How to Hang A Dartboard at Home?

how to hang a dartboard

Steel-tip dart games can be fun at home or on a night out with friends at the local bar. As with other sports, you can join local dart leagues or participate in blind giveaways and dart competitions for money. Hanging an official target at home allows you to practice more often and take your game to the next level. It is essential to have continuity in the practice of darts; therefore, you will want to hang the dartboard at the required height and distance.

So today we will discuss about how to hang a dartboard.


How to Play 301 & 501 Darts – Best Tips for Beginner

how to play 301 & 501 darts

So, you want to learn how to play 301 & 501 darts? This is the perfect place for you to learn that.

301 darts and 501 darts are very popular darts games in the darts industry. If you want to play these darts game you need to follow some instructions. Below these are available for you.


How to Practice Darts Effectively to Win Darts

how to practice darts effectively to win darts

The practice is essential for everything in life, especially in darts, where it becomes essential to improve and gain consistency in our game.

In this post, we will provide you how to practice darts effectively to win darts with a basic training routine, either at home or at your favorite club or establishment.


Darts Triple Training | Top 5 Tips to Increase Your Triple Score


When we first saw a big darting on television, we thought it might not be that hard. Honestly, this is the most common thought of people watching a live broadcast for the first time.

That it is not quite as easy as it looks with the pros, the novice then notices at the latest in their own attempt to carry three arrows in the Triple 20.

However, for professionals, this also means a long darts triple training. Triple is funny, but double makes the money – a common saying among professionals.


Top 8 Benefits of Playing Darts


Darts are enjoying and increasing popularity in the USA. But why is this current boom to explain and why you should also play darts?

We would like to discuss this in more detail like the benefits of playing darts in this article. After that, you will surely find that playing darts is much more than just a simple game of leisure time.


Warm-Up Before a Dart Game | Superfluous or Sensible?

Warm-Up Before a Dart Game

Warm-up before a dart game or a tournament? Some players swear by it, while others can only smile tiredly about it.

Does it bring something to warm up before a competition or not?

As so often in darts, this question cannot be answered in a general way.

In this article, I will also explain from my subjective point of view, as I myself have already tried darts warm-up exercises.


Dartitis | 5 Tips to Defeat Dartitis


The term Dartitis is often taken by many people grinning. When explaining that this is actually a disease, the smile often turns into implausible head shaking. But what exactly is dartitis and what is behind it?


11 Curious Facts About the Darts World Cup You Need to Know

11 Curious Facts About the Darts World Cup You Need to Know

Okay, we are already on Darts WC 2020 and you too, right? The Darts World Cup is the absolute highlight throughout the calendar year, for both players and fans. The high prize money, the fanatical crowd at Ally Pally and the many darts players from all over the world – darts! In this blog post, we would like to provide you with 11 curious facts about the Darts World Cup, which we were able to find out. Attention: some are also facts that should be seen with a wink.


How to Play Darts? Step By Step Guide For Beginners

how to play darts

How many times have you been at a friend’s house or in a bar and have you wanted to be able to play a game of darts? This game is easy if we think that it only consists of throwing darts at a target, but do we know how the score is going or what this game really consists of? With this simple step guide below, you will know how to play darts.


Dart Rules and Regulation|Comprehensive Instructions

dart rules and regulation

Darts sport has a very long history dating back to the Middle Ages of England, and accordingly, the darts rules have been changed many times.

Today’s darts rules – as we all know them – have their origins at the beginning of this century.


How to Become a Better Dart Player? 10 Tips From Professional

become a better dart player

Many hobby players and beginners keep asking themselves how they become a better dart player? And improve the game of darts. Especially new and inexperienced darts players often need a long time to improve their darts, because they miss effective darts training. Often, without the right darts, training tips on the wrong screws turned.