Best Soft Tip Dart Board for Home

Don’t spoil your dart game with such a dartboard, which cannot deliver sufficient support to make this game more fun and more accurate.

Basically, an efficient Dartboard is a crucial concern to make your dart playing more enjoyable and 100 % successful.
Selecting the perfect Soft Tip Dartboard is a little bit difficult matter for the beginner than the professional or experienced dart players.

Anyway, do you want to make this difficult and challenging job a little bit easy? Don’t worry! I am here today to help you to make it so easy.

I will tell you some tips, ideas, features, and obviously about the reviews of some perfect Dartboards in today’s article.
So let’s start an incredible journey to know the details about the best soft tip dart board for home.

In A Hurry? The Test Winner After Our Research


Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Electronic Dartboard

Why is it better?
» It includes high-quality darts.
» 39 Games with 179 Variations
» Include Heckler mode.
» Ideal for the all type of players.

Why We Choose Arachnid Cricket Pro 800?

Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Electronic Dartboard contains some such features; any professional dart players prefer to use it rather than any traditional dartboard. So what are these features? Look below the features-

Micro-thin segment

The micro-thin portions of this Dartboard help to reduce the bounce out. It is not my saying actually! According to the manufacturer of Arachnid, the provability of bounce-out is less in this board compared with other electronic Dartboard.

Heckler feature

Heckler’s feature will applaud you once you have earned a good score. Again it will barrack you with your poor score. However, you can turn off or on this feature.

I practically suggest turning off this feature while you are practicing yourself.

Super-bright LED displays

Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 contains a super-bright LED display.
Isn’t it so much exciting!

Yes, it is..!

A LED display can deliver a bright screen for a more extended period. So unlike the ordinary electronic Dartboard, Arachnid has one step ahead by avoiding just a single display.

How pretty!

39 Games with huge variations

Yes, it is the eye-catching feature of this Dartboard. You can play 39 games using this Dartboard. How cool!!
Hey, wait. Let me tell you about another fantastic feature of this product. Each of the 39 games has seven different playing levels for the players! It’s just amazing!

Still, you are doing late to buy the dashing, the cutest Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 dartboard! Oh, Nooo! Just Goooo! Grab this awesome Dartboard as early as possible.

Some other pro features

» CPU Vs. Mode
» Scoring and suggestion
» Square hole technology
» Arachnid Cricket Pro 800
» Super-tough nylon segments
» Easy to read the scoreboard
» Additional four traditional X/O display

Best Soft Tip Dart Board for Home (Table Comparison)

ImageProductTop FeaturesPrice
Best Soft Tip Dart Board for HomeArachnid Cricket Pro 800» LED display
» Nylon tough segments
» Easy mounting on the wall
Check Price
Best Soft Tip Dart Board for HomeGran Board 3 LED» Updated apps
» Plenty of games
» Online playing facility
Check Price
Best Soft Tip Dart Board for HomeViper Neptune Soft Dart Board» Large number of games
» Show both scoring number
» Included outsized dart cabinet
Check Price
Best Soft Tip Dart Board for HomeWin.Max LCD Soft Tip Dart Board» Plenty of fun games
» Power Supply Included
» The darts grip the board
Check Price
Best Soft Tip Dart Board for HomeArachnid Cricket Pro 650» Nylon tough segments
» Exceptional playability
» Accurate and highly responsive
Check Price
Best Soft Tip Dart Board for HomeViper 777 Soft Tip Dart board» Trendy color scheme
» Bilingual usability
» User-friendly back-lit LCD
Check Price
Best Soft Tip Dart Board for HomeFat Cat 727 Dart board» Much affordable
» Provided catch ring
» Includes 18 Games with 96 Variation
Check Price
Best Soft Tip Dart Board for HomeViper 800 Electric Dartboard» Affordable price
» Includes 57 games
» Power supply adapter included
Check Price
Best Soft Tip Dart Board for HomeViper Orion Soft Tip Dart board» Intelligently designed
» Attractive LCD display
» Up to eight players directly
Check Price
Best Soft Tip Dart Board for HomeFat Cat Soft Dart Board with Cabinet» Great electronic scoring
» Ingenious space for storing
» Enhanced in-game customization
Check Price

Best Soft Tip Dart Board for Home Reviews

Our reviews are based on in-depth research and product analysis. Let’s dive in!

1. Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 – Best Dart Board for Home

arachnid 800 best soft tip dart board

The Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 features a Tournament-Quality Electronic Dartboard, which can offer the user 39 games with almost 179 variations. It is the best home dart boards in the market.

It is an electronic Dartboard ensuring a high quality, long-lasting features. The Regulation size of 15.5″ Target Area makes this Dartboard eligible for making any indoor or outdoor tournaments effectively.
The micro-thin dividers present into this Dartboard, efficiently works to reduce the bounce out and thereby to increase the scoring potentiality.

This best home dart board is made with classic red, black, and yellow colors, which simply increase the elegance of the board to attract the players. It can also keep the PPD (point per dart) record at the end of each round.
It is an updated Dartboard consisting of three hackle features to harass the bad through and to appreciate the good dart through.

It is an optional feature, and you can turn on or off as per your demand. Including the tough nylon segments onto the Dartboard, ensure that if you even misuse the board or raff use it, it will last for longer.
The package of this product comes with one electric Dartboard, 6 soft tips darts, extra dart tips, an AC adapter, Mounting hardware, Game instructions, Operating manual, etc.

  • » It includes six darts with extra soft tips.
  • » Easy mounting on the wall.
  • » It has a LED display.
  • » Nylon tough segments.
  • » Not eligible for 16 players.
  • » A little bit pricy.

2. Gran Board 3 LED Bluetooth – Best Attractive Soft Tip Dart Board

gran board 3 soft tip dart board for home use

Do you want to play dart with people all around the world staying in your home? In that case, the Gran board 3 LED Bluetooth dartboard is your only one solution and this is the best home dart board.

This Dartboard includes a regulated target board that will provide you a real feeling of the dart playing.
The online playing capability if this board makes you able to play the game with other players presenting at any portion of the world.

The app will make you able to filter the play according to their skill, age, living place, or even the previous history of his/her playing.

This electric Dartboard is compatible with iPhone, Tablet, Android, or Smart TV, etc. Since this board is run on your phone, there are plenty of online games that are available here.

And the most exciting fact is that authority is including new games continuously into this app.
You can play dart, making a low noise with this Dartboard as each segment is made with nylon Tough and insulated with foamy materials, so no loud noise, you have to tolerate.

Another remarkable feature of this board is, it has colorful and plenty of LED lights, including on the board.
The package of this product comes with a Gran Board electric Dartboard, 2 Sets of Darts, Hanging Instructions, Screws, User manuals, etc.

  • » Updated apps.
  • » Plenty of games.
  • » Online playing facility.
  • » A Regulated target area.
  • » USB cable and charger have to purchase separately.

3. Viper Neptune – Best Soft Tip Dart Board with Cabinet

viper neptune home soft tip dart board

Viper Neptune electronic dart board is another best pick consistent with our experts.It is mostly perfect for beginners and intermediate players. This Dart board comes with Ultra-thin spider and grade nylon that helps to scale back the bounce. The dart board provides an option of playing up to 16 players and offers 57 games with 307 options.

It comes with a missed dart catch ring option which will help to guard your floor against missed shots. If you’re on their lonesome and still you would like to play the sport then this dart board allows the function of play against a computer that gives 5 levels of difficulty to compete.

  • » Provide 57 games with 307 variations
  • » Show both scoring number and cricket symbol
  • » The stylish color scheme of red, silver and black
  • » Include 6 soft tip darts and an outsized dart cabinet
  • » It allows playing with a computer at 5 different levels
  • » The best option for the intermediate and professional player
  • » It doesn’t show the average scoring of player
  • » LED display show much clear and visual view than the LCD

4. Win.Max LCD Soft Tip Dart Board – Best Cheap Soft Tip Dart Board

win max cheap soft tip dart board

The Win. Max LCD soft tip dart board set is that the hottest budget electronic dart board out there. It comes with everything you would like to possess fun (6 darts, 40 tips, automatic scoring), and everyone for tons but most comparable models.

It’s the sole budget dart board that doesn’t have 1,000,000 reviews complaining about the darts flying out. This one comes with everything you’d expect during a higher-end set PLUS it works. It doesn’t appear as if an inexpensive piece of plastic. If you would like a very good board that won’t break during a week and don’t want to spend tons of cash, this is often the simplest option.

  • » Plenty of fun games
  • » Power Supply Included
  • » The darts grip the board
  • » Seems like an upscale board
  • » No issues in the least with the auto-scoring system
  • » Multiplayer options limited
  • » Darts are quality, just not super high-quality

5. Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 – Best Professional Soft Tip Dart Board

cricket pro 650 for home use

Arachnid Cricket Pro 650 Electronic Dart Board is a high-tech electronic dartboard. You can enjoy a long time competitive fun with your friends and family with this electronic dart board. This is a tournament-quality electronic dart board. It contains 24 games with 132 variations and also 5 cricket games. Its playability and durability are improved by nylon tough segments. Micro-thin layer segment dividers dramatically reduce bounce-outs. Up to eight players can play it on just one occasion. The board has attached dart storage. It gives a one-year warranty against defects.

  • » Nylon tough segments
  • » Exceptional playability
  • » Good interactive ways
  • » 2 set tri-colour cricket displays
  • » Accurate and highly responsive
  • » Only 24 games

6. Viper 777 – Best Cheapest Soft Tip Dart Board

viper 777 cheap dart board for home

This is the simplest budget soft tip dart board. This dart board certainly does stun. It has an ultra-thin segment dividers. And also superbly large catch rings round the target face makes it extremely easy and friendly to use (no matter your level of experience). So, if you’re looking to enjoy quiet and uninterrupted gameplay, this is often probably something you don’t want to miss out on.

  • » User-friendly backlit LCD
  • » Bilingual usability (English and Spanish)
  • » Provides you with a trendy color scheme
  • » Concave-holed segments that withstand years of impact
  • » Provides 10 buttons that enable you to customize your gaming experience
  • » Battery power is too fast, better invest in an adapter for it

7. Fat Cat 727 – Best Cheapest Soft Tip Dart Board

fat cat 727 home dart board

It is the right electronic dartboard for youngsters and families. It’s easy to use. The simplest thing about this board is that it’s most the functions like all other electronic dart board but its price is extremely low as compared to them. The low price of fat cat 727 makes it one among the foremost popular choices of individuals. On this board, 8 players can play together. It’s a compact size so you’ll put it anywhere within the house. It’s an inexpensive board but it doesn’t mean that the standard of the board is poor. The rationale behind placing it on this list is due to its quality and price. This is often an ideal electronic dartboard for beginners.

  • » Target surface is about 13″
  • » 8 Players can play together
  • » Additionally provided catch ring
  • » It includes 18 Games with 96 Variations
  • » Price of dartboard is extremely much affordable
  • » Small Display
  • » Batteries aren’t included

8. Viper 800 Electric Dartboard

viper 800 electric soft tip dart board

If you’re trying to find a top quality electronic dart board then Viper 800 is going to be an honest option for you. It’s designed by professionals with tournament quality for your long-lasting use. It comes with 57 games having 307 options which is one among the simplest features of this dart board. This dartboard may be a good option if you’re buying it for your house parties or casual gaming experience.

This electronic dart board has an external power supply adapter (5V, 1000 mA). If you’re trying to find an electronic dart board that has almost every accessories that you simply need for setup at a reasonable price then trust me Viper 800 Electronic Dartboard is that the most reliable option for you!

  • » Extremely much affordable price
  • » At a time, up-to 16 players can play
  • » Includes 57 games with 307 options
  • » External power supply adapter included
  • » To reduce bounce rates, have ultra-thin spider
  • » Holds the darts tightly which may be irritating

9. Viper Orion Electronic Soft Tip Dart board

viper orion electric soft dart board

This dartboard is within the average price range of other electronic dart boards on the market but it’s tons to supply. This dartboard is one of the low budget boards. This dart board comes with 25.5-inch regulation size and soft-tipped darts. Ultra-thin metal separates the points on the board. So as to stop as many darts as possible from bouncing off. This board features a total of 32 games available. It can work for up to eight players. A handicap option allows you to form things fair regardless of which you’re up against.

  • » Intelligently designed
  • » Up to eight players directly
  • » Attractive LCD display offers 32 games
  • » Handicap allows you to form your games even
  • » No cabinet to stay darts from falling

10. Fat Cat Soft Tip Dart Board with Cabinet

fat cat soft darts board

There’s little question that the fat cat dart board is intelligently designed. It’s pretty easy to put in (and not bulky). This comes with an easy-to-read instrument panel. In other words, this is often the lifeline you would like to customize your gaming experience. The unit’s LCD panel display is very easy to use that even a 5-year-old can manage it. The user interface is very friendly. This board gives you the liberty to make your ideal gaming experience through an easy push of a button.

This is a family-friendly plaything that we’d recommend for any family trying to find an ingenious activity to enjoy together reception. It’s easy to line up and use. However, its target face may be a bit too tiny although still quite usable and practical.

  • » Great electronic scoring
  • » Enhanced in-game customization options
  • » Provides you with an ingenious space for storing
  • » Built-in indicator lights and superb scoring displays
  • » Soft tip darts are effective that easily stick within the board
  • » Its audio quality could be better
  • » You may have to get better darts for it (its darts break easily)

How to Choose the Best Soft Tip Dart Board for Home?

Finding the most effective dart board for the home will allow you to enjoy more fun, fewer bounce-outs, and more games. So what should you look while you are searching the top-rated soft tips Dartboard from the market?
Let’s give you some assumption-

Preloaded Games and Game Variations

Maximum electronic dartboard comes in the market containing a ton of preloaded games and game variations.
Try to be selective if you have price issues with buying a higher-priced dartboard that contains huge games and game variations.

LED or LCD Display

An electronic dartboard may contain a LED display or an LCD. This display shows the scores, player’s name, etc.
I suggest buying the board with a LED display. A LED display allows you to read the score from an 8-foot distance.

Power Source

You have two options to select the Dartboard based on their power source: A battery-powered or an AC powered electric Dartboard. AC powered electronic Dartboard is more selectable.
However, you can choose one dartboard which has both options to run the board.

Sounds Effects and Voice Features

It is actually incorporated with the Heckler feature of an electric dartboard. This feature will allow you to enjoy a voice appreciation or a voice discountenance upon your good or lousy dart through.

Some people find this feature more fun and enjoyable. Again some may annoy hearing the loud noise while they are practicing with a full concentration. It can go manually off or on.

Data Tracking and Interactivity

A Dartboard with the capacity to store data and player score is a big plus. Additionally, some electric dartboard can coordinate this data and count with leagues.
They also can connect to your iOS or Android apps via Bluetooth. As a result, you will able to synchronize the real-time game playing effectively.

Bounce Out Effect

A micro-thin scoring separator and a nylon Tough board surface allow you to reduce the bounce out and to improve the scoring efficacy. And, soft tip darts are cool for this type of dart board.


Some electronic dartboard allows you to play with other players who are staying thousands of miles away from you.
Coordination of an online app with the Dartboard also enables the user to filter the player depending on their skill, age, place of living, etc.

Dartboard Accessories

It is an additional offer that may differ from brand to brand. The possible dartboard accessories maybe a dartboard cabinet, dartboard cover, a set of darts, and a throwing line marker, etc.

Wall Bracket

If you want to buy a dartboard cabinet, this point is not for you. If you need to hang your Dartboard on the wall, look well, is there any mounting bracket included in the board or not. It is mandatory to be included.


A dartboard with an extended period of warranty ensures your product will be durable and effective. So try to buy a dartboard which has extended years of warranty.


Electronic dartboards are costly compared with other cork dart board or bristle dartboards. The average cost of the electronic Dartboard may vary within $35 – $500.
However, the price may differ depending on the manufacturer and their offering features.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What do you understand by the soft tip Dartboard?

Answer: A soft tip Dartboard is an electronic Dartboard made by plastic materials consisting of thousands of tiny holes inside the surface. A soft tip Dartboard is a more convenient, more affordable, and more popular Dartboard available now a day.

Q: Can you use steel tip darts on a Soft Tip Dart Board?

Answer: Steel dart tips are not designed to use on a soft tips Dartboard. Moreover, you can use these dart tips either on a bristle Dartboards or on an electronic Dartboard which has a bristle surface.

Final Verdict

Selecting the best soft tip dart board for home is not too much easy; you are making a hurry to buy one of them. And it is not too much difficulty you are going back without buying it from the market. All you need to know about the tricks and tips and the product reviews in detail.

So I think I have included all these things in my today’s article. Do you think I have missed any essential facts?
Oh, thanks you don’t think that!!

So this is all about on the best soft tip dart board reviews. I hope you have enjoyed my article. If you really like my today’s article, please share it.
Stay well; keep well.
Thank you.