gran board 3 review

Product Features

  1. Weight:  6.2 pound
  2. LED lighting and USB port
  3. Beautiful & unique design
  4. Batteries:  2 AA batteries required
  5. Use your own iPhone, tablet, Android, or Smart TV

Today we will review Gran Board 3 LED Bluetooth Dartboard.


If you are looking for a perfect electronic dartboard, then no need to search anymore! This Gran Board 3 electronic dartboard is for you to have fun when your friends and family relatives come to your place. When it comes to electronic boards, you will find many styles. It is a perfect choice for seasonal or amateurs.

You may know that soft tip dartboard is becoming popular day by day. Many prefer to play with soft tip dartboards rather than bristles or magnetic boards. It has many exciting features that give it a new look and style. What makes it different from other dartboards, and that is why the demand for the best soft tip dartboard is increasing day by day.

Gran Board makes a successful series that’s why we got this popular Gran Board 3 LED Bluetooth Dartboard. It has many exciting features that will keep you entertained.

  • » Easy setup
  • » Beautiful & unique design
  • » High-quality ink for visibility
  • » Secure connection to the app
  • » Great aesthetic with LED lights
  • » Well restructured and last longer
  • » It will not work with older models
  • » You really need to have the latest iPhone or Android device to use this dartboard

Gran Board 3 Review In Details

gran board 3 led electronic dart board

This Gran Board 3 electronic dartboard comes with several features that are not currently seen or found on any dartboard. Using this board allows you to play and compete online with any dart player in the world.

It tends to be a fascinating style. It has a battery, and some need to be connected to electricity. There are many more things that make each electronic dartboard stand out. This is just one of the few boards that come with an online play option that lets you use the same board.

You can provide graphics, scoring, data tracking, and more. You can also connect it to your Apple, Android, Smart TV, or other devices. This dartboard is excellent to see, in addition to how useful it is. With some models, you will see heavy and steel tips darts that will make the game more perfect with nature, in other words.

This is a different and interesting one compared to other gran boards on the market. This great gran board measures 22, 5 ″ x 22, 5 x 1 5and 8 inches, and weighs 6.2 pounds. However, there is not much idea about its design. It has no LED display but includes a large catch ring all around. It is straightforward to manage and setup.

One of the features of this gran board is that it has Bluetooth to add to your device. Also, this board is battery-powered; it has two AA powered batteries. You will notice that it has an on / off switch, and LED light comes on when you plug in the cable.

The Gran Board 3 LED Bluetooth Dartboard works faster than previous versions and is much improved. It basically improves the software and usability as the most powerful aspect of the product. It comes on the market with all the features required for a fun game and has a wide variety of settings.

The important thing is you can play it online with players from all over the world. There is a large organization of online players, so you will be pleased. You can also adjust the sensitivity of the board according to your choice. It is a perfect choice for seasonal or amateurs.

You can pair this board with your iPhone, compatible with: later iOS 7 iPhone: iPhone 4 iPad 3 Android phone, or smart TV using Bluetooth. You can use the phone camera to stream live games and watch other player game feeds at the same time.

You can run it with the application on your phone. So, the number of games available is huge, and the company is adding new games to the app’s day by day. It also has a profile of each player that shows important statistics such as averages, wins, and current rankings.

A feature of this gran board is that it is made of high-quality material of dartboard itself made of fun plastic material with wooden backing. Built with its good materials and exceptional engineering, you will be able to enjoy it year after year.

Compared to other boards on the market, it is heated with durable foam. So, it helps to keep the sound to a minimum. This Gran Board comes on the market with three damp acoustic elements, which minimizes the sound, which will make the game more perfect with its nature in authentic words.

Its LED lights are colorful and exciting to look at. Its light spreads around the board. This sometimes, they add something to the play environment. One of its features is that its location can be lightly configured where your online haters hit its target.


That’s all about our Gran Board 3 review. We know this is definitely a suitable dartboard, made with sturdy and high-quality materials. It comes with amazing features that your friends and relatives can play together. We also learned that good and fast app with uninterrupted games, which are updated regularly.

This Gran Board 3 LED Bluetooth Dartboard should be considered when choosing your next dartboard, as there are a variety of practice games to improve your accuracy. Interestingly, you can play it online against opponents around the world. There is a huge community of online players,

Gran Board wins on quality but is second or third in the application space. If you are good in the same ecosystem with me, you will be happy to get this board.