Are you looking for the best dart machine? If the answer is yes then you can look at this guideline and get your suitable dartboard. Many dartboards have come on the market, but it is very difficult to choose the best one.Dartboard game is a popular social game. Whether you are a professional or an amateur player, you can play and enjoy any team.

There are many options in this guideline that you can choose to enjoy these games with excitement and challenge the steps of the tournament.  We’ve done a long 24-hour dartboard test or monitoring and were able to find the best dartboard for you.

List of Best Dart Machine for 2020

ImageProductKey FeaturesPrice
Top 6 Best Dart Machine Review & Buying Guide1. Centerpoint Solid Wood Dartboard Cabinet » Made of high-quality hard poplar hardwood  
» Dimensions 25.5-in H x 22-in W x 3.75-in D
» Free 18 ″ Sisal Fiber Dartboard
» Includes two sets of steel-tipped darts
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Top 6 Best Dart Machine Review & Buying Guide2. Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Standing Electronic Dartboard» 39 games with 179 variations
» 3 level heckler to inspire players
» Dart averaging in good monitor games
» 8 players with 4 clear score displays      
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Top 6 Best Dart Machine Review & Buying Guide3. Arcade-Style Electronic Dartboard Cabinet – Mahogany» Mahogany cabinet with built-in storage space.
» 15.5 in target area regulations.
» 8 Display player score.
» 24 games with 132 options
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Top 6 Best Dart Machine Review & Buying Guide4. Hanko Quality Free Standing Dart Wood Cabinet Combo Set» High-quality darts on the cabinet set
» Tournament style arcade dart game
» Dimensions 24 ” W x 9.25 » 29 games with 90 options
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Top 6 Best Dart Machine Review & Buying Guide5. He-art Electric Dart Board Machine» LED display
» Automatic scoring darts
» Scientific Design Darts Feather
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Top 6 Best Dart Machine Review & Buying Guide6. Shelti Eye II Electronic Dart Board» Universal 110 volt light fixing
» High-visible overhead scoring
» Tavern-Tested T60/30
» TargetPhone-style keypad and LCD menu operation
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Best Dart Machine Review 2020

#1. Centerpoint Solid Wood – Best Dart Machine

Centerpoint Solid Wood Dart Machine

Are you looking for an electronic dartboard machine that improves your game performance? This CenterPoint Solid Wood Dart Machine is for you. This cabinet is efficiently made from high-quality popular hardwood.This unit has some fun features that no other cabinet on this list has. This center point is the best arcade-style fun home for your friends and family members.

This 18-inch dartboard is made from high-quality material sisal fiber which is durable for many days. One of its features is that it comes in two sets of steel-tip darts with long-lasting nylon dart flight. Behind the surface of this dartboard and cabinet is a velour fabric backdrop. It provides the ideal vintage complement for your dartboard. The included electronic dartboard comes with built-in scoring and 29 games and over 90 different types of pride to keep you busy for several hours.

This unit has some features that bring a lot of benefits. The base at the bottom of the cabinet provides 3 full-size shelves with closed doors. Suitable for people like me who buy a lot of dart stuff. It is about 25.5-inches long, 22-inches wide and about 3.75-inches in diameter. It makes it easy to fit any size dartboard. Allows for recording.

To prove the reliability of this product, the company has also added a 180-day manufacturer’s warranty. It comes with a guarantee that replacement parts will be shipped at no extra charge if there is a problem. So, if you are looking for some serious dart cabinets then you should consider this model.

  • » Low price
  • » Run fast and free
  • » 180-day manufacturer’s warranty
  • » As well as high-quality wood and great dartboard
  • » The price is a bit high

#2. Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 – Best Standing Dart Machine

Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Standing Dart Machine

The Standing Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 electronic dart machine differs from other dartboards in the market in that it comes with many features. It has a micro-thin segment divider that reduces bounce that holds the dart firmly on board. One of the features of this dartboard is that it comes with the highest quality classic soft tip darts like a huge LED score display.

This board has a diameter of 15.5, which can be adjusted to accommodate up to 8 players at a time. This means you can also use it on the deadly soft-tip play. Its goal is great in the control area. It is powered by an AC adapter which means you don’t have to buy regular batteries. In addition to these, it has nylon solid parts that improve durability and playability.

This dartboard is made with nylon foot parts that improve durability and playability. Easy installation and precise construction, last word dartboard for people who enjoy Orchid Pro 800 Electronic Dartboard game. It provides an average PPD.

This board may be a bit expensive for you, but if you do not have a budget problem, it is often an excellent standing dart machine for you. This board is light but very stiff and sturdy. Also, its red, yellow, and black colors provide it a classic look. it’s 3 levels which are a stimulating feature to inform the player about the extent of dart injury thereon

  • » Easy to install and setup
  • » Durability and playability
  • » Best Dartboard for Expert Players
  • » High-quality construction and durable
  • » Large 4 player LED display, Hackley features
  • » Somewhat expensive

#3. Best Arcade-Style Electronic Dartboard Cabinet – Mahogany

Arcade-Style Electronic Darts machine

Did you know that one of the best electronic dart machines has a rare mahogany finish that is popular with everyone? This model comes with an attractive design with which you can easily update your game room. It is rare to find a cabinet with a mahogany finish among the best commercial dart board on the market. It comes with the highest quality classic soft tip darts feature like a great 6 player LED score display.

One of its features is that it includes the unique Heckler electronic comment feature, which is ridiculously commendable for trying to throw the perfect dart. It also allows for up to six players so you’ll engage the entire gang or family.It comes with a huge number of games, to be exact with 24/132 variations, I doubt you will ever play them.

Not only is mahogany finishing, but it also has a unique feature. The voice record feature makes this game even more fun and exciting. Each time, when it is your address play, this dart machine will play your name. Also, with this electronic dartboard cabinet set, you can play like a professional.

This cabinet also includes extra shelves for storing all your dirt gear. It features a dramatic reduction in bounce-outs on the 15.5-inch Dart Board-sized micro-thin segment divider. Its nylon stuff sections that improve dramatization and sturdiness. So, you’ve got much space to store all you would like for a play dart game

  • » For 8 players
  • » Lots of storage space
  • » The voice record feature
  • » 36 games with 175 options
  • » Includes 6 soft-tip darts and extra tips
  • » Not so affordable

#4. Hanko Quality Best Free Standing Dart Wood Cabinet Combo Set

Hanko Quality Free Standing Dart Wood Cabinet Combo Set

If you are looking for an arcade-style dart machine to boost your game score then you can check out this dartboard.Not only does this item have a good quality board, but it also has a dartboard that includes all the accessories you need. If you are a professional or amateur dart player, you need to buy this dartboard.

It is meant to be played with up to 8 players so that your whole family can have fun using it. In addition to this great board, it also comes with 29 games with 90 variations, which makes the game more fun.  So, you don’t get bored playing this game with your friends or family members. Also, this dartboard has many amazing features that make the dartboard attractive. This dart machine has high quality 18-gram soft tip dart. There are also 2 accessories for additional tip replacement.

The goal is   15.5 in a controlled shape and the nylon stiffness improves playability and durability. Care will be taken to maximize bounce-outs with micro-thin segment dividers, which dramatically reduces this problem. It also has an AC adapter. Wall mounting hardware and game instructions operating system.

Since it is a tournament-style advanced arcade dartboard, you can use it in your in-house training as well and you can participate in any competitive game.It is made of high-quality dartboard which makes it more durable and durable. It is also very affordable among similar dartboard machines.

  • » Advanced tournament-style arcade dart game
  • » Dart Board has 29 games with 90 options
  • » High-quality darts on the cabinet set
  • » Comes with 2 Quality high quality 18G soft tip darts
  • » Both use beginner and pro players.
  • » It may contain more games

#5. He-art – Best Electric Dart Board Machine

He-art Electric Dart Board Machine

If you need a dart machine that is more suitable for professional use, the He-art Electric Dart Board Machine set would be a great choice. Undoubtedly, the perfect practice dart machine to prepare for authentic dart players. It is also a popular indoor dart machine, which can be used in bars, homes and entertainment venues.

In terms of quality, you will not be disappointed with this board because it is made with high-quality materials. The board itself is made of eco-friendly plastic, protection silicone darts head, stainless steel material. This combination makes the board durable and attractive. This electronic dirt board uses very sensitively electronic communication sensors to make the game smoother and more accurate.

It comes with an elegant design and many interesting features. One of the features is that the operation panel of the dart machine has an LED display, and the digital score is clear and its operation buttons are easy to understand. It also has different game modes, which are single, double, four, eight, sixteen. At the same time, it is a great gift for men and children.

If you want to upgrade from your existing Dartboard to a more sophisticated model, don’t forget to take this board. This electronic dartboard After thousands of dart dial tests, the angle of the darts has been created based on scientific data. It is designed in such a way that your darts can avoid orbital deviations while flying and improve the precision level of throwing darts.

  • » Elegant design
  • » Easy to set up
  • » Saving is easy
  • » Extremely durable
  • » The cabinet looks beautiful
  • » Somewhat expensive

#6. Shelti Eye II Electronic Dart Machine

Shelti Eye II Electronic Dart Machine

Shelty’s II is one of the other models on the market. It is a complete, standalone arcade-style setup with premium functionality. This dart machine can be your daily companion whether you are spending time with friends or just practicing alone. There is much more to this shelter board that will meet all your needs. In addition to the standard 501 and classic darts games, you’ll be able to play pick-it-up, cricket, wipes, and more.

The whole thing on this electronic dart machine has been folded in half. This dartboard is widely used for league players around the world. One of its features is that this plywood cabinet design makes it attractive to the players. This board simplifies game setup, disassembly, and transportation. It has a direction of 8 degrees for easy viewing by both players and spectators.

Tavern-tested Shelty Eye is structurally solid. It combines the only features of past models with smart user-friendly updates. It also protects interior accessories conversant in plywood cabinets. Its “rear” is totally enclosed with a locking door to supply smooth access.

This electronic dart machine comes with many interesting features. This dart board machine comes in the market with all the bright features. It comes with an LCD screen, which is important for both beginner and professional players. Also, its front access door darts provide extra convenient storage. These accessories will help you play whether you are a professional or an amateur player.

  • » Very durable
  • » Overhead scoring.
  • » Ability to complete coin-op.
  • » It is a High-quality dartboard.
  • » Suitable for home or government organizations.
  • » It can be difficult to use.

How to Choose the Best Dart Machine?

If you are searching for the best dart machine? Follow me to get in-depth on how to choose the quality dart machine. We believe this same guide is useful for you to make this decision.


One important thing to consider before buying a dart machine is what material it is made of. The type of darts used in the maintenance of high-quality boards tells how long the board will work. Different types of wooden dartboards are available in the market. Most wooden boards are made with elm. It is quite popular on wooden boards. But nowadays oak is gaining popularity due to low maintenance. The board must be made of real wood before buying.


Another important thing to consider before choosing a dart machine is which brand it belongs to. There are many popular brands in the market from which you can choose one according to your budget. Popular established brands have a good reputation in their market which they have been providing good products for a long time.


It is very important to know the size of the dartboard and dart machine when buying an electronic dart machine. If you are a beginner, you need to be aware of this. The target area for darts tournaments is 15.5 inches and dartboards range from 13 to 15 inches. If you are aware you will be easy to choose the right dart machine for yourself.


Nowadays different types of dartboards come in the market with different kinds of amazing features. Of these, Bristle dartboards are very popular with players. But electronic dartboard machine come with lots of innovative features that give you joy in the game. Electronic dartboard machine not only score for you but also improve your game performance. Most electronic dartboards nowadays offer online capabilities.


Another important aspect of choosing a dart machine is pricing. The electronic features of the best electronic dartboards can cost more. Prices may not be an option for others. If you want an electronic dartboard cabinet or custom dartboard cabinet for outdoor use, be prepared to spend even more money

Final Thought

Finally, we understand that the best dart machine helps you take your game performance one step further. Cross-check the considerations before you purchase a dart machine. The best comes for a good price.

In the list above you will choose the one that fits your needs. So, choose the best one according to your requirements. And get safe, enjoyable, and exciting dart game times. Enjoy the old-fashioned form of dart games with your friends and family from your home.