Winmau Blade 5 Dart Board Review

Are you looking for a dartboard that’s easy to assemble? Lucky you, because the Winmau Blade 5 Dartboard is the most ideal and versatile dartboard of today. This is the Blade 5 Dartboard, and this is the successor to the Blade 4. Many thanks to the manufacturer.

First Impression

winmau blade 5 duel core

Compared to the previous version, Blade 5 has some improvements, according to the manufacturer. So, there is not only an even thinner wiring but also a reduced angle of the wire.

The reduction of the angle from 90 to 60 degrees results in a 9 mm² larger area on the double fields and an area of ​​the triple fields that are around 6 mm² larger. The resulting 14 percent lower surface of the metal spider should also minimize the number of bounce outs.

In addition to the already mentioned features, there is also a change in the mounting of the disc. The so-called “Rota-Lock” system with triple-adjustable pinion wheels makes it possible to mount the board stably even on uneven walls.

The patented system is also a firmer extraction of the arrow is no longer a problem, also allowing a faster rotation of the disc possible. Finally, the two rings around the Bullseye and Single Bull were harder and sharper, which should have a positive impact on hit rate and durability.

Materials and Dimensions

Materials and Dimensions

In the market, you can find targets made with different types of materials, among which plastic and wood are positioned. However, this model has a high level of resistance and durability thanks to the incorporation of metal among its main manufacturing materials, giving it a professional and sophisticated air.

In addition, its carbon diffusion allows you to use it with confidence and without problems since it certifies its high quality. Also, this product has a total weight of 4.75 kg, being easy to handle and to move from one place to another, according to your taste and needs.

It also has beneficial dimensions with a width of 46 cm, a length of 6 cm and a height of 46 cm, maintaining a defined space for use by more than two people, becoming a game for group entertainment.

Installation and Clamping

The installation of a product is essential for its correct operation, so it is important to acquire equipment that you can easily handle. Such is the case of the Winmau Darts DWIN500-5, which has a three-level system that allows it to be installed much more easily and quickly, avoiding that you should ask for technical help or spend a lot of time with the assembly of the product, favoring that you can prove your purchase without any setback.

In the same way, this model presents a fixing system that provides stability and comfort of use, because it uses a total of 3 screws at its inner end, making it easier for the product to be held in place so that you can enjoy of it in the best possible way, without risks or damages. It also allows you to move it from the site, which favors its transfer and reinstallation in another place.

Level and Score

The use of the target as a means of distraction has grown exponentially in recent years, allowing these Winmau Blade 5 Dartboard to be divided into two levels: dartboard for professionals.

In this sense, this particular model belongs to the professional level, since it maintains a specific wiring system that allows extending the scoring areas with double segments of 0.9 cm and triple segments of 0.6 cm. Similarly, a 14% reduction in the surface of the band and the placement of thin wires in a triangular shape is achieved.

Together, all these characteristics favor that the target has a much less rebound effect, so it can be played without problems.

On the other hand, this same reduction of the rebound effect helps to make the game much cleaner and error-free, allowing you to have more fun. It is also compatible with any type of steel-tipped darts, however slight, giving you many options to acquire.

Visual Impression

Visual Impression

The Winmau Blade 5 Dartboard makes a very good impression visually. The colors of the double and triple fields are strong, the metal spider well processed, just like the numbers. The logo of the British Darts Organization (BDO) is drawn to the left and right of the margin.

Compared to my previous board, this is a bit smaller overall, so the surround did not quite fit anymore. But since the difference was not that big, this was not a real problem. The supplied mounting material was perfect.


Of course, after years of using the previous board, it was initially a pleasure to throw on an unharmed board. And the friends stopped even longer because the arrows overcame the material as intended and remained in the vast majority of cases in it. It rarely happened that I hit the thinned wire, but bounce-outs of this type felt more common, especially when aiming at the bullseye.

The promised by the manufacturer increased hit rate by increasing the double and triple fields, I cannot confirm in itself, because the ultimate success, of course, always depends primarily on the level of the player.

Even after more than a month, in which I had recorded the disc almost every day, hardly any signs of wear can be seen in the material. That the sisal fibers show where has already been hit and the wire already shows some quirks should be considered normal.

Only the number ring has dropped several times in case of an accidental hit on it. Of course, I cannot say for sure what the board looks like after a year and even longer. However, as I’ve experienced this Dartboard so far, I can still well imagine that it will be usable for a few years.

Overall, I like the Winmau Blade 5 very well. Both the visual impression and the playability convince. So, I can recommend this board without hesitation.


After around half a year of intensive (almost daily) use, the Winmau Blade 5 still has excellent playability. If the board is rotated regularly, the fields exploit evenly as expected and thus retain their full functionality even after this long period. Tears in the sisal fibers cannot be avoided entirely, but are clearly limited.

The wire is more worn around the single bull, but the increasing splintering of the silver-colored coating does not affect the function of the dartboard. For me, bounce outs keep submerging, but these are too dependent on the casting style and do not allow a blanket statement about this dartboard.


The Winmau Blade 5 convinces visually on the whole line, whereby this is, of course, a minor matter. Purely functional, the board is also fully in order and showed after about a month as good as no signs of use. After about half a year of almost daily recording, they are already recognizable, but not extraordinarily clear.

From beauty imperfections like isolated sisal cracks or wire damage, the most important aspect of functionality is unaffected and guaranteed. If you want a solid dartboard with a beautiful design, decent quality, and durability, then the Winmau Blade 5 is a good choice.