to the first darts where it still happens to perfect the sequence of movements before the competition as quickly as possible.

Darts warm-up exercises – from around the clock to the trial match

Now, so much has been written about warming up and warming, but a beginner may not always know how to tackle the darts game preparation in the first place.

We recommend – to ensure a certain darts warm-up routine – always use the same exercises to warm up darts.

A quick tip on how to handle warmth myself. Some advanced players may laugh at this method, but I swear by it.

But the right darts warm-up with the respective warm-up exercises, in the end, everyone has to find out.

For themselves – a patent recipe for the preparation before the competition, as well as right or wrong, there is not in this case.

My darts training plan or warm-up plan always starts with throwing every single field once.

Then I go over to the double fields, which I work off in around-the-clock mode.

In the third step, I venture to the narrow triple fields – but only those of T10 to T20.

If time permits, I throw 50 darts at the bullseye. Only then do I usually feel prepared for the competition.

Darts Warm-up alone or together?

darts warm up alone or together

In the end, there is still the question of whether you want to throw yourself alone or together.

I myself prefer to get warm in the quiet little room alone.

But it is also possible that you get better in the rhythm if you – like in the competition – with a colleague in the one against one warm one throw.

Find here the best solution for you to perform at the right moment at the oche.

It is important that you have a good feeling just when the right match begins.

Only when you are satisfied with your performance at the end of the warm-up, you can leave your warm-up program and finish the warm-up routine.

Warm Up With Elliptical Machine

Elliptical Machine requires low impact work out that’s easier on the joints. Before starting your game, you can do 5 minutes of cardio. It will give you a boost in your game.

The competition in darts is always a different pressure situation than the game preparation

The main reason why many players condemn warm-up is a completely different pressure situation in the competition.

Everything that went well before, can suddenly run badly and thus produces only additional self-doubt.

You can see it that way. And when you see it this way, warming up the darts is most certainly the wrong way to go before a proper dart game.

darts competition pressure

However, if you approach things differently, you can argue as follows.

By warming or warming up, he can just get the necessary security in order to be able to survive in competition.

A subjective assessment of the darts warm-up

Finally, I would like to give my subjective opinion on this topic. I myself regard warming up as an enormously important factor before a competition.

And I do not want to deny that the head plays a big role here as well.

Anyway, even after half an hour of dart training to warm up in 90% of the cases I have a much better feeling as if I immediately enter the competition without having thrown a single arrow.

Why is this? For myself, I keep observing that above all the first arrows, some of which are still very unfocused, have a large dispersion.

Gradually, I come into my “zone”, a state in which I begin to hide everything around me.

There is no guarantee that this condition will be reached, but warming up helps me to reach it with a much higher probability.

The conclusion to the darts warm-up

Through the continuous warm throw, I notice that I am safer, the arm is loosened and the arrows miss her target less and less.

I usually do this alone, because I can concentrate so fully on my own litter.

My conclusion is, therefore: Pro Darts warm up!

Do you also throw yourself in front of the dart game or a dart tournament?

What are your best darts training methods when warming up or your best warm-up exercises before a dart game?

Write to us your warm-up routine in the commentary and give the community but like tips, as well as they can prepare best for a dart game.


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