gran board dash review

Product Features

  • Weight: 5.5 pounds
  • Operates with 2 (AA) batteries
  • Overall dimensions: 21-3/4” x 19-3/4” x 1-3/16”
  • Materials: Wooden back cover and Plastic made body
  • Equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 powerful smart technology
  • Player details included Completely English compatible app


Is dart game your passion? And, looking for a decent electronic dart board? Then, go through this Gran Board Dash Review. Though, we are not maestro on darting, but, in this content, we bring a fair review on this electronic dart board.

You may get overwhelmed choosing the best one among so many options available in the market. Among different models offering various features, we found the Gran Board Dash the best after extensive research.

So, let’s go through the Gran Board Dash review.

  • » Nice build quality
  • » App-operated board
  • » Offers excellent online games
  • » Very stylish design and easy to install
  • » Built-in with a powerful Bluetooth feature
  • » Equipped with sound-controlling foam inserted phases
  • » This dartboard doesn’t include batteries

Gran Board Dash Review 2020

gran board dash

The Gran Board Dash comes with unique impact mat, which includes durability and shock-absorbing features. This next-generation electronic dart board is basically an app-driven board, which comprises player details with averages, and information saved in a worldwide extensive database.

The user can add new games via totally English compatible free-app upgrading. Android, iPhone, iTablet, or Smart TV- use any of your own devices for graphics and play from wherever you are.

It features powerful 4.0 Bluetooth smart technology connections, solo game mode; 9-level plays at odd with the computer, 8 people game with 26 options.  

Its’ low-energy smart technology Bluetooth is able to save power to a great extent. Though batteries don’t come packed with this product, this board runs for a long time on only 2AA batteries. 

You can play 01 Games, Cricket, Animal Battle (vs. Computer), and Half It. This home electronic dartboard comes with 2 sets of darts, screws and hanging instructions. It is made with a nice combination of wood made back cover and plastic body.

Coming to its’ design and look, the Gran Board Dash comes in nice Green color, and teensy-weensy housing style, which reduces intensify vibration. In order to run sound management, each phase of this 5.5 pounds dartboard comes with foam items inserted.  

There is more of it. The user is allowed to change the players by using the app. Installation and access to the dart board is very simple. The time you power on the device and start the app, it starts to communicate.

There is two LED color on the front door, which notifies you whenever the Bluetooth is connected. You’d be happy to know, that 22 ¼” round and x2” deep – replacement segments are available for broken parts.


The Gran Green Board Dash is one of the best home-used electronic dart boards that will impress you with its stylish look at the first glance. The design of this beautiful dart board gives evidence that its’ design is quite perfect for dart playing at home.  

As 8 people can play with this board at a time, you can enjoy your fun-time from your home or wherever you are. With a front LED display, this dart machine shows a clearer result.

It is an awesome combination of nice online games. With excellent built-in quality, daily updates are accessible for the app.

You have already gone through the Gran Board Dash review; which is one of the popular electric dart boards. Its display, depth, and density; design, games; sound effects, versatility- all these would impress you, no wonder! So, grab yours today and experience the new level of excitement from your home.